Chakor to fly high freed from Kamal Narayan’s clutches; He gets skeptical of her comeback in Udaan


udaan chakor flying high


Innocence droplets just like honey!! Spandana Chaturvedi, in her role of 7 year old Chakor is creating waves. The girl was earlier seen as Aarvi, Ketki and Dilip’s daughter in Sanskaar on the same channel Colors. She has a small role in it, but her talent was noticed. She has also done the role of child Madhubala (Rishbala’s daughter) and she has finally hit the jackpot with her lead role in Udaan. The show revolved around Chakor’s life, struggles, upbringing, freedom and her conflicts with Kamal Narayan. Spandana is just magical and superb. Her on screen presence in the poverty struck role has been so powerful to create a impact in just few days of its air. The girl is immensely talented and when the show starts, we wish it does not end and it goes on and on………….

The story is gripping good, as Kamal Narayan (Bhaiya ji)now knows Chakor is indebted to him, and decides to make her away from her parents. He is much angry as she made his Rs 2000 crores loss and thinks to not spare her. He lost his NRI investors and also his reputation which he has build over the years, just because of Chakor’s non stop poverty story. Chakor is sent a red dress as a welcome gift in her new slavery life. Kasturi pleads Lakhan to spare Chakor, but he does not. He orders them to bring Chakor to haveli next morning. Kasturi’s pain is heartbreaking and it very touchy. Bhuvan acts helpless and under confident. Kasturi goes ahead to burn that dress and sees Chakor wearing it. Bhuvan asks her not to burn the dress, and think of the result if Bhaiya ji knows her step. Kasturi and Bhuvan shed tears as they are unable to save Chakor. Bhuvan takes her to the haveli and finally leaves her there, as he thinks her fate lies in the haveli and no one can get her out of there. Cruelty symbol Tejaswini starts troubling Chakor to make her life miserable. Chakor deals with all problems with her smartness, which gives a good answer to them.

There will be a new Rawat family who would go on to play a very important role in the upbringing of Chakor. Prabhakar Rawat who would be a close friend of Kamal Narayan will be entering soon. His son, Eshwar Rawat, an IAS officer by profession and his educated wife Abha Rawat, a teacher and NGO worker will be visiting Aazaadgunj. When in the village, Eshwar and Abha would get to know of the little girl Chakor being dragged into child labour, and they would raise their voice against this, and take Chakor with them to Lucknow. Eshwar Rawat would be very kind and caring towards Chakor. With Chakor being in safe hands and getting her deserved freedom, she will get a good upbringing from the Rawats and we hope she becomes a threat to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini. Chakor’s words goes as: No one will be able to tie me down, I will fly high and get the moon on earth. Well, the show is going to unravel how she succeeds in this. Keep reading.


    • Everyday the torture continues from Kamal Narayan’s son and his school mates which I am unable to digest. Pl stop these child tortures immediately. Gopal

  1. Udaan is heart touching emotional show. Girl playing chakor & imli is beautiful amazing young talented. Love to see Rachana Parulkar as grown up Chakor perfect for this role 🙂

  2. Luv this serial UDAAN in colorstv.Its a very good serial with a beautiful concept and a strong message in it.

    Hats off to the child artiste playing CHAKORI character ..her acting and expressions are mind blowing i have no words to express spell bound!! Even the other child artiste emli is also superb in her acting !! They are seen asthough they are showing their expressions in real and no acting.. Superb!! Keep it up director and CVS. I luv UDAAN SO MUCH!!

    I am one of the fans of ASHNA ( AshishChowdhry & Rachana S Parulkar who are also best in their acting and expressions)

  3. I’m glad Chakori will move away from Bhaiya ji but the damage done by her mother is huge. You can’t send your child back to slavery so you can save the father! How do you make that choice? Anyway, I hope Chakori comes back to teach Tej and Bhaiyaji a lesson they’ll never forget. And, I agree with Girijaji, Rachana would be perfect as Chakori. Spandana is full of natural expressions and Rachana is exactly the same. Both very talented.

  4. dis show is mind-blowing, good concept & star cast excellent…d child star enacting Chakor has touched our hearts…. very talented…. hope dis show becomes a success ….if Rachana Parulkar is cast in d role of Chakor after d leap den she would do justice to it fully as she is a very good actress…telly reviews u ve always heard d fans,viewers out so pls relay our comments,msgs to colours…thnks

  5. I want to see rachana as chakori. Ek muthi asmaan ki wajahase jo adhura sapana rah gaya hai ashana ka wo hum udaan main pura karna chahate hai.

  6. The show is so good. We love it. But the telecast time is very late to sri lanka. Have to stay very late. I love the acting of chakor and imli.

  7. Chakor,u r just amazing…..u will become a great actor in future…:*:):*and plz ishwar uncle,don’t go.we can’t digest ur absence frm de show….loves u ishwar uncle……:*

  8. the show was good but now instead of inpiring the kids it is serving more to curb their inspiration it gives you alesson that if you walk on the path of honesty you will meet the fate of I shwar and will suffer the torture of chakor. torture bhayya ji so much that people like him think hundred of times before doing what that bastard is doing. punish the evil. pls don’t show that cheap like bhayya ji can twist and play around withe law. let villagers kik his ass and cut his body to pices and try to find some body who could buy this old pig parts.may be some body will buy his ass to play like a foot ball.


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