Niranjan lets down Shlok and Astha’s Mel Milaap; Anjali stands against Niranjan in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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 Anjali stands against Niranjan in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir


We have not written on this show since late. The fact being thee story getting boring and exaggerated. Same Pita Bhakti and Maa Atyachaar!! Our sweet Astha has not left Niranjan’s house and is adamant to stay in his ship and sink it by exposing him to Shlok. Foolish Niranjan is giving her a chance and thinks he is the smartest, as he lost all his hair by scratching and thinking evil games. Well, he is an overconfident old man, who does not have any control on anyone, except Shlok. Even the non daring Sojal is not afraid of him, and is ordering food from hotel for him, not making it herself. Niranjan has lost his respect after Anjali remarked him wrong. Poor man had to face defeat even in his office, as he thought his clever move of blocking Anjali’s ATM card would make her beg to him. Astha has given him a good spat by bringing Anjali to office and then presenting her views on girl’s education.

As Niranjan is thought to be lucky to have such a smart wife, Shlok has seen the embarrassment in Niranjan’s eyes, after Anjali was called the reason behind his success, to which he disagrees. Shlok and Astha have an argument again. He raises on her, feeling she has insulted Niranjan by supporting Anjali. Niranjan talks in favor of Astha and asks Shlok to forget everything, and what can he do if Astha is not ready to apologize to him. Niranjan acts big hearted man and asks Shlok to forgive Astha and move on in life. Shlok is in mood to agree, as his ego is stopping him from bending to Astha. Shlok says he is against Astha, as she is against his dad. He wants Astha to repent first, and then he can think to patch up. Astha and Shlok are missing out each other every moment, but stoning their hearts.

Varad tried to bring them together by sending them to Jyoti’s home. But things are still the same and this time Anjali is going to make use of Shlok’s worry for Astha. The women keep the Hartalika fast and Anjali lies to Shlok that Astha is unwell and he rushes to break Astha’s fast and cares for her. Anjali decides to give it back to Niranjan and shows Astha and Shlok’s sweet moments of togetherness. Where will Shlok’s blind faith on his dad lead him? To regret or to more delight for his dad? Keep reading.


  1. Roshni Avatar

    I love Ashlok romance very much and hope to see it soon. Missing ashlok. Thanks Tellyreviews.

  2. polmard Avatar

    IPKKNDEBP is interesting not boring at all. Lov & excited about AShlok show. Last wks & dis wks epi excellent. Luv astha coming 4 Anjali rescue. Women power is strong when they r 2gether. Dis show actually portraits real life story of ppl. Excellent story wid talented cast. Thnx a lot for being part of my life IPKKNDEBP team????

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