Love By Chance 30th August 2014 14th Episode Bindass, Ishita and Joshi’s love story – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 14th Episode, 30th August 2014

This episode of Love by Chance is named Lo Chipak Gaya. Kavi Shastri (the host) is seen asking for a job at the reception and speaks that in this way we need to manage and suggests that in life we need to manage both things love and job. He then speaks of the boy in today’s story Joshi who always wanted to bring his life on some direction so that his life will go on.


The story starts with the boy Joshi is being told by his office manager to sell the pen to him and then Joshi has 30 seconds to sell that pen and he then tries his best to sell the phone without goes down on his knees and wishes him to buy the pen for his God’s sake. The manager informs Joshi who has done MBA studies that he needed to sell 31 packets of Lo Chipak Gaya gum but until now the end of this month he haven’t sold even one packet. Joshi is then told by his manager/boss to sell 300 packets in one day – 24 hrs and he agrees to sell it and leaves after making a salute like an army man. Joshi is also told if he didn’t able to sell then he is fired. The story is also about Ishita and she reads a letter from her uncle (father’s friend) who calls her lovely Ishu and informs that sending letters is now outdated and suggests that even before his death she will get a SMS about his demise with three smileys. He speaks that his son has now involved in his business and reminds that her father has told him about his son and her will get married and their business partnership will be converted into family partnership.

In the letter he informs her to meet his son Samay and wants her to give one chance and then informs that her Ganga Chachi (aunt for her, wife for him) is having an affair with Mr Sinha who is a neighbor. He laments on marrying his wife and speaks that his son is charming and wants her to meet his son once who is like him and also single. He requests her a lot and then ends the letter with the message – Yours lovingly, Bunty Chacha. Kavi (the host) speaks that Ishita was having a complicated relationship with bad luck and her biggest problem is that she can’t say to anybody and her dying uncle’s Bunty chacha last wish that she meets his son once and on that same day she has the viva. He speaks that there was no reason to meet but she needed to go. Ishita speaks that 3 PM is at Viva and she can meet Samay at 6 PM and from college it takes 2 hrs to reach his home. She calls Samay and he informs her on sending the letter and wants her to come at the same cafeteria by 6 PM. She wants to focus and listens to herself and then wants to focus and runs to go out. Soon, she meets a person at his door who is a salesman and he speaks that he came from far and tries to speak nicely with her. He enters her home and jokingly asks what she is doing. He breaks her cup and suggests that there are many things in her home which can be easily broken and then goes on to break another cup. He then introduces himself as the salesman of a pharmaceutical company and has brought in non sticky gum with name – Lo Chipak Gaya super quick instant glue. She speaks of not having time and he informs that its perfect for girls who are professionals and fixes things for permanent.

Joshi then shows a demo of fixing the cup by the gum and then breaks the same cup. He is then told to go out and he walks back with some dejection on his face but doesn’t go and stand on the stairs and wants her to buy the gum and she pays him 10 INR. He tells her to buy one more and even asks for a high five from her. Ishita agrees to do the high-five and then realizes that her hand is stucked to his hand and asks him whether he is smart and wants him to leave her hand. Ishita’s hand is stucked and she becomes nervous and worried and he informs that there are some leakages in the gum thats the reason they got stuck. She wants to take him to the police station but he suggests that he has to sell all the gum packets and wishes that she can take him next day. He then proposes that they go to her home and he will call his office colleague seeking help how to come out from that stucked hands. He calls his office colleague who picks up the call very casually and Joshi informs how his hands got stuck. The colleague speaks of surgery and after hearing it Ishita becomes worried and carries a teary face. He asks her to not cry and suggests that neither they can go to hospital (102) or police station (100) since he has to sell his gum packets while she needs to go to give her viva. He then speaks that they go together to her college so she can give viva. She asks him how can she give viva in his presence – a stucked salesman. He speaks on moving out of the troubles and asks her whether she trusts him ? She replies no but they still go to her college. At the college, she asks him to help her in the viva recitation. He does the viva and then she does the recitation of viva very fast in english. He compliments her english language and soon she is being called to give Viva by her college professor.

Ishita speaks of not coming inside the classroom to give the viva to her professor and cites that she has some health problem and tries to escape from her professor. The professor looks for her and then Joshi brings Ishita inside the class and introduces himself as her fiance and suggests that he wants to see her educated and become an engineer and thats why he is seen with her. The professor agrees that women needs to be educated and he speaks that God is seeing everyone and Ishita needs to be supported and should be given confidence. He then shouts and does a slogan like there will be development (Pragati in hindi) everywhere. There are two professors there and the women professor who was communicating with Ishita and Joshi then asks him how does he know her name when he spoke about Pragati in his slogan ? He replies that God is seeing everyone and then wants the women professor to hold his hands and the male professor needs to his female colleague (women professor) and Ishita holds her male professor. Joshi wants them to make a circle and suggests that God is seeing them and suggests that they can give Viva while going in circles. Joshi speaks of prayers and then the male professor thinks that its not right to have a viva infront of ann outsider. Sooner then, Joshi insists the women professor that women education is important and the women professor suggests that Ishita needs help and he is right and will also not help Ishita in her answers.  The women professor starts the viva and asks Ishita the first question – What is Vibration Isolation ? He steps in how come vibration and isolation are together. Ishita explains and give the answer on that question and other questions.  The professor informs Ishita that she will get the result by next week and thanks her. Joshi continues to behave like earlier and suggests that God is happy and praises the God  and he is then taken away by Ishita.

Ishita outside her classroom thanks Joshi and he informs her of selling gums to survive in his life after doing MBA studies and he can only try. She speaks that he is very smart and uses his mind well. He replies on selling 300 gum packets (tubes) by the end of today but still 297 tubes are remaining. And if he didn’t sell those 297 tubes then his 3 month salary will be cut. He then speaks that his life in Nasik (former city) was good with friends and also has a girlfriend. She then asks him so what happened now ? He replies that he was having one-sided love with her and he used to impress her from far and when he used to go near to her he used to tremble and shiver. He then shows Ishita the photo of his girlfriend with whom he has one sided love and suggests that he actually met and spoken with her. He calls himself as 3/10 boy while his girlfriend as 7/10 and then informs that when he met with those numbers in mind he started to shiver as he hold her hand since they are not matched. Ishita then asks him how much number will he give her ? He replies that there is a problem and also she will not like the solution and speaks about one number. He speaks on receiving a call from Prakriti and then she asks him to pick the call and he then informs that he wants to go to the restroom to relieve himself – nature’s call (Prakriti – nature).

Ishita replies no way and informs of not going with him to the gents restroom. He makes her go with him to the gents restroom by citing that he has manners to not pee outside. He pees while she is beside him. After peeing, he calls her intelligent, sweet and has good manners and even has good figure and will give her 8.5/10. He speaks on not shivering because of the comfort level he shares with her and then smiles while looking at her. She also returns the smile. Later, he speaks of selling the gums since she has completed her work. She informs that Samay is waiting for her and then informs Samay (not time) but her family friend. He is trying to win her but she is also unable to say no to him and informs him that she cannot say to anyone. He asks her to develop a habit of say NO and suggests that she can say NO to anyone and wants her to have confidence and then asks her whether she trusts him. Both smiles.

Kavi speaks that Ishita developed a soft corner for Joshi after listening to his cute words. As they go out of the college, rain starts and he opens a pink umbrella and she asks him how can he have a pink umbrella. He is seen coming close and soon his hands are shivering and he speaks of not knowing why his hands are shivering and soon the rain stops and they go in an Auto. They reach to the cafeteria and Ishita meets Samay and he informs her of losing the weight. Joshi’s colleague calls him and speaks that in his bag along with Lo Chipak Gaya he also has Lo Nikal gaya packet and he has read lot of things in the manual about their product and suggests that he can use Lo Nikal gaya gum to release from his stuck state. Samay tries to pamper her and also informs that their fathers are waiting in the paradise to see them together. Joshi comes in there and informs Samay that the girl is not interested so why is he forcing her. He suggests that Ishita will not even have a drink with him and changes his tone from aggressive to that of a request after realizing that Samay is well built and can overpower him. Samay asks Joshi who is he to interfere and inform him about things.

Ishita tries to pacify and then Samay asks Joshi whether he is Ishita’s boyfriend. Joshi replies yes and he then suggests to Ishita that the ones who can’t say no then the bad luck will hit them hard and will find them. Samay becomes nervous and feels embarassed in front of everyone and even their fathers who are seeing from top. Ishita now rejects him outrightly and speaks that her answer is NO. He becomes annoyed and laments with his father and leaves from there. Ishita then asks Joshi how could he say about being a boyfriend ? She becomes worried since Samay will go and inform her mother about him. She just wants to go to the hospital and remove that stuck problem via surgery. He then informs her on using Lo Nikal Gaya and he puts that liquid to release the stuck. She calls him a fraud and he informs on getting a phone call from his company just now who informed him about the solution – Lo Nikal Gaya gel. She doesn’t listen to him and calls him low and cheap and when he insists more slaps him and leaves from there. Joshi becomes dejected and gets tears.

Ishita comes to her home and gets a call from Joshi’s colleague who asks her about the feedback since she is the first one to have bought their company’s product – Lo Chipak Gaya. She informs him that Joshi is very cheap and like a leech who was trying to hit on her and he informs that Joshi is very shy with girls and will shiver when he is with them. She informs that Joshi know the solution of how to remove the stucked hands but didn’t do for the entire day and finally remove the stuck. He informs on knowing that Salesman’s bag has a solution for Lo chipak gaya which is Lo Nikal gaya packet just now and he informed the same to Joshi some time back. After hearing it, she realizes her mistake in scolding and slapping Joshi and he speaks that Joshi is duffer and is very helpless guy. She asks him about Joshi and he informs that boss has called him for his resignation since he was unable to sell his 300 packets in the entire day and wonders what has he done for the whole day. Joshi is seen in a meeting with his boss who wants him to write his own destiny with a pen and wants him to sign his resignation letter. Joshi signs the letter and the boss makes fun of him and he meets his colleague who informs him about the company where he has a job for the salesman. Joshi agrees to speak and go at that company. He goes to the company for the interview and there comes Ishita and gives him a high five which results in their hands again getting stuck because of Lo Chipak gaya.

Ishita suggests on this solution so as to catch him and she then apologizes to him [Love by Chance song plays). She informs him of getting a customer care call from his former company and she learned that he lost his job because he was with her for the viva and at the cafeteria for the whole day and was unable to sell his gums. He also apologizes to her for speaking a lot with Samay and she informs that if they haven’t met and also if he didn’t spoke much then she would have been the same Ishita like before and would have blamed her bad luck for all things. She speaks of having the need of little encouragement which she gets from him. He speaks of coming there to find a job and is happy he is not selling Lo Chipak Gaya gum. She speaks of coming there to say sorry and also missing him. He always refer her as Mam and wants him to call her Ishita instead of Mam. He then wants to go on a tea date with her since there are more 25 minutes for him for the interview. She speaks that he is flirting very confidently and he suggests that he will not say no very easily and then he again looks at her and proposes to go on a tea date with her. She replies on not able to say no to him and they go on a tea date which will start their blossoming love.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Ishita gave Joshi a chance because of his simplicity and self-less nature and for Joshi it was like a lottery since a girl of 8.5/10 rating is not easily found for him. On one hand he lost a job but on other hand he found love in Ishita. So, the moral of the story is when you go out from home keep open your eyes and hands because at the end of the day only love by chance happens.

Love By Chance – 30th August 2014
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