Kumud reminds Saraswati about her suicide shot and Ghuman’s evil in Saraswatichandra

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ghuman in saraswatichandra


Ghuman has been fooled big time, after Danny messages her from Aarti’s phone and then caught her outside the mental asylum. She was planning to ruin Kumud and Saras’ life, but was brought to Desai house without her knowledge. Danny, Kusum and Anushka showed a setup play where they have shown Laxminandan, Saraswati and Ghuman’s linked lives and how Ghuman stole Kabir and then created a rift between Laxminandan and Saraswati. Saraswati related to the play and even shed tears, but the moment Kabir brought real Ghuman infront of her, she identified her as the mental asylum friend and asked Saras to touch her feet and take her blessings. A shocked Saras looked at Kumud, and she asked him to go with the flow and trust their strong love bond.

Saras gets depressed that all their efforts went in vain and Saraswati did not get her memory back. Later on, Kumud takes Saraswati to the same lake where she has committed suicide unable to bear the loss of her second child. Kumud makes her recall the incident in which her trauma got over her and she survived with the mental imbalance. Saraswati recalls her suicide shot and how her son Chandra also suffered a trauma. Kumud makes her high efforts to make her get her memory back, and everyone at home is unaware about this. Saras gets worried seeing his mum and Kumud missing and thinks maybe Ghuman is behind this. He threatens Ghuman to stop her evil games, else he will not spare her this time. Everyone start looking for Kumud and Saraswati.

The duo at the lake have a happy moment when Saraswati gets her memory back and Kumud breaks the fact that she is Saras’ wife. Saraswati is stunned and apologizes for always regarding her wrong, and knows Ghuman is behind all this. She accepts Kumud by her heart and they leave for home to give everyone the surprise of happiness making an entry in Desai house. A shocked Ghuman have lost big time, and is sent back to jail. Kabir will be accepting Anushka’s love and their marriage will be shown next. Kabir will be happy to have Anushka and Saraswati in his life. A good time is back in the show. Keep reading.



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2 responses to “Kumud reminds Saraswati about her suicide shot and Ghuman’s evil in Saraswatichandra”

  1. pari Avatar

    happy for this track…but other side feeling sad..bcoz sc is going off air…may be in october.hope so that this are only rumours.

  2. Amina muhammad baba Avatar
    Amina muhammad baba

    saraawatchichandra is full of epic ..after kelekas problem now comes ghuman ouuuuchhhh

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