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Satyamev Jayate (SJ) Season 3 starts on 5th October 2014 (Sunday) at 11:00 am [airing every Sunday] and to be simultaneously aired on Star Plus and Doordarshan National. There will be 6 Episodes in total which means the 3rd Season will end in Mid-November and the duration of the show is 2 1/2 hours with 1 hour dedicated to Q&A with audience (also online). Megastar Aamir Khan will be leading the show as the host and the format of the show will have celebrities* (Bollywood Actresses, Actors – Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti Chopra, and others) guest who will support, discuss and help in the cause that will be shown on the show. The promotions are on with Mumkin Hai message to highlight the positive impact in the society because of Satyamev Jayate’s previous seasons. Recently, Twitter Live Chats (5 in total) with experts answering Tweeples question was organized by Satyamev Jayate on its official Twitter page from 25th to 29th August to discuss on the issues raised in SJ Season 1 and its positive impact. Many youngsters have participated in the chat and asked important questions and we (TellyReviews) also got inspired after seeing them and we then participated in the last three Twitter live chats and asked few questions which were answered which has improved our understanding and given us knowledge as well on those subjects.

Update: Date of telecast updated to 5th October from 21st September on 14th September @ 9:00 AM IST after airing of Satyamev Jayate Season 3 first promo.

Satyamev Jayate – Season 3: Promos [Bus, Office, and Director’s speaks]
[youtube id=]

1. 25th August 2014: Twitter live chat with C Srinivasan on Waste Management

Bio of C. Srinivasan from Satyamev Jayate:
He uses cows, frogs, ducks and worms to do what many of our municipalities can’t. Recently adopted by the city of Jodhpur, his unique waste management model has shown us that becoming garbage-free is possible.

Theme of the Questions:
– Is it possible for me to contribute to keeping my city clean?
– How animals are better employees than humans for waste management?

Q. From Kulsum Khan: How to keep any city clean, disease free, green and beautiful.
A. 1 commissioner per city must focus on waste mgmt. Waste pickers should be paid timely. Collective will is needed.

Q. From Amyn: What do you think is the major waste management problem in cities?
A. Local bodies don’t have a plan in place. A system should be created and citizens should be directed.

Q. From Roohi: Can I volunteer in any of your initiative?
A. Yes. I am in Jodhpur for 18 months. People from other states are volunteering here too

Q. From Neha Joshi: do you have any plans of making garbage segregation a part of school curriculum? At what age should it be taught?
A. 156/600 schools in Jodhpur are doing this. Children aged 6 and above can be taught. More schools can take it up too

Q. From SheWhoMustNotBeTamed: What advice would you give to beginners who want to start with baby steps towards effective waste management?
A. Composting at home is the way forward. Any wet waste can be turned into rich fertilizer.

Q. From Lipi Mehta: When is Jodhpur expected to become waste-free?
A. 29 February, 2016. The date is set, the work is on. We will make it possible.

Q. From Stefan: Has any Government authority gotten in touch with you after the show?
A. No, though people from 16 states contacted me. The Indian ambassador in Madagascar expressed interest for his country

Additional Notes:
* Don’t Waste your garbage discussion: C. Srinivasan with Aamir on Satyamev Jayate Season 2, Episode 3: 16th March 2014. Video Segment ->

2. 26th August 2014: Twitter live Chat with Sarika Sinha on the Issue of Rape

Bio of Sarika Sinha from Satyamev Jayate:
She is the Regional Manager of ActionAid India, Madhya Pradesh. Her organization has been instrumental in the opening of India’s first one-stop crisis centre. She works with survivors of violence and strives to create spaces for them to heal.

Theme of the Questions:
– Have questions about the legal rights of a rape survivor?
– It is possible for a rape survivor to get legal and emotional help under one roof.

Q. From Kulsum Khan: How are da rape survivors adjusting to life, emotionally, physically and mentally.
A. Rape surivor rights at the hospital

From Naaz:
Q1. What’s the first thing that should be done to stop rapes in India?
A. Conviction rates (currently 24-25%) need to be raised.We also need many fast track courts to ensure speedy justice

Q2. What is the biggest challenge that you face in your work?
A. When families abandon their girls and blame them for violence, we do not know where to begin

Q3. Will proper sex education in schools help stop rapes?
A. Yes, if done in a non judgemental manner. Making sex a taboo will only increase their curiosity

Q4. How to help the survivors of rape to come out of the emotional trauma? Depression is another challenge, right?
A. By reassuring her that it wasn’t her fault & help her heal through love & by allowing to carry on with her life

Q5. When can we expect a safe #India ?
A. Soon, if we try.It is more for us to ensure a safe India since proactive laws cannot change mindsets and relations

Q6. Has the situation in hospitals, police stations and courts changed about the harassement of rape survivors?
A. Both yes & no. It is extremely variable. What one can certainly say is that there is an enhanced awareness

Q7. What about the reaction of the govt about the One Stop Crisis Centres?
A. The reaction has been very positive and they are supporting the centres. They also want to replicate it

Q8. do you think the govt is doing enough to stop rapes and other crimes against women?
A. We have progressive laws but ppl implementing them come from our society, which looks at women as commodities. Deeper change will come from within when we believe that women are also humans!

Q. From SheWhoMustNotBeTamed: What measures can we take to teach young boys so they don’t grow up and sexually objectify women?
A. Children learn from us & we should raise our sons like daughters & not let them believe that girls are any lesser

From Harish Iyer (Equal Rights Activist):
Q1. what has been done to ensure that the process of recording a statement is swift and not traumatic.
A. In-camera proceedings, woman officer taking statement, presence of family member, video testimony for children.

Q2. what action can be taken against police who refuse to file an FIR?
A. Superintendent or Magistrate Court can be told, FIR can be filed against police officer. 6 mnths to 2 yrs jail possible. Rights of a Rape Survivor at the police station ->

From Abhilasha:
Q1. Indian households teach their boys to exert power over all girls. How can this fundamental wrong be corrected?
A. Condition boys to believe that girls are not lesser humans. Relations at home need to be equal

Q2. The idea of girls learning defense may be a short term solution but the need protect is a sign of failure right?
A. In an ideal society, no one should be violated & thus no need to learn it. But till then, learning it is a good idea. Moreover, self-defence also enhances confidence in women/girls and hence is a good tool

Q3. Is it realistically even possible to recover from rape in a country that shamefully puts the blame on the victim?
A. Yes, we believe it is. One has to believe in oneself. The others have to help her heal and get justice.


3. 27th August 2014: Twitter Live Chat with Shri Prakash Singh on Police Reforms

Bio of Prakash Singh from Satyamev Jayate:
He has been the Chief of the Uttar Pradesh Police and the Border Security Force. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1996 for his contribution to the Indian Civil Service. It was because of him that the Supreme court has passed a landmark judgement and issued the 7 directives for police reform in our country.

Theme of the questions:
– Can the constabulary be reformed?
– Want to push implementation of police reforms?

Q. Raghuram – MumkinHai people see police as troublers not solution providers. How to change this perception?
A. Police must change – become People’s Police, sensitive and humane

From Mohsin Khan:
Q1. Why Minorities at large in India are upset with Police?
A. It is a question of perception. They need to join police in larger numbers

Q2. Why are they over stressed with work? Which results in there rude behaviour with Citizens.
A. Police needs more manpower. They should not be on duty for more than 12 hrs

Q. From SheWhoMustNotBeTamed: How does one report a corrupt policeman? Is there a recommended procedure?
A. Report to seniors, magistrate or Complaints Authority

From Sunchika Pandey:
Q1. A lot is said but little done to improve the condition of the constabulary. Any hope for them?
A. State Govts need to be more enlightened, spend more on police housing

Q2. any hope of the police reforms being implemented diligently across all states in the near future?
A. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.’ People must mount pressure on Govt to introduce reforms

Q. From Bhaskar: Why cant we have good basic facilities at Police Stations? Do we really lack financially? Or its just apathy?
A. State Govts need to provide more funds for police stations

Q. From Venus Saini: Is police can do work freely without any political pressure and honestly why they feel useless in front of them ?
A. System is such. Politicians can suspend/ post/transfer policemen. They need to be insulated from outside pressures

Q. From Kulsum Khan: Police took an oath to uphold law and serve his country, but if he’s accused of rape himself.who cn b trusted.
A. Aberrations should not blur the overall picture

Questions From TellyReviews:
Q. Should we still believe that police reforms go hand in hand with judicial forms, challenges and progress made ?
A. Police reforms are not linked but related to judicial reforms

Q. What are the top priorities of police apart from people’s safety and maintaining peace -law and order ?
A. Maintaining law and order, prevention and detection of crime


4. 28th August 2014: Twitter Live Chat with Nikhil Dey, Questions on RTI (Right to Information Act).

Bio of Nikhil Dey from Satyamev Jayate:
He is one of the founding members of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS). He has been instrumental in bringing RTI Act in India, in 2005. He strives to bring accountability in governance and empowers many across India to fight for their rights.

Theme of the Questions:
– How can we as people contribute to keeping our leaders accountable?
– Why do you need the Public Services Grievances Bill?
– Need an insight on rules related to RTI?
– What role did the villagers of Rajasthan play in enacting the RTI?

From Kulsum Khan:
Q1. Sir wht is da Public Service Grievance Bill and y is it important to da public.
A. Because it puts the framework of accountability in the hands of the beneficiary. Like RTI the officer is directly accountable to the complainant for redressal in time or face penalty. We can demand accountability and transparency with these tools RTI, Social Audits. Details on RTI, Social Audits tools at this page:

Q2. Sir all our ppl pay tax, y hasn’t da conditions of da country improved. Now is da time to mke da gov accountable.
A. While we are all taxpayers, not all of us exercise our citizenship. We need to hold public officials to account.

Q. From Mohsin Khan: We understand it would have been tough journey to reach ur destination, wat was that 1 thing which kept u moving
A. The understanding that the most marginalized people were fighting for survival & that many of these democractic processes are a lifeline to their survival

Q. From Pankaj Saraswat: What Gov is doing to increase no of RTI activist ? bcoz it’s very useful tool to reduce corruption.
A. RTI activists are human rights defenders and spirited public citizens. Gov has a duty to support and protect them. Shame that we don’t have whistleblower protection law..

Q. From SheWhoMustNotBeTamed: How do I explain the term Social Audit to someone not familiar with the term?
A. Allows you to see not just whether money was spent correctly but whether the spending made a difference. MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act 2005) is first in world which has social audit as statutory. We must fight to ensure it as part of all gov prgrms.

Q. From Lipi Mehta: How can I volunteer in any of MKSS’ projects?
A. Mail us on [email protected] We work mainly in Rajasthan but can try & connect you with other campaigns as well.

Q. Can we have a step-by-step guide to conduct social audits?
A. Social Audits model in Andhra Pradesh and Volunteering Information:

Questions from TellyReviews:
Q. Grievance Redressal Bill 2011 lapsed due to dissolution of 15th Lok Sabha. Are you trying for legislation again?
A. Yes of course. It is government’s duty to ensure that it is passed in Parliament this time

Q. RTI law came in 2005 &we have seen positive results,How abt Social Audits that is also a good tool alongwith RTI?

A. Moolmantra of RTI is ‘hamara paisa hamara hisaab’. Social audit implies to this as it people & beneficiaries are auditors. It is crucial to take the entitlement of transparency forward to create a more accountable nation.

Q. What are the amendments needed in the current RTI act for bringing more accountability/transparency ?
A. Implementation of section 4, i.e., mandatory disclosure. Transparent process of appointment in information commission. Basic improvements can be made by pressurizing the Gov to implement the law and have more effective rules.


5. 29th August 2014: Twitter Live Chat with Harish Iyer on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

Bio of Harish from Satyamev Jayate:
Harish is an Equal Rights Activist. He has faced sexual abuse as a child for 11 years and today is a survivor, thriver, and an unstoppable support for survivors across the world. Harish’s story and spirit has given to thousands of
others to break their silence.

Theme and questions raised by Satyamev Jayate for the live chat:
– How can we support a child sexual abuse survivor?
– How can the law help survivors of child sexual abuse?

Q. From Mohsin Khan: As a father how one should protect her daughter from child abuse?
A. Keep commn channels open. educate the child about safe/unsafe touch. Listen to her. believe in her.

Q. From Armagan: what can ı ask you.ı think you are hero. a person may experience the worst monsters defeated.
A. With a smiley, Will not fake modesty but share a wish that every survivor becomes a hero in their own eyes.

Q. From Lipi Mehta: If an adult survivor tells me about being abused as a child, what should my response be?
A. most important thing to do is NOT respond verbally. LISTEN. patiently, and actively LISTEN.
Dont ask the “why didnt you tell me before” “omg, i feel so sorry”, a “i am with you” suffices.

Q. From Adz89: What kind of precautions do u suggest a parent should take for a child to be aware of abuse in skool or gathering
A. Spk to the school.Get them to introduce Safety (sex and sexuality) Education.Ensure that your child has the comfort of telling you without guilt or hesitation if something is going wrong.

Q. From Jwalant: From How much damage has movies, T.V. & actors contributed in this issue?
A. i can rather tell you that films/media could help a survivor face his/her/hir life. horrible films will alwys b made.Hope you and i will take 2 streets if a film glorifies CSA

Q. From Kulsum Khan: Harish how did u survive da ordeal. Hw did u cope with da trauma. Wht made u wnt to cum forward.
A. My dog helped me by being my counsellor. he listened to me. Ensured that i spoke up.

Q. From Sunchika Pandey: If reporting the abuse is delayed what can be the consequences in terms of lack of evidence? Is there a training campaign for parents to understand the imp of talking to their child & explaining CSA?
A. In case of CSA the child can report in fragments. read the POCSO act.
thats where sex ed starts. Here is a list of resourses/NGOs ->

Q. From Kanha Ki Bansi: Is it very difficult to change the mentality of people regarding child abuse? What role media can play for it?
A. SATYAMEV JAYATE is media. and you are having this chat with me because of that. With a smiley, it is not something tht ends with one show. one needs to keep speaking to channels and discussing.

Q. From Disha: Harish, how powerful is developing self esteem in a child to fight against any odd?
A. Darling, d 1st thing that gets mauled n cases of CSA is Self Esteem.Parents add to fuel, by asking “Why were you quiet for so many years”, its like blaming the child in CSA or any issue

Questions From TellyReviews:
Q. Harish, What do you think society across all classes should do (mindset,attitude) to help in reducing child abuse?
A. India is a nation that doesnt speak about sex, but has a lot of it. look at our population.
SPEAK UP. about sex, sexuality and feel unashamed about their own body.

Q. What hurts the society the most is the Abuse, which is not right !!
A. Who the hell is “society”, it is you and me. With a smiley, so curse not the darkness, light a candle.

Q. Plz tell us how we should look forward every individual reg CSA awareness and reduction ?
A. Start awareness drives. start with your home, your building, your school,

Q. Would like to ask Harish whether there is a strong law against child sexual abuse now as deterrent to offenders?
A. The good news is that we do have a law called The POCSO Act 2012. Reference -> I believe it is not the SEVERITY but the CERTAINTY of punishment that will act as a detterent. More info on details on POCSO termed as Decoding POCSO ->

Q. “neglect” another cause when child informs parents,they don’t take it seriously.How to make them more conscious?
A. We live a country where sexual abuse is seen as a “blot” in survivors character.

Q. Are parents following advice having workshops(Danger parts) for children? What more they can do fr child’s safety?
A. many R using the segment as a demonstrative video.There are no danger parts, just body parts. sm body parts should not be touched by strangers. Resources on CSA ->

Additional Notes:
* Harish on Satyamev Jayate Season 1 Episode on Child Sex Abuse dated 6th May 2012
– Discussion with Aamir on the abuse and how he overcame it and believes that a firm NO will stop the abuse. Video Segement of this discussion:

* Delhi Public School, Raipur, conducts workshops on safe and unsafe touch for childrens, young students of their school

* Twitter page of Awareness programme discussing Child Sexual Abuse in India


State of Change
Satyamev Jayate (SJ) show started with female foeticide issue.  Aamir in that show spoke that Girls in India will get all the rights in life like that of Boys. In that episode, miracle stick was mentioned (Jaadu ki Chadhi) and that is the People (You) and I (individual). After SJ episode, in Maharashtra, the miracle stick has showed its impact and in 2011 the sex-ratio with boys: 1000 and girls 894 which has now rose to 1000 to 940. A couple speak of getting inspired by the show and the women gave a birth to the girl and she is very happy to have her and everyone in the family loves the baby girl. Aamir speaks that Chiraiya (little bird) came back again to the yard.. Mumkin Hai.

Fighting back Non-Violently: Shanti who fought back domestic violence with sheer determination
Shanti who is now works as a cab driver speaks that on watching the satyamev Jayate’s episode on Domestic violence at home with women suffering and at the receiving end. She speaks of listening to the women who spoke with Aamir on that episode and relates to her own life since she also suffered domestic violence for 10-12 years. After seeing the show, she got courage and strength and vowed that she will not suffer herself and also will not let others suffer with this kind of abuse. She fought and finally she is free from that abuse and suffering. She has a identity as a cab driver for Sakha cabs service, Delhi and now knows the path of her future. Aamir speaks that Shanti will reach her goals by herself and everyone can do as well. Mumkin Hai

Helping alcoholics, One day at a time
Aamir speaks that there are many things in life from which you can enjoy and relish but importantly first you need a life. The voiceover suggests that addiction of Alcohol has destroyed many lives. A guest speaking for the show informs that when he used to drink a lot he was out of his mind and used to abuse his wife by beating and the wife also informs the same. He speaks on wondering how to come out of this illness of severe alcohol addiction. In the episode of Satyamev Jayate – Alcohol Abuse – Think before you drink,  solution was shown how to get de-addicted from alcoholism. That solution was ‘Alcholics Anonymous’ – an organization which helps alcoholics to combat their addiction and so as to bring complete change and realize de-addiction. The show presented the organization details during the telecast and the guest man speaks of watching the show and that day has changed his life and now he finds his current passage of life and nights to be more relaxed and happier than those nights with alcohol addiction. After the telecast of Episode, Alcoholics Anonymous helpline received 3.5 Lakh (0.35 million) Phone Calls from all over India and there is no other campaign of alcohol de-addiction which is bigger than this one in the world. Aamir speaks that Alcoholics Anonymous and their lakhs of members showed that the change can happen.. Mumkin Hai
– Info: Alcoholics Anoymous website:, helpline phone: 09022771011 contact: [email protected]

Child Safety and Women Empowerment: From a young crusader she now aspires to join the IPS. Nazia ke liye kuch bhi, MumkinHai
Once in Bhopal, a young girl was found wandering and seems to be lost and is seen by 18-year old girl Nazia. Nazia speaks that the girl’s face has some marks of injury and some teeth were broken too. Nazia speaks that the girl told her that parents has beaten her and also her uncle has tried to abuse and attempted to rape her. She speaks of seeing Satyamev Jayate’s episode – Child Sexual Abuse which enlightened about Child safety and a CHILDLINE organization was shown on the show which provides help to children and is known by the identity of the phone no: 1098. Nazia went to Childline office and the staff there after listening to her filed a FIR against the girl’s parents and uncle and as of now court hearings are going on in that case. SJ’s show on Child exploitation has resulted in 40 Lakhs (4 million) children calling the Childline service for help and today this is the biggest helpline for children who are having problems and even Nazia has joined the Childline organization as a volunteer. Nazia aims to become an IPS officer to prove that she is not just a girl but I am a  Girl. Aamir speaks that Nazia will one day become a good IPS officer.. Mumkin Hai

Daughters are Precious – Guardian of Girls: The wings of these ​angels have been left intact
Aamir speaks during the Satyamev Jayate Season 1, Episode 1 on Female Foeticide that every year 10 lakhs girls are killed while they are foetus in mother’s womb referring to female foeticide. He speaks that its not just a number which we found in newspapers and govt reports but it speaks lot of other things. The funds collected after airing of this episode has been used to help Snehalaya who provides shelter and support to abandoned and distress girls since considerable time. These infants are usually found in helpless state near public toilets, bins, drains and wrapped in plastic bags. Many infants die before reaching hospital. Because of all the help that people did with their donations to Satyamev Jayate, Snehalaya today is well equipped with medical facilities to take care of infants and babies. Moreover, Satyamev Jayate Bhavan has been set-up there whose inaguration was done by Aamir Khan on 26th January 2013. On that day, many families have adopted infants of Snehalaya to feel blessed as parents and got happiness. The four-storey Satyamev Jayate Bhavan is now a big support to affected women and children. Because of people’s donations and support, many innocent lives have got the right to their life. Aamir speaks that Jeevan Ke Sapnon Se Saji Aankhon Wali nanhi Pariyon ko desh ne dher saara dulaar bheja..[The little angels who has dreams about life in their eyes has received lots of love from the country].. Mumkin Hai

Additional Info:
In 2013, the Supreme Court ordered all states to effectively implement the law against sex selection – [In 1994, the Parliament enacted the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act or PCPNDT Act to stop female foeticide]. Read more here:

Accessible Gwalior: Enables the disabled
Aamir speaks in the SJ Season 1 Episode 6: Persons with Disabilities that how disabled persons can have their everyday’s life since knowingly or unknowingly we have put some barriers that for them to lead a normal life has became difficult. After airing of this episode where disabled or differently-abled person problems have been highlighted, Gwalior’s district collector Mr. P Narahari was very much inspired and has vowed to change the current situation. Mr. Narahari speaks that after the SJ episode, now in Schools, Hospitals, and public places like banks, post offices and bus stands in the city and district of Gwalior he has tried to make the environment disabled-friendly and barrier-free. A disabled woman speaks that before she used to face problems when coming to the post office but now because of the ramp set-up she can come there easily and do her work. A Student and a man who are disabled speaks that because of facilities (Right to Access, Handicapped parking) at their school make them able and also inspires them to lead a good life. Mr. Narahari, the collector speaks that now in almost 95% of the schools/hospitals have the set-up of barrier-free. Aamir speaks that in the exam of Humanity one city has came first with 95% mark which is Gwalior… Mumkin Hai


* Satyamev Jayate Website to keep updated about the show and other promos and finer details

* Source of Twitter Live Chat Detail Excerpts -> Twitter page of Satyamev Jayate

* Twitter page of Harish Iyer – Equal Rights Activist

* Brief Written Updates of Satyamev Jayate Season 2 (March 2014) – 5 Episodes on our website (TellyReviews). Follow the Satyamev Jayate tag on our site.

* DNA article confirms that Satyamev Jayate will begin on 21st September (Sunday), and will have six episodes in total – 2 in September and the remaining 4 in October and the duration is 2 1/2 hours.

* Doordarshan National also confirmed on its Twitter page that the show will air on it every Sunday @ 11:00 AM starting from 21st September

Satyamev Jayate

Image credit: Twitter page of Satyamev Jayate.

Satyamev Jayate – Theme song and Mumkin Hai Promos
[youtube id=]

Satyamev Jayate – Season 1 Episodes which are highlighted in Mumkin Hai Promos,



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