Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 28th August 2014, Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur – Snapshot

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Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 Specials - Aditya Roy Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra

Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra were the guests on the Kaun Banega Crorepati tonight. They perform on their Daawat E Ishq movie title song on the KBC stage and then comes Sr. Bachchan applauding their performance and the crowd busting in cheers applauding as well. Parineeti speaks of not believing Sr. Bachchan’s presence there and Big B then dances with Parineeti and Aditya and goes on to show some Thumkas like Parineeti as well.

Big B informs that Parineeti and Aditya came to promote their movie, Daawat- E Ishq. Parineeti speaks that the movie is a love story and both are shown as foodies and Aditya in the movie is playing a lad (Tariq aka Taru) from Lucknow and she is playing a girl (Gulrez aka Gullu) from Hyderabad. Big B then informs Aditya that after his Aashiqui 2 movie he got lot of female fan following and then turns to Parineeti and informs that he had called after her movie release and even send bouquets to compliment on her acting. Parineeti replies that she just follow her director and does nothing more special. The rollover contestant Mr. Hemantu Patra wins 12.5 Lakhs INR..

Sr. Bachchan welcomes all to his show and now Parineet and Aditya come and sit on the hot seat show and prepares to ask questions. Parineeti speaks that Big B has already completed 600 Episodes and wants to ask question to Big B and not to listen questions from him. Big B asks her to ask easy question and humorously suggests that he even cannot cross 5K INR mark. Parineeti informs that there is some bad news that is he didn’t have lifelines as well. Parineeti then starts to speak the first question and Big B acts like shivering. The first question will come after the audio clip song – Dilbar mere Jab Tak Mujhe Aise Tadpaooge.. and the question is in this song which color suit has he wore ? Big B ponders and speaks that he didn’t wear any suit in this song and instead suggests hesitantly of wearing some white vest (baniyan in hindi) as his memory is suggesting him. Parineeti informs him that his computer will give the answer and also people were cheering about suit and different colors. Big B then reads the correct answer on the computer – You were wearing a Black Tuxedo suit in the movie Satta Pe Satta.

The next question is the photo which depicts the scene where Big B (Jai) is lying unconscious and Dharmender (Veeru) is sobbing hard while keeping his hand on Big B’s chest. So, the question is what was going on in his mind at that time bringing smile on Big B’s face and all. Big B replies that he was just waiting to see Dharmender stopping his cry so that he can take breath bringing more smiles. Parineeti informs Big B that in her movie Ishaqzaade she was told by the director Habib Faisal in the dying scene that she needs to keep open her eyes while dying and suggests that Big B in his scene has his eyes closed. She suggests that in her scene because she kept her eyes open for so long for that dying scene tears started pouring out of it. Aditya informs of not doing such intense death scene and Big B responds that he enacted 10-12 times death scene in his movies. He then suggests to Parineeti that indeed to keep the eyes open for long is tiring and hard and asks for how long you will keep the eyes open. Parineeti replies on keeping eyes open 10-12 times for that scene.

Big B then speaks of doing a death scene in the movie Anand with late Rajesh Khanna who was a superstar at that time and he didn’t eat his food during the day and the shot was at night and he went directly for the shot and bursts out all his emotions in that shot. The director then informed him to be calm and emotional but not very strong. He then appears for the shot and he has to break down and keep his hands on the chest of Rajesh ji. The shot was taken via a top angle camera and he executes the shot well and then informs Parineeti and Aditya that actually he was laughing out loud instead of crying much during that shot and the camera didn’t capture it. Aditya takes it as a tip of acting. Parineeti then speaks that all the female fans of Big B wants to hear from him the dialogue of Kabhie Kabhie and wants to hear from him once again and doesn’t want to loose the opportunity. Big speaks of being a big fan of Parineeti bringing smile on her face and also a big admirer of her. He then goes on to speak the dialogue – Kabhi Kabhi Mera Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hain Ke Zindagi Teri Zulfe Ki Naram Chayo Mein Guzar Na Pati… Magar Ye Ho Na Saka…..Kabhie Kabhie mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hain.. Parineeti becomes emotional and carries a teary face. Big B then speaks another dialogue this one from Silsila (1981, Silsila’s Wikipedia page)-Haadsaa Ban Ke Koi Khwaab Bikhar Jaaye Tou Kya Ho? Waqt Jazbaat Ko Tabdeeel Nahin Kar Saktaa…Door Ho Jaane Se Ehsaas Nahin Mit Sakta.. Yeh Mohabbat Hai Dilon Ka Rishtaa!! Yeh Mohabbat Hai Dilon Ka Rishta ..Jo Mulkon Ki Tarah Sarhadon Mein Takseem Nahin Ho Saktaa..Tujse Roshan Hai Mere Khwaab Meri Raaten Meri Ummeedden, Tu Kahee Bhi Rahey, Mere Har Rang Main Shamil Tu Hain !! Tu Kisi Air Ki Raaton Ka Haseen Khwaab Sahee..Main Jis Raah Se Guzroon Meri Manzil Tu Hai. Parineeti shares a warm hug with Big B and feels much awe.

Aditya asks Big B that he didn’t share a dialogue for him and then Parineeti wants to enjoy the moments and Aditya suggests humorously whether she needs tissue, water, hospital. Parineeti speaks that seeing Big B in movies and in person is different and it seems to her that the dialogues he spoke was written for her. Big B then replies that it was written for her making her blush. Aditya then speaks of doing the iconic scene of Deewar movie (1975, Deewar’s Wikipedia page) with Big B. Big B agrees and then enacts the scene as Vijay while Aditya dons the role of Shashi Kapoor playing the role of Ravi. Big B as Vijay speaks the dialogue that both started from footpath and now see where he has reached and asks him where he is. Now, he has cars, buildings, property, what do you have Ravi ? Aditya as Ravi replies – I have Amitabh Bachchan (Mera Paas Amitabh Bachchan) bringing laughter to all and he also goes on to touch the feet of Big B and takes his blessing.

Big B speaks that Parineeti has a fan who is from Baroda and sends her lot of letters. She informs that the person from Baroda not only sends her letter but also visits her come every 2 months. She informs that the person goes to Ambala her home town and visit her mother and gives cups and doesn’t come to Mumbai to see her. Big B then speaks on camera that if that person is watching his show then suggests him to re-direct all the gifts he is sending to Ambala to Mumbai where parineeti reside. Big B then wants to hear more on the movie and Aditya speaks of sharing a dialogue from his movie which is also shown in the promo. Big B responds that Aditya spoke the dialogue very fast and Aditya wants Big B to repeat the dialogue after him. Aditya then speaks the dialogue in fast manner and Big B couldn’t get him at first but instead of speaking the same dialogue speaks another dialogue very fast – the whole country of the system….haemoglobin…..bringing laughter and applaud. Big B wishes them the best for their movie and thanks them for coming on the show. Parineeti and Aditya hugs Big B and leaves from there.

Next Week: Actor and Superstar – Priyanka Chopra will be the guest on the show for the promotion of her movie Mary Kom and is seen sitting on the hot-seat from women belonging to the Red Brigade entity who fights domestic violence. Big B wants to have a small boxing bout with Priyanka by citing her that he also did some boxing in school. Priyanka and Big B engage in small boxing bout with Priyanka taking upper hand and showing some good boxing moves all in a lighter note and both are seen to having a good time and fun time while doing it.

Image Credit: Twitter pages of Sony TV, slideshow pics from Twitter page of Amitabh Bachchan


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