Bed Breaker Raman lands to sleep in Ishita’s couch in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


ishita and raman in yeh hai mohabbatein


Don’t expect Koochie Koo from the title, and read on to know the story behind it. After all the havoc created by Shagun, Raman is finally happy and glad to sleep peacefully and tension free as he is awarded Best Papa in the World by his lovely daughter Ruhi. While Ishita comes in the room changing her clothes and getting ready to sleep, Raman happily jumps on the bed to spread his legs and lay himself on the bed enjoying his sleep. But poor Raman is shocked and very much hurt, as his long jump makes him suffer as the bed breaks. His back gets much hurt and he shouts in pain. Ishita rushes to him in his concern and Raman Kumar Bhalla starts his taunts on her, blaming her and her Amma for all this. She asks why is he dragging Amma in between. He says he saw Amma bringing a carpenter today and this is what she has done, broken the bed. Ishita defends Amma and their sweet nok jhok starts.

Raman goes to claim her couch being her husband, and rests on it covering himself timidly from her. Ishita checks on the bed and sees there is no flat resting wood base. Did Mrs. Iyer do this to bring the couple closer? Yes, the situation explains so. Ishita thinks where to sleep as Raman has taken her place and she has to maintain 10kms distance from him. Jokes apart, we just hope Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla succeed in taking Raman and Ishita’s relation to the final stage of unity. Raman is always best in his taunting style and Ishita in her reacting style, its most enjoyable to see their clean bedroom scenes where nothing cooks up. We hope they make the romance Khichdi together some day. LOL!!

On the other hand, Raman gives an ultimatum to Parmeet asking him to share the financial expenses of the house, as he was boasting about, the day he entered the Bhalla house again. Parmeet was offering money which everyone refused. But Raman and Ishita planned to trouble Parmeet and show Simmi that Parmeet is still favoring Ashok and being against Raman, so that Simmi can force Parmeet to end his association with Ashok Khanna, and be loyal to the Bhalla family who has allowed them to stay again in their house. Raman asks Parmeet to pay a hefty amount for his stay on their house, and Parmeet has no option but to agree.

Parmeet takes help from Shagun, and brings money to give Raman. Ishita, the clever lass notices the money bundle, that was sent to Shagun from Bhallas. Ishita now plans to use this little ground breaking truth infront of Simmi to put Parmeet in a bottle and throw him far away in the ocean. It will be good to see how Parmeet manages the situation and fool Simmi again. Ishita knows Simmi dislikes Shagun for hurting and dumping Raman, and still being on her bad idiotic acts. Ishita plans to make Parmeet helpless and speak up his intentions or leave their house. Well, we presume Parmeet is not a weak player as she thinks. Keep reading.

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