Desai Family shaken up as Saraswati asks Saras to marry Aarti in Saraswatichandra

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saras and kumud in saraswatichandra


Aarti has entered the Desai house, selling her self esteem to Ghuman for money to feed her parents. Her goodness and responsibilities towards patients are all gone seeing the money Ghuman fed in her mouth. Aarti has now turned grey and has come to meet Saraswati, on Ghuman’s guidelines. She takes care of Saraswati, and as the latter knows her well since years, she obeys Aarti’s instructions and looks in less stress. Everyone is surprised seeing Aarti is making Saraswati appear normal and gel with them. Saras thanks Aarti for coming. Aarti says she is very concerned about Saraswati and would like to stay with her to take her proper care. Everyone agree seeing Saraswati is really appearing good in Aarti’s presence.

While they have smile on their faces seeing Saraswati’s balanced state for a moment, she makes their smiles vanish, by asking Saras to marry Aarti. Saraswati says Aarti will take care of her and her son, and will protect them. Everyone is shell shocked hearing this. Aarti is the one who has forced these words in Saraswati’s mind, scaring her about Kumud who will take away her son. Well, Kumud has maintained distance from Saraswati, seeing her stress level rising, but now with this shocking request, Kumud is shattered. Saras is moved and does not know what to do. Kumud cries and Saras asks her not to worry, they will be always together and no one can come in between them. With Aarti staying in Desai house, the problems will surely rise and she will be planting not a seed, but a big tree of misunderstandings between Saras and Kumud, to make them separated and fulfill Ghuman’s motives. Will Aarti and Ghuman succeed in their evil plan? Another test for the most loved couple Saras and Kumud!! Keep reading.



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