Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 4th September 2014, Priyanka Chopra and Usha Vishwakarma – Written Snapshot

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KBC 2014 with Priyanka Chopra for Mary Kom alongwith Red Brigade

Sr. Bachchan welcomes all and speaks about the Nirbhaya’s incident which happened in New Delhi in 2012 (December).  He speaks that incident has brought shame to the country and has also shaken the country. The youngsters came on the road and forced the govt to take strict actions and the government in turn formed new laws.

Even after awareness campaigns still today we find in newspapers about such grave incidents of eve-teasing and rapes. The girls just take those incidents in their stride by thinking it as part of their destiny and keep quiet but there are some girls who doesn’t break from such grave incidents and instead fights back. One of such girls is Usha Vishwakarma and she is invited on the show today and she is able supported by novel actor – Priyanka Chopra who has spoken for women and their rights from time to time. Priyanka comes on stage with Usha Vishwakarma comes on stage and Priyanka showers a hug to Big B and they are welcomed on the hot seat amidst the cheers of PC from the audience. Big B compliments Priyanka that he needs to take a breath after seeing her and she blushes a bit. He speaks that Usha Vishwakarma has spoken against domestic violence and has made a mark and runs an organization – Red Brigade which also supports other girls/women to held their head high and live. Big B speaks that Priyanka in her upcoming movie Mary Kom is also doing similar role where she is leading with strength and courage and then gets applauded by the audience.

Big B wants to show a video clip to Usha ji which KBC team has made for her. The AV shows about Usha ji as a teacher in a school and one day she was invited by a male colleague teacher on the context of evaluating exam papers. He was following her without her knowledge and when he invited she agreed. She goes to his home and there he started to touch her and she felt very bad and disgust at such development and she managed to ran from there. Usha faced more problems since the school’s principal has removed her from the job instead of the male teacher who has tried to molest/abuse her. She was transferred to another school and no other teachers have helped her. Because of this reason, the same male teacher who abused her got more confidence and he started to send vulgar messages on her mobile phone. He was following her and she was feeling afraid. Her confidence was getting lowered and one day he came to abuse her and she gave him a fitting reply by hitting him somehow and injuring him. After that incident, she became determined, courageous, strong and she took self-defense training and also teaches to many girls now. In 2011, she established an organization named Red Brigade and in the AV a young girl Neelam speaks that Didi (Usha) instills in them courage and strength and another girl Puja informs that now boy tries to tease them. Usha speaks that red signifies danger and black means protest and thus the dress code is Red and Black. Usha’s dream is to build a survivor centre where women who faced domestic violence or abuse along with other women who faced discrimination can live there with complete independence and self-esteem and give shape to their life. The AV ends and Priyanka provides support to Usha ji.

Usha ji cries and Big B speaks that he showed just an AV but what she faced and did in her life is truly remarkable and then he speaks of saluting on her spirit and gets applaud. He asks Priyanka what she feels as a woman ? Priyanka replies that Usha ji stood up not only for her but also for other girls who were afraid when they faced such problems. She speaks by doing acts like Usha ji other girls got self-confidence via self-defense class. Priyanka speaks of becoming a champion because of Usha ji and hopes that she wins lot of money for the Red Brigade team. Big B welcomes Usha ji’s mother and also welcomes director of Mary Kom – Omung Kumar who is sitting beside her mother. Moreover, girls from Red Brigade are also present there. Usha ji shares about the experience when she turned 18 and at that time a rape has been attempted against her and for one year she was not in her own self and mentally disturbed which is called mad. In that tough time, with her parents’ support she was able to go through it which she still remembers and regards her parents backing very much. Big B speaks that she haven’t give up and salutes her and today has set-up such an organization – Red Brigade.

Big B speaks that Priyanka has lots of knowledge and she will easily win 7 Crores INR easily and she informs him if the bell doesn’t ring then definitely she will in that amount. He then informs her that there is hooter and not a bell. He then asks Usha ji what she will do with the money that she would be winning today. She speaks about her dream – Red Brigade survivor centre which can support women and make them mentally strong and the money will go in the development of Red Brigade centre. There are 14 Questions and lifelines are audience, hometown help (Usha ji’s village Lucknow’s village – madiaoo and the audience is from there and they can help here), Double Dip – 1 question can be answered twice, and the fourth helpline – 3 Expert’s help who are there on KBC set. He also informs them they are playing against the hooter.  Big B informs them of the details from the 10K question which they answered correctly, Jab is the straight punch, cross comes across the shoulder, and the hook comes from below to the top and these are all punches. Big B speaks of seeing her movie’s first promo and suggests that he has also done boxing in his college days.

Priyanka speaks of learning the sport fully – boxing since she is playing the role of a boxer who is 5 times champion and olympic medallist and thankfully Mary’s coaches taught her because she is right handed and Mary is left-handed and southpaw so she needed to learn from the coaches. She speaks that the shape needs to be like a boxer and the body should like that and for that she undertook training of 5 months. Omung Kumar – the director speaks that Priyanka is the right role for the movie but until today she haven’t gone to the Gym which brings smile on her face and audience. He speaks that first she was sent to gym and then taught boxing. Big B asks Omung whether he fought with Priyanka, he speaks that she is dedicated and has hit the boxers who are real in the movie to have essence of the character and to get proper vibe. Priyanka speaks that the director made sure that she hits the real boxers well because they can’t do fake acting and she got hit by them as well many times a lot. Big B and audience smiles. Big B then invites Priyanka for a boxing bout and wants to see what she learnt in boxing and he speaks on being a southpaw. She speaks of learning from the movie Naseeb and then wants everyone to chant Johnny for her. Priyanka and Big B then engages in fun bout on her Yeh Ziddi song from movie Mary Kom. Big B asks Usha ji whether she has reported when she faced abuse. She informs of reporting to police when she got vulgar SMSes from a boy and the police didn’t took any action.

The boy’s family instead after a month have filed FIR on her name with many charges – Kidnapping, threatening, teasing, beating, and theft at boy’s home. She contacted people via e-mail and went to police but until now that case haven’t been resolved. Big B informs the audience that 93 women are raped in the country every day, 33,707 rapes are reported in the year 2013 and this is reported and we don’t know about the ones who don’t report. Priyanka speaks of women fearing social stigma and worry about what family will say. Big B suggests that women tries to hide such abuse and asks Priyanka why ? Priyanka replies that the society is to be blamed as well and we haven’t informed our daughters well on this matter where they can share about their problems to teachers, parents, or counsellors. She suggests that a protected and open environment is not there for the daughters  where they can say with confidence about any untoward incident that they have faced. She speaks that in her generation and the ones that will come referring to her children that the sons should be taught how to respect their sisters and women – this is the first thing and second, she speaks that a woman is not raped or an attempt is made against her because she went out late in the night or she wore short skirts. The point that she is being raped by someone and we need to concentrate on that point and laws should be there which should be implemented and these are some of the questions which we need to raise as a society not only the people but the govt as well. Meanwhile until then organizations like Red Brigade and other organizations where girls are making themselves safe by learning self-defense. Big B patiently listens to Priyanka when she spoke all those lines and then want the audience to think and act on her suggestions.

The question for 80K INR is a music compositon which is inspired by a music director. Big B informs the answer they chose A.R. Rahman is correct and is sung by Cody Wise and the original composition is Urvashi Urvashi which A.R. Rahman composed for the movie Kadalan and in Hindi the movie was known as Humse Hain Muqabla. Big B speaks to Usha ji about self-defense camps and asks her whether she has seen some impact in society and whether she found some difference in the girls whom she taught and have they presented. She replies that girls self-confidence grew many fold after learning self-defense skills. She informs that the girls who are well-equipped when got teased by a boy they used to inform him to not show such behavior and if he doesn’t listen then she will give him a fitting reply by means of a slap. Big B then speaks with the girls who are sitting there in the audience from Red Brigade. One of the girl speaks that a boy who used to play cricket at a field near her home tried to pull and remove her inner cloth top and she reacted by hitting him with his bat. Big B and audience applauds her. She informs all other boys were afraid and Big B speaks that Dhar Diya (slap) is a word from Uttar Pradesh. Usha ji speaks that normally slap is made on the cheeks but their slap is hit at the neck and the boy can get unconscious for atleast 2 minutes. Big B speaks about the saying slapping below the ear  (Kaan ke Niche) and Priyanka speaks of hearing strange sound when it happens and Usha ji speaks that when you slap at the neck then you will get darkness in front of your eyes and you can do proper self-defense. A Question on Research in Motion (RIM) company whose product is BlackBerry mobile phone has adopted its name as that of the product itself but Priyanka doesn’t know the answer and wants to use the helpline of 3 Experts, and they gave the answer Blackberry.

Big B wants Usha ji to share more tips for women’s protection. She suggests that the need to be careful always and we need to ask why someone is following if it looks suspicious and our walk should suggest the other person that he should not come and interfere or try to tease/abuse. Big B and others applaud and then Usha ji speaks about eye looks looking forward which means that you are not afraid and Big B replies on himself feeling afraid with the eye looks she has shown. Big B speaks that Priyanka’s movie Mary Kom will be releasing tomorrow i.e., 5th September and he wishes her the best and the question for 12.5 lakhs INR is – By what name do we know the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of India to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace ? The answer is Vishaka Guidlelines. Priyanka is confused with the answer and wants the audience poll helpline and the 67% audience gives the answer Vishaka Guidelines and Priyanka chooses the audience’s answer which is the correct. Big B informs that the supreme court has issued these guidelines in 1997 for the case of a woman from Rajasthan – Bhawri Devi during her hearing and these guidelines suggest that every corporate office should have a committee to hear cases against sexual harassment at workplace.

The hooter’s sound comes and the game cannot continue further and Big B gives the cheque of 12.5 Lakhs INR to Priyanka. Big B signs off by saying that time has come when girls will not lower their eyes and walk on road and the time has come when they will give reply and to tell that the women are soft but they are not weak. He speaks that Priyanka and Usha ji has shown that life doesn’t end with incidents and life means to continue fighting, walking, moving ahead, learning and also to teach. Big B wishes all to take care and says good night.

Next Week: Celebrity guests are Actors and Superstars – Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone for the promotion of their movie Finding Fanny and are seen grooving together on the Shake your Bootiya song. Deepika showers a warm hug to Sr. Bachchan and have fun time shooting for KBC.

Image Credit: Twitter pages of Sony TV, slideshow pics from Twitter page of Amitabh Bachchan


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