Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 29th August 2014 Episode 1 on Zing TV starring Neha Sargam and Ankit Raizada – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2, Priya and Rahul's love story

Meiyang Chang (the host) speaks that  love is a process and falling in love is the last step. He speaks that we love sometimes with a stranger whom we haven’t met and cites that we love the voice, behavior or thoughts/ideas of that person. Meiyang welcomes all to PTKK Season 2’s first episode and today’s story is of a carefree college guy Rahul and simple down to earth girl Priya. Let’s see their story.

The story starts with Priya giving some water to her step-sister Ritu and step-mother. Ritu was practicing music with her mother and Priya when compliments Ritu on her Sur (music intonation) gets a taunt from the mother. Priya leaves from there and Ritu speaks of doing well in music so that she will get a chance to perform with college heart throb Rahul. While going out to college together, Ritu informs Priya to be away from her and doesn’t wish to be informed that she is her step-sister. Priya becomes dejected on hearing it. Ritu comes alone to the college in an Auto while Priya comes by walking.

Priya works as a janitor at the college and finds the college heartthrob Rahul and smiles after looking at him. Rahul carries a guitar with him and notices the wet floor and is cautious while walking. Ritu meets Rahul and informs that as he is looking for a singer for his band so she want to give a try, She then sings Tum Hi Ho song and he informs her that she needs to really work hard. She speaks of working hard and he informs her that she cannot join his band. Ritu becomes dejected and leaves. Priya speaks with her Ashok uncle (Chacha) and informs that though she is not studying more at college but takes time out to go and study in library without informing others. She gives him food and he informs that if her father was alive then all her wishes would have been fulfilled including studies. He wishes to help her but can’t do much. She leaves to her home after getting a call.

Meiyang speaks that Priya was 2 years old when her mom passed away and his father married another time and Priya’s step mom ill-treated her very badly and one day even her passed away and her life was like hell and she used to feel lonely amidst her step-sister and step-mom. Though she used to go to college but not to study but for work and to earn money for her living since her step-mom even didn’t support her expenses. She also wanted to study in the college library in her free time when not working.

Priya is seen at the college library studying and writing there God has destined a partner for everyone and why nobody is made for her, and she wishes to have a partner who can say to her while looking into eyes. She also writes that writes only sell ideas which are not true in reality. After writing it, she keeps the letter in the same book. Rahul comes there and finds a note in the book and then replies on the same letter that love is the name of patience and to search love you need to go in depth like searching pearl in the sea. Rahul’s girlfriend comes there and insists him to come for the shopping. He goes with her and puts back the letter with his message on love. Later, Priya reads it and gives a reply that he is more than a writer and maybe he found a love so he can say such things and she is the one whose entire life can pass away. He then replies that he has a girlfriend but still he is looking for a true love and doesn’t satisfy with his current girlfriend. She replies that he is positive and informs that she doesn’t have parents and only complaints to God. She asks him to whom he complaints. He replies that he doesn’t have complaints with anyone and that’s why he tries to keep his peers happy. She replies on getting happiness with birds’s sound, reading book and also talking with him. He also reciprocate the same feelings of friendship and be happy with her.

Meiyang speaks that Rahul’s girlfriend Sharanya was a happening and beautiful girl and she used to like watching movies, travelling but he was not interested in her. He was looking for a meaningful girl with whom he can share his feelings from heart. He found Priya and they started sharing small notes and it became a habit for him and as days passed by their friendship grew.

Priya is seen with Ashok uncle and as she looked happy he asks her about that special person. He speaks that this boy is the one who will fill her life with happiness. She moves from there to the college. Rahul at the college rushes to the library to read the notes which Priya (though he still doesn’t know her) left for him. She calls him as the new book and cites that we have lot of urge to read new books and wants to know lot of things from him, everything. He takes the note and informs his friend about writing notes in the library. He informs his friend of the innocence and speaks of liking that girl and suggests on not feeling for Sharanya like her. He speaks on not able to focus and then gets a call from Sharanya. Initially he speaks on being busy and then agrees for a movie with her.

Priya reads a note reply from Rahul and speaks that now he just want to read her note first thing in the morning and asks for her phone number so they can speak together. She writes down her number in that note and soon gets a call from him. He speaks that her voice is sweet like her writing and then proposes that he wants to meet her. She agrees for the meetup tomorrow after the end of college and she will writing the meeting place in the note. They cross each other’s path on the way [Meherban song plays] but doesn’t recognize. Next day in morning, Priya finds Rahul reading the note and becomes worried and nervous as she didn’t expected the boy to be him. Rahul on his end knows the meeting place which is terrace and goes there to wait for the girl. Priya doesn’t have courage to inform him about her but goes on the terrace and cites the reason that she came there to close the college doors. After waiting for some time, he leaves from there.

Meiyang speaks that Priya couldn’t believe that the boy she was waiting for will turn out to be Rahul. She started to get an inferiority complex since she was just a janitor at the college while he was a heartthrob. For Rahul, chatting with Priya via notes was on the top-priority of his to-do list and when she didn’t come to see him he was having a fear of losing her and their lovely moments.

Rahul calls her and she suggests that he might be wanting to know the reason why she didn’t came on terrace on that day. He informs on waiting for 2 hrs for her and she replies on being very different to what he thinks about her and because of this reason she hesitated to meet him last time and then suggests that something needs to left in the midway at the cost of not being completed. He informs her that he couldn’t sleep that night when she didn’t came to see him and asks how can she feel that he will not like her after seeing her. He speaks on loving her and even her thoughts and asks why she is afraid and then wants to meet her once and requests her to come. He speaks on liking her and then she agrees to come for the Haloween party and will come there wearing a red dress so that he can identify with that color. Priya speaks with Ashok uncle and asks him whether she should go really to meet Rahul. She suggests that every girl in the college wants to win his heart and then he calls her an angel and not smaller than anyone. She suggests that Rahul thinks of her as a student at the college and when he knows about the truth then… Ashok uncle reminds her that he told her to accept in any situation. She has fears but her uncle wants her to be confidence and believe in God and suggests her to go.

Rahul speaks to his friends of meeting the girl (priya) with whom he shares his notes and has fallen in love and informs them of meeting her at the Haloween party. Sharanya comes there and hears his conversation. She asks him how can he cheat on her ? He speaks about her behaviour and suggests that she haven’t understood him and there is no understanding between them. She learns that he is breaking up with him and she goes away from there after the break-up. Priya prepares for the Haloween party and does the make-up and goes to the party and Rahul is waiting for her. Priya comes at the party wearing a red dress with a facial mask covering her eyes. She starts to look for Rahul and he is seen dressed as a Vampire comes close to her. She removes her face mask and welcomes him as Rahul. He identifies her as the janitor/cleaning girl and his facial expressions does a flip-flop from happy to sad and worrisome. Some other girls there makes a taunt on her and even Sharanya taunts on him (she is seen dressed as an angel). Sharanya thanks God for the break-up and makes more taunt and wants her to clean the things there after the party. After being humiliated, Priya goes from there with tears in her eyes. Priya goes to her Ashok uncle and he informs that its his fault to let her go there and he has insulted her. Priya takes her own blame and suggests that she shouldn’t have kept hope and doesn’t want to feel hurt after keeping hope.

Meiyang speaks that Priya was badly hurt after the insult and Rahul was at first embarassed after seeing her but later he lamented on his behaviour and realized how much he was attached with Priya that nobody matters for him than Priya.

Rahul at the college remembers moments with Priya and also remember her words when she told him to leave their relationship incomplete. Priya’s step-mother and her step-sister Ritu are angry with her because she was going to be Rahul’s girlfriend. Ritu informs of practicing a lot to be in the band of Rahul and even likes him. Her step-mother suggests that she should be in her limits and dream according to her situation. Priya cries after getting that insult from her own family. Rahul comes to meet Priya and meets Ashok uncle. After getting to know about Rahul, he slaps Rahul many times for insulting priya and Rahul on his end is adamant to meet her. Priya comes there and wants him to leave since its too late and she has been insulted in front of all. Rahul suggests of coming there to apologize her but goes from there since she is not listening to him.

Next day, Priya continues to work as the janitor and gets a taunt from Sharanya and other girls who calls her a secret lover of Rahul. Rahul is also seen working as a janitor there and she sees him in that dress and becomes surprised. He speaks of correcting the mistake in front of everyone since he also committed the mistake in everybody’s presence. He speaks on knowing the value of a thing once you lose it. He speaks that after he lost her then only he realized that she is so much precious for him and calls her magic and speaks that there is no embarassment for him to say that he loves her. More than love he respect her a lot and then while holding her face he proposes to her and asks whether she loves him. She nods her head and replies yes. He then kisses her forehead to seal their love and informs others that he loves her a lot making Ritu and his former girlfriend Sharanya jealous and annoyed. The story ends with both becoming lovestruck.

Meiyang speaks that finally Rahul expressed his love for Priya in front of everyone and also apologized to her for his mistakes. She forgived him as well and for Rahul it doesn’t matter where she had worked but feelings and love matters for him. In all these developments, Ritu and Sharanya were not happy but Ashok Uncle (Chacha) helped them in coming out from that distress time. Meiyang at the end of the show asks people to send their love stories to Zing and they will select some interesting stories and the e-mail id is [email protected] and promises to feature the story on their show and also tells people to share their views using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and twitter page. He signs off by saying – Keep watching and Keep Loving !!

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 - Meiyang Chang

Info On Cast:

* Priya is played by actress Neha Sargam
– She was born on March 4, 1988 (age 26) and is from the city of Patna, Bihar, India.
– Recently, Neha played the role of Aditi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Phir (IPKKND 2).
– She also played the main lead of Nivedita in Star Plus’s Chand Chupa Badal Mein (2010-2011).
– She also worked in Bindass’s Yeh Hain Aashiqui, Channel V’s Confessions and Zee TV’s Ramayan.
– She is an aspiring singer and learns singing from her mother. Neha auditioned for Indian Idol twice and her acting career started from there as a famous producer Niranjan was impressed by her Indian Idol Audition Youtube video who then decided to cast her for the role of Nivedita in Chand Chupa Badal Mein (Star Plus).
– Read more on her Wikipedia page and Twitter page.

* Rahul is played by actor Ankit Raizada
– Ankit is currently portraying the role of Rajkumar Man Singh in Zee TV’s show Jodha Akbar.

Image credit: Twitter page of Zing TV

PTKK 2: Episode 1
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