Iqbal to make Purab admit up his crime of shooting Sameer in Nadaan Parindey


purab and sameer in nadaan parindey


Having known the blood relation between Bebe and him, of a mother and son, Iqbal is totally shattered and curses himself for hurting his own mum, raising hand on his mum, hurting Bebe a lot and gave her many wounds. He feels his dad asked him to promise that he will not hurt his mum and any of his relatives, he will fulfill it. He decides to respect his dad and Bebe. Iqbal is worried for Meher having done wrong with her, making her fall in love with him to stay with her guarding in his mission. He thinks he did a big sin fooling Meher, and touching her as she is Sameer’s Amanat (Safe keeping). Iqbal regrets to get his hands on his brother’s love and doing injustice with Sameer.

Iqbal thinks how he shot himself to get the bullet mark on his chest to resemble Sameer, and thinks to expose Purab. He goes to Purab and questions him why did he shoot Sameer on the war mission, and shocks Purab. Purab recollects how he has shot Sameer in the war mission and admitted his feelings for Meher. Iqbal pledges to get justice for Sameer, and bring him back home to Bebe. Mehtaab dreams to unite back with his wife and sons. Purab admits his crime to Iqbal, and gets heard by his father, who is shocked to know Purab’s sin of shooting Sameer. He gets in a rage and shoots Purab, making him rushed to the hospital. Purab’s secret makes everyone hate him. Iqbal decides to teach the secretive evil Malik a lesson and we hope he succeeds. Looks like the coming twists will have great impacts. Keep reading.


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