A very predictable truth unveils; Family hullabaloo starts in Nadaan Parindey


iqbal and sameer in nadaan parindey




It was very much predictable as we have written in the earliest posts on this show, that Iqbal will turn out to be Bebe’s son, as she was shown running to save her son from a man who dies in a bomb blast or would have gone across the border. Well, its true and out. The show has completed 100 episodes and came up with the curtain raiser truth that Iqbal and Sameer are twin brothers and they stayed with their parents, though apart. Sameer stayed with Balbir Kaur and Iqbal with Mehtaab Khan. When Mehtaab was shown last week, we thought the show will drag a bit, but luckily he understood the man in the cell is Sameer, his other son, the twin of Iqbal, whom he left with his wife in India. Mehtaab gets missed calls from Indian mobile number, on which he calls back and is shocked to know Iqbal is in India on a mission and the one who is claiming himself to be Sameer is in the jail is really his son.

Mehtaab gets shattered thinking both his sons are facing this day because of his mistake. He survived the bomb blast and went across the border along with Iqbal, who was named Ameer under Bebe’s roof. Mehtaab has done his good upbringing and made Iqbal join army, just like Sameer joined army here for getting responsible. The good thing is Sameer survived the bullet which Purab shot and even has his memory intact. Mehtaab was also working for neighboring country and came India on his mission, then marrying Balbir, just as Iqbal has come now and married Meher. Mehtaab returned to his country knowing everyone knows his truth and he is getting caught. Bebe regards him a traitor and hates him.

Iqbal is shell shocked. Iqbal will have good bouncers in his heart for Bebe now. Iqbal and Sameer both are in love with Meher, but the former is more focused on his mission. Meher has admitted her feelings to Iqbal, that she feels there are two Sameer, old and new, pre and post his army life, and she loves the latter one that’s him.

Iqbal does not rejoice hearing this as he makes his heart tough knowing she will hate him when she comes to know the truth. Will Iqbal give happiness to Bebe and Meher now and end his association with Mailk? Will Mehtaab and Bebe meet and solve their differences? What will be Bebe’s reaction knowing Iqbal is her son? Bebe thinks her son died with Mehtaab when he was crossing the border and has no idea Ameer is alive. Lots of tracks to unveil soon and much spice will be adding up. It’s so exciting to watch the show. Keep reading.


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