Sizzling Shagun conquers Raman’s bedroom; Raman heated to see his 6 year old past back in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


shagun in yeh hai mohabbatein


Ishita has got Shagun home, seeing her helpless and drunk on the road, having hit a tree and damaging her car. Shagun has no way to go, as Suraj taunted her on her family ties broken up by her mistakes. Ishita spots Shagun on the road while its raining heavily and feels pity on her. Shagun finds a good friend in Ishita while in drunken state, she acts better and honest. Ishita and Shagun’s entry in Bhalla house together has shaken everyone. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi have always been against Shagun for hurting Raman. They have an argument with Shagun, as the latter is not in her senses and orders them to serve her and massage her legs. Well, if Simmi wishes, by her personality, she can break her legs by one shot. LOL!! Raman is shocked too seeing Shagun in his bedroom and walks out in anger on Ishita for being so generous to not even think before doing anything. He blames Ishita for bringing that woman in his life, whom he tried to kick out from his heart for six long years and now that he is off his past and trying to move on, she has got Shagun back and this move has hurt his sentiments reviving the old memories which he wanted to get rid of. But what is the reason for Raman’s anger?? Two birds in the bushes and none in hand. LOL!! Ravan Kumar’s irritation is at its peak at this moment.

Raman and Ishita have an argument. Ishita tells him how she saw Shagun helpless on the state and in drunken state, how could she leave her like that when she was not in her senses. Raman agrees to her point, but is unconvinced as he knows Shagun is an opportunist and gold digger. Mrs. Bhalla warns Ishita to kick out Shagun, else this one night stay can give her a chance to get back in Raman’s life and this can create troubles for her marital life. Ishita says she trusts Raman completely and has no qualms if Shagun stays with them. Ishita’s goody goody act really gives another chance to Parmeet to get along with Shagun and plan against her. Raman decides to sleep on the living room sofa and asks Ishita to rejoice with her new found ‘’Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli’’. Will Shagun change for good or will she really start getting after Raman, knowing Ashok has ditched her and now she has nowhere to go? Lots of ‘’Dhan Te Nan’’ drama ahead. Keep reading.


  1. i think the writer is simply wasting his time in elaborating the story.. Its swinging here and there… bring some interesting sequences..Plzzzzz


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