Ayesha’s decency wins Avantika’s heart and accepted as Adi’s wife in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Ayesha has lied to everyone about her fake pregnancy accepting she is pregnant, but not with Adi’s child. The Diwaan family is shocked. Initially Sheela puts some wrong impression in Avantika’s eyes, saying Ayesha had been giving sleeping medicines to Adi. Avantika recalls seeing Ayesha coming out of Adi’s room at late hours. She taunts Ayesha for using her son and doing this pregnancy drama. Ayesha clears out that she has no scene with Adi and this child belongs to someone else. Well, Ayesha was shown to go and meet someone, lying to everyone at home, and secretly passing by in worry. The twist in the tale, Ayesha is again being the good friend and helper to Kaira, as she has helped Kaira and Anuj before too, by taking blame on her for stealing money from the sake.

Kaira trusts Ayesha and calls her to share her big problem about her complicated pregnancy and her decision to abort the child. Ayesha encourages her and asks her to give birth to the baby, and if incase its born abnormal, then she will be accepting the baby and giving a good life and mum’s love. She supports Kaira, and makes her hide her pregnancy, thus taking it on her. Ayesha decides to leave the Diwaan Mansion, and creates a wrong impression on everyone, including Adi, asking him to move on in his life with Poonam. Adi does not believe in Ayesha’s pregnancy news and decides to find it out with Rubel’s help. Ayesha has seen Poonam’s capabilities of making Adi happy and sharing good bond with him, but Poonam has some unsaid motives being hidden from the Diwaan family. Does Ambika got her here to unite Adi and Ayesha?

Harish tells Avantika that Adi got rid of his sleeping disorder because of Ayesha, and she is the one who united the father and son. Rubel also speaks up and says Ayesha ended his and Payal’s dispute and brought harmony in their marital life. Anuj tells everyone about Ayesha helping him in Kaira’s financial crisis and taking all blame and hatred on her. Ayesha states she wants to lead her life independently and wants to be free from this burdened marriage. Avantika being confused about Ayesha, stops her and does not let her leave home. Ayesha’s decency comes to the core when Kaira decides to share her secret with her family, and about having problems with Varun. Adi also brings out the truth as his belief on Ayesha has been always strong.

The Diwaan family is spell bound seeing Ayesha’s mighty big heart and finally Avantika decides to give her respect regarding her as her daughter in law, seeing Ayesha is not just Pankhudi’s look alike and she resembles Pankhudi matching her goodness and selflessness too. Good deeds always pay and Ayesha has got Avantika’s love atlast. Avantika decides to give a grand welcome of a new member in the Diwaan family, and is keen to have Adi and Ayesha marry again, similarly as Adi and Pankhudi got married. Adi sticks to his words that he will never leave Ayesha, no matter what happens. ‘’Nagada Sang Dhol Baaje’’ moment finally. Wedding bells for Adi and Ayesha….. Keep reading.






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