Pyaar Ka The End 29th August 2014 Episode 3 on Bindass, Sudhir and Jonaki’s story – Written Update

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Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 3rd Episode - 29th August 2014, Sudhir and Jonaki's story

The voiceover speaks that pyaar, Ishq, mohabbat are different names of Love and we don’t have control over it but what if it gets deviated then it become a obsessive passion. He says that Love is very beautiful and also sometimes very dangerous and speaks that if you have a girlfriend then you are cool in social circles and if you don’t have one then it is suggested that you are a fool. In order to prove that you are cool you crossed some limits from where you cannot come back. Was this the reason for today’s story of Pyaar Ka the End ?

The story is set in Pune and goes back by few weeks. Sudhir is with his friend Gaurav who is watching TV and eating a Pizza. The voiceover introduces Sudhir Verma as number 1 in studies but is zero in socializing and though studies stats but he is very far from girl’s vital stats. He knows about it and was frustrated that he is not cool like others that’s why he doesn’t have friends or girlfriend. He wanted to make others happy to impress and become like them and because of which he can do anything to achieve that objective. Gaurav’s girlfriend comes there and Sudhir opens the door and after seeing her becomes jealous and also nervous at the same time. She goes to sit beside Gaurav and starts to speak casually with him and wants some hot tea. Gaurav requests Sudhir to make the tea for her.  The voiceover introduces Gaurav Mishra who is from a small town Hissar but came to Mumbai with a big dream and currently he is out of work but at home has the attitude of a king. The voiceover introduces Gaurav’s girlfriend as Shweta Patel who is Gaurav’s visiting girlfriend and she lives more in his home that her own. She feels sorry for Sudhir’s situation but still makes fun of him with her boyfriend Gaurav.

Sudhir prepares the tea and drops the spoons after seeing a cockroach and hears the intimate conversation of Gaurav and Shweta. Gaurav speaks that let Sudhir listen to their conversation and calls Sudhir as Robot/Pyscho who doesn’t feel anything and also he is not a human. He suggests that if she comes in front of Sudhir dressed in hot and sexy attire even then he will not feel anything and he doesn’t have eyes, heart, and …… Gaurav then suggests that as Sudhir does lot of work for them so he should be bit entertained as well and then comes close to Shweta. Sudhir becomes depressed in his room and then comes Gaurav asking him to prepare the dinner. Sudhir informs him of planning to change the shared appt and informs that he is always made fun of and they call him Pyscho as well. He speaks on hearing those words from Gaurav and his visiting girlfriend Shweta. He becomes annoyed that he is always taunted and then suggests Gaurav how he does all the things at home from cooking to cleaning and suggests that he is not his mother and does lot of things. Instead of thank you he gets a name Pyscho.

Gaurav speaks that he is a good friend and he just makes fun of him because of their friendship and suggests that from now on he will cook. Sooner then, Shweta comes there and then Gaurav changes words and speaks of not able to cook things and also signals her to play and tease Sudhir more. Gaurav informs Sudhir on finding a girl for him and then tells him to look outside on the appt facing their building. Sudhir looks outside and finds a girl standing and talking on phone in the opposite appt. Gaurav informs that she has just shifted there and asks Sudhir whether he will get a friend like him and does some self-appraisal. He speaks on finding the girl for him and have completed the 50% of his work and now wants him to complete the remaining work. Gaurav then wants him to prepare the food in return for his favor of completing 50 % of the work and after hearing it Sudhir carries a smile on his face and looks out to see the girl. The voiceover introduces the girl as Jonaki Ghosh who just came from Kolkata to Mumbai and she got the first job, lives alone and have full independence and follows the same policy of Live Life to the fullest like in other youngster.

She believes of taking care of herself but is careless many times a day – example of leaving the door open and with such behavior has a cost for the human which can be suffering as well. And it has to be seen this careless attitude will result in what result at a given time and place. Gaurav with his 2-minute tease and cheap thrills have instilled in Sudhir the desperation to get a girlfriend and he was becoming cool like others and got a visa to act like them. Sudhir’s world and day started from Jonaki and ends with her. For him, she was his girlfriend but in reality that was not the case. Sudhir locks his door and was eyeing Shweta and soon Gaurav comes there with Shweta and she informs Sudhir (sort of instigation) that instead of only eyeing from there he has to go and meet Shweta at her home. After instigating, Gaurav feels shrewd happiness and the voiceover speaks that if Sudhir was the monkey then Gaurav was the madari (the man who controls the monkey) and Shweta was acting like the audience who applauds the monkey and the man. In this game Gaurav was forgetting that if monkey is teased more then he can bite strongly as well. Sudhir writes on his laptop that there are no weakness in him and he can win any girl including Shweta and is more intelligent than his friends.

Next day, Sudhir goes to Shweta’s building and practices his introduction and then sees Shweta walking and carries a smile on his face. He follows her as she leaves in an auto. He follows her in another auto and then shares the same lift with her on another occasion. Then he learns that Shweta has a boyfriend and after seeing them together becomes dejected. In the night, he follows Jonaki at her building and when her office card falls down he helps in getting it and she thanks him for it. He comes back home and remembers the same moment where she thanked him as well and he then imagines her speaking very nicely with him and even proposing a coffee date with him. He writes down that Shweta smiled after looking at him and also spoke with him like she knows him from many days and he just needs to wait for sometime and she will fall in love with him. At Shweta’s end, her boyfriend Amir comes and the voiceover introduces Amir sheikh as the one who is like a fly in Sudhir’s Mango Lassi. Sudhir was in love with Jonaki but she was in love with Amir. Amir was a lad from Delhi and because of which he is more concern for the ladies and knows that some carelessness can lead to lot of damage to humans.

Sudhir at his end takes a small telescope to watch Shweta and then feels afraid. The voiceover speaks that fear is a strange thing [cockroach is shown there] and suggests that if you carry on with fear for many years then you will get a habit of it and if you get more fearful than your existing fear, then your fear will fade away rapidly. Sudhir was having the big fear of losing Jonaki and Amir at her home brought a twist and for Sudhir he wanted to remove that twist by making it as a mere twist and was the most important aim of his life. Sudhir goes to Shweta’s home and before knocking the door finds Shweta coming there and he hides himself. Shweta was talking on the phone with Amir who suggests her to be careful and she agrees to it. But does not act carefully again and leaves the door open and leaves. Sudhir finds the door open with keys hanging at the door and takes the keys and comes back to his home and looks at it and ponders.

Next day, he comes again to Shweta’s home and at the door practicses himself on how to give back the keys to her but is unable to proper structure his words. Shweta at her end takes a bath and then goes to speak with Amir and she asks him to look what she is wearing in the night when he comes to see her. Sudhir hears her conversation and again ponders. The voiceover speaks that this is the first wrong turn of this story since until now it was one-sided love and if we assume that Sudhir would have returned the key then it might be the case that they would have become friends as well. But by not returning the keys Sudhir has done his first mistake and he didn’t understood that his first wrong step will be very dangerous and life threatening in the future. Sudhir comes inside Shweta’s home and she is bathing at that time. He takes her cloth and goes from there without her knowledge. Aamir later meets her and informs that she has lost her keys and suggests her to change the lock of the door. She informs him of not changing her lock and all this is seen by Sudhir via his telescope who speaks of hating him. Sudhir understands that she has told her boyfriend I hate you and for her it was not serious but he thought otherwise. He then writes down in his laptop that he saw her speaking I hate you to her boyfriend so that means he has some chance and he needs to go to Jonaki and say that he loves her but the question is how ? Sudhir is seen engrossed in his laptop and Gaurav comes there and he informs on doing a project.

Gaurav then finds the short top beneath the pillow of Sudhir and takes it out. Sudhir comes and takes it away and informs that it belongs to his girlfriend. Shweta comes there and listens to Sudhir’s conversation about his girlfriend and Gaurav laughs on him. She also asks him from when he got a girlfriend ? He asks them whether he cannot have a girlfriend and then informs them that the girl is his neighbour who was introduced by Gaurav earlier and her name is Jonaki and he tells those details when Gaurav insisted on knowing it. Gaurav speaks that anybody can get a girl’s name and wants Sudhir to prove with more details. Sudhir replies that Jonaki works for a web company in Bandra from 10 am to 8 pm and he goes daily to drop and take her from there and her favorite color is black [All these things he know because he stalked and followed her]. The voiceover speaks that this is the second wrong turn of the story and Sudhir just wanted to impress his friends and has spoken lie to them and even to himself. He spoke of having a romantic walk with Jonaki to her office but it was actually stalking and whether Sudhir is treading a path where his one-sided love will reach its end. Sudhir speaks to them there is a problem that there is a boy with Jonaki who is stuck between them and because of that boy she didn’t speak openly with him. Shweta suggests that he should be a man and wants him to take a stand and inform the boy that Jonaki is his girlfriend.

He replies on speaking to that boy many times but in vain and then she suggests that he should plan a surprise for Jonaki since girls like surprises and when things are clear between them then he can go to that boy and inform him again that Jonaki is his girlfriend. After putting more things in Sudhir’s mind, Gaurav and Shweta leaves. Shweta then asks Gaurav in the kitchen whether Sudhir is telling truth about having a girlfriend and he replies that Sudhir is lying so as to not get a taunt from his friends and also not laugh on him. Sudhir hears this conversation and remembers the taunts of his friends and also his own imagination of Jonaki asking him for a coffee date. He then goes to Jonaki’s home and again the door was left open by her. He is inside the home and soon Jonaki comes with Amir and they go into her room. She speaks of hating Amir and he apologizes to her and wants her to calm down. She speaks that tomorrow she will celebrate her birthday and he will not be around thus to be angry is justified. Amir then wants to celebrate the birthday the same day so as to make her happy. Jonaki smiles and Sudhir is seen hiding beneath the bed and hearing the entire conversation. Amir is flirting with her and she is doing the same calling him the worst boyfriend in the world and also suggests that she doesn’t love him but still lets him come close to her. Amir replies that she lets him come close because she knows how much he loves her. Meanwhile, a cockroach is seen coming near to Sudhir and gets hold of it.

Sudhir wakes up next morning and is seen still lying beneath the bed and remembers the words spoken by Jonaki about not having Amir on her birthday the next day. He goes back to his home and then thinks of doing something for her and then plans for a surprise. On Aamir’s end, he informs his friends of giving a surprise to Jonaki though he told her of being out of station since he didn’t want to disclose his surprise. Amir comes to Jonaki’s home to find her home well decorated with Happy Birthday Jonaki messages and baloons. Soon, Amir sees Sudhir coming with a cake and asks him who is he and how come he came inside ? Amir begins to thrash Sudhir and calls him mad and gets hold of him. Sudhir sooner stabs Amir and flees from there with blood and cake marks on his shirt. He comes to his home and informs Shweta about preparing for Jonaki’s birthday at her home and all his plans were spoiled by the boy. Shweta laughs on Sudhir and suggests that he was thrashed by Jonaki’s boyfriend and came back and then calls him a loser. She then becomes serious and asks him how come he has entered her home in first place and with deceit ? He replies on having the keys of her home and she asks him how could he do that of stealing the keys ? She informs him of calling him Pyscho just to tease him and for fun but now he has really done an act of Psycho.

Sudhir remembers all the taunts of Shweta and Gaurav and speaks that he loves Jonaki but she insists that he is a pyscho. He speaks in loud voice that he is not a psycho and pushes her and then goes on to tie her face and strangulate her to potential death. Jonaki on her end comes home and looks for Amir and also finds her home decorated and then calls Amir to hear the phone bell ringing and thinks that he is hiding somewhere in the house. She goes to her bedroom to find Amir’s body in a pool of blood. She cries after seeing it and remembers the good moments she shared with him and also his care for her. Sudhir comes there and informs that Amir will not trouble her. After seeing him she locks the door and he then tells of loving her and also all the surprise decorations was done by him and knocks at her door. He speaks on loving her and wants her to open the door. Jonaki calls the police for help. On Shweta’s end, Gaurav comes to his room to find straps on her face and learns that she has passed away. The police comes to Jonaki’s building and arrests Sudhir and Gaurav and Jonaki are seen there. The police informs that Shweta has passed away and Amir is in ICU battling for life and asks Sudhir why has he done such crime ? Sudhir is nervous and is not in his senses and points that Shweta was Gaurav’s girlfriend and they are responsible for his crime and they used to call him Psycho.

He asks the police whether he looks Psycho repeatedly and suggests that he is normal and he doesn’t know about Shweta. The police wonen then asks him about Amir. He replies on actually protecting Jonaki from him since he was after her and speaks that she hates Amir. He then speaks of going to her home to plan a surprise party and has decorated her home and then suddenly Amir came from nowhere and has spoiled his plans. Jonaki cries after hearing Sudhir and he speaks on loving her. The police women asks Jonaki whether Sudhir is speaking truth. She replies on even not knowing him and continues to cry. Sudhir becomes dejected and tries to introduce him to her. Gaurav doesn’t have any words to say. The voiceover speaks that if love is one-sided then it is love as well and sometimes the person to whom you love you even cannot express it but in the process to find love you are just after that person then its not love but becomes stalking. In order to have two-sided love, you need to have patience as well. In this story, who have done mistakes, not only Sudhir but others as well.

Sudhir’s mistake was that he was wanting to fulfill the hopes of Shweta and Gaurav and in that process was unable to see the difference between right and wrong, love vs. madness. The story’s ending would have been different by going backwards into the story to see Sudhir’s choices which would have been right and have shown him the right path. If Sudhir after finding the key at her door gives back the keys instead of running away with it then their relationship would have started on a good note and she would have thanked him. Second, when Sudhir heard that Shweta and Gaurav spoke that his claim of knowing on the likings of Jonaki is false and lie, then he should have faced truth so that he would have not got the habit of speaking lies [Sudhir admitting to his friends that he lied to them and Jonaki doesn’t know him]. According to dictionary, Psycho or Psychopath is the one who is unstable mentally and has the personality where anti-social behavior over a period of time is noticed. But in the case of Sudhir who was looking as a simple and straightforward guy was got a label of Pyscho from Shweta and Gaurav without any reason in the start. We learnt from the story that if you are alone but good in your own self-esteem then you can remain in that same way and be happy in life because life is such a program where there is no button of Undo.

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