Yeh Hai Aashiqui 5th September 2014 Episode 64 on Bindass, Gilti and Stephanie’s Love Story – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 64, Gilti and Stephanie's Love Story on Bindass

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that our language and culture decides the meaning of love for us. For some people love means to have some weeks of togetherness and for some people love means journey of lifetime. You need to hear the call of love and gives you so much strength that you do things that you never thought of. He speaks of Gilti who is a guy living on the border of Punjab and Stephanie who is an American documentary filmmaker whose life is like an open sky and now between them can love happens. Let’s see their story.


Stephanie calls a man on the phone and speaks of reaching the village in Amritsar and wants to catch Shamsher Singh who sells innocent people and she won’t go without catching and booking him. She reaches the village and waits for Gilti – tourist guide and she speaks on the phone to trust the win of Gliti so that he will take her to Shamsher Singh. Gilti comes there in his jeep and speaks to his friend Sunny that she is his customer. Gilti tries to convince his colleague and friend Sunny and takes the responsibility to be the guide of her.

Gilti starts to speak with Stephanie and he speaks to say sorry if someone teases her and also reminds her how he used to tease in his class. She introduces herself as Stephanie and he makes some fun asking whether her name is that of Scooter’s stephany. He takes her in his jeep and speaks of studying in the college but is not interested so he became a guide. She wants to stay at the house of Shamsher Singh. She speaks that his house is very big and he speaks that her knowledge of geography is good. She speaks that Shamsher SIngh’s daughter Harpreet is very sweet and since one year he is trying to win her. She informs him of making a documentary on the change of guard at the border. He agrees to take her to Shamsher Singh’s home. Gilti speaks that Harpreet will take care of her and speaks that Shamsher Singh is an angry man and is the Amrish Puri of that town. She compliments him and calls him a good guy. Harpreet comes out and is annoyed with Gilti for giving him petty gifts and calls her as his girlfriend. Gilti wants Harpreet to speak to her father and suggests that Stephanie wants to stay at her home. Shamsher Singh comes there and hears Gilti’s conversation with Stephanie. Stephanie greets Shamsher Singh and speaks of staying at his home on rent for some days. She wishes to pay him in dollars and he agrees to allow her to stay at his home.

Stephanie enters his home and Gilti is not given entry. Gilti becomes pissed off and leaves from there. Stephanie calls his colleague on phone and informs that she is staying at Shamsher Singh’s home and her colleague suggests that she can use Gilti to take photos of the farmhouse of Shamsher and use him instead of her doing it. Gilti comes there and she informs of hearing about a farmhouse of Shamsher. Gilti replies that there is Shamsher’s farmhouse nearby and he will bring the photo of the farmhouse only for her though it is dirty and gives her a sunflower. Stephanie accepts it with much grace and then he takes her in his jeep. Gilti takes her to Shamsher’s farmhouse and then goes on to take few pics of the farmhouse while hiding. Shamsher’s men sees Gilti taking photos and fires at him. Gilti runs away from there in his jeep with Stephanie. He informs her that people fire in these places and she apologizes to him and suggests that men like him are not found now. He then speaks of taking more than 4 pics and gives her the camera and then both shares eyelock. He comes back from that moment and calls him the greatest and wants to show stephanie his city. He takes  her on a fun ride on his city tour. [ Jab Jab Main Tujhe Dekhu Lagti Hain Tu Jannati song plays].

She asks him how does she look in a red dress ? He speaks that she looks rocking and another time he scares her which makes her to fall down on standing water. Gilti closes his eyes when Stephanie changes her clothes to wear the Indian dress of Gilti’s village. He speaks on creating a poem for her last night – Aye Tum Meri Zindagi Mein 100 Watt ka Bulb Banke Ab Batti bhi Chale Jaye to Kya Gham Hain. Gilti smiles on hearing it and then he finds Stephanie in a Shalwar Kameez traditional Indian dress and after looking at her becomes much awe. He speaks that she is looking like a Tota which means very beautiful and speaks that there is one thing missing. He then goes on to put the Pallo (head scarf) on her head. Gilti takes her back in his jeep and they eat Chicken Legs at a side Dhaba. He speaks that this food is different from her food. She speaks does he know that Harpreet likes him and calls him a good guy and holds his hand. He speaks that she is the first one who has complicate her. She speaks that its compliment and not complicate. She then asks him whether he has said I love you to Harpreet. He replies on not saying it to Harpreet and suggests that in his village such things doesn’t happen but the one whom you love you can also give your life  to that person. Soon, he gets a call from Harpreet and she wants him to get a big screen smartphone for her. He speaks that such a phone is expensive and after hearing it she becomes annoyed and cuts the call. Stephanie gives Gilti a brand smartphone which she has never used and he informs her that many people have used him but she is the first one who has given him a new phone while she has used his old phone.

Stephanie then gets a call from her colleague who informs that its confirmed that tonight Shamsher Singh will be involved in transaction of innocent people at his farmhouse. She is being told to record the proof in the camera and has to run away from there the same night. She asks the man about Gilti if someone comes to know about him then he will be killed. Stephanie’s colleague suugest so what if Gilti is killed and then she speaks of not following it and he then asks whether she has fallen for Gilti. He wants her to forget all these petty matters and speaks of waiting for her at the embassy. Stephanie becomes worried and nervous but didn’t inform Gilti. [Anjane Ho Tum Begane Ho Tum Tum Gehri Neend mein.. song plays].. Gilti goes with Stephanie in his jeep and she is seen sleeping while keeping her head  on his shoulders. He feels nice and happy on that sight and stops the car. Stephanie wakes up and apologizes to him and he says don’t need to be sorry to her. Gilti takes much care of her and speaks that he will see her tomorrow. Gilti then gives him the fees and suggests that she will be leaving tonight. He becomes amused to hear it since she just started her work and he doesn’t accept the fees and says that in his village money is not taken  from the close ones and wants her to smile and take care. He feels loss of words and also very nervous and seems that something is going away from him. Stephanie comes back and showers a warm hug [Jaane Kyun Aankhen Num Se Hui… song plays] and both share eyelocks and detaches from each other. Gilti feels sadness.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that the spoken love is the usual one but the unspoken one which is heard has more merits. He then suggests that to bring out what’s in your heart is tough because what’s on your tongue  is not in your heart and the one which is in your heart is not on your tongue. He speaks that rules and regulations set by people and only one emotion love which is in your heart.

Shamsher Singh is at farmhouse in night and is packing people in bags for human trafficking and Gilti is recording the event. Shamsher sees her and wants his men to catch her and the men follows her and runs. She runs fast and hides in some place andl then hides in Gilti’s jeep. Gilti doesn’t know about her presence in his jeep and soon she comes out and informs him about her life in danger. She wants help and no questions from him. She informs that her passport in Shamsher’s home and he wishes to bring the passport from his home. He wants to take her to his friend’s place Sunny and he takes her there. He tries to convince Sunny to keep Stephanie there and he agrees. Sunny informs Gilti that he was given money to tease Stephanie when she first came in their village by herself and then Gilti asks Stephanie why she has done to him ? He speaks why has he been chosen and suggests that no one love him since childhood. He speaks that she gave him some fragments of love but she lied. He speaks that she is like God for him according to traditions but she has given him deceit and a liar.She then shows him the recording of Shamsher’s crime of human trafficking. After seeing it, Gilti speaks of coming useful to someone and carries a teary face but vows to take care of her. Gilti then speaks of taking her to the place where she wants to go and then takes a vow in the name of a Goddess and makes a promise to her. He wants Sunny to take care of Stephanie – madam ji.

Rithvik speaks that the love which is going far from you will give so much strength that all your problems are gone from the root. At the end of day, what matters is the stakes, and there is one love one life and a chance to win that love.

Gilti is seen climbing the home of Shamsher Singh and reaches the terrace and gets Stephanie’s passport.  Harpreet comes there and asks him does he know what Stephanie has done ? He wants a promise from her that she will not inform others about his presence and he comes down faces Shamsher Singh and his men. Shamsher makes an offer to Gilti of making him marry his daughter if he brings the foreigner Stephanie at his place once. Gilti then comes to Stephanie and informs that her life is in danger and they need to go from there within 3 hrs. As they were running, Shamsher Singh stops them and Gilti then speaks a bit sweetly with him and both runs away. Shamsher’s men follow them with guns and as they hide in some place she wants to say something important to him. She speaks that if he wants she will surrender and he doesn’t agree. She then speaks of loving him with the message – I love you. Gilti becomes very happy and both share a warm hug. [Yeh Teri Hasrat Har Khwaish Se Badke Mujhe Ki Tera Naam Hi Leta Zubaan song plays]. He wants to protect her and finds his jeep being brought there by Sunny. Shamsher Singh comes there again who asks Gilti how can he run from him. Gilti speaks to Stephanie that as he has told her earlier that in his village with whom you love you also give up your life for that person. Gilti then wants Sunny to take care of her and leaves to meet Shamsher who is armed and with men.

Gilti tries to convince Shamsher that he was actually trying to bring Stephanie at his place but his argument is not accepted. Shamsher’s men tries to shoot at Stephanie and he diverts the gun’s angle and Shamsher at his end stabs Gilti with a short knife. Sunny takes Stephanie in his jeep and manages to run from there. Gilti is on death bed after being stabbed and remembers all the good moments he shared with Stephanie and Gilti on her end remembers about Gilti and cries profusely and she also remembers all the good moments she shared with him. [Chooti Moothi.. Roothi.. Har Jaiyan.. Parchaiyan Dekhi Mujhe Hogaya Pyaar]. She speaks that Gilti’s sacrifice will not go waste and the criminals will get punishment definitely.

Rithvik speaks that Gilti learnt the meaning of true love for the first time after Stephanie’s entry in his life. After her entry in his life he even didn’t care for his own life and Gilti is no more but will always remain in Stephanie’s heart as her heartbeat. Rithvik signs off by saying keep falling in love !!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 60, Rithvik Dhanjani

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode: 5th September 2014
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