Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7th September 2014, Episode 28 on Colors – Snapshot

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Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7 27th Episode 6th September 2014

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is in the fourteenth week on Colors. Today’s episode have the individual performances with dance choreographers and Jhalak Marathon. Next week are the semifinals of Jhalak where top 4 contestants are going to compete.

The show starts with Remo dancing with a group on the Desi Boyz song and soon he is joined by Karan Johar. Karan does his standard dance step and some more dance steps. They were performing as item boys.


* Mouni Roy performs with his partner Puneet on the Aankh mare.. Beedi song and she carries all the expressions on her face and also Puneet. Mouni is an alien from Mars and Puneet from Pluto as depicted in their dance performance.
– Dance form: Robotics/Bollywood
– Karan speaks that Puneet has shown good body language and expressions of alien and both have done the performance with perfection and calls Mouni as superb.
Score: 30/30
– Ranvir speaks to Mouni and Puneet who are dressed as aliens that the best item act on earth is done by Madhuri and then wants her to come on stage. Karan wants Madhuri to perform on Fevicol se song. Madhuri performs with Mouni and Puneet on the Fevicol song and shows some dance moves. Manish and Ranvir also accompanies her. Remo and Karan are elated to see her performance.

* Ashish Sharma performs with Shampa on the Bachna E Haseeno remix song and he carries Shampa and slides her over the ground in one of the dance move. Ashish dances effortlessly and with ease.
– Dance form: Hip-Hop/Freestyle
– Remo wants Ashish to give his best since there are 2 weeks left.
– Madhuri speaks that Ashish does performance with sincerity and hardwork always and suggests that Shampa has done a wonderful choreography.
– Karan speaks that he see a finalist in Ashish.
Score: 27/30
– Ranvir wants an impromtu performance among boys – Karan, Akshat and Ashish. Akshat comes first – Oh Kamariya Teri Tirchi Nazariya song plays and Karan and Ashish comes as well and grooves with Akshat. Akshat takes the limelight.

* Karan Tacker performs with Bhavna on the Kali Kali Aankhen song and both are seen in black dress and hat. Karan is looking suave and performed with ease. In the end of his dance act, Karan falls on Bhavna and was just looking at her. The performance was sensual as well.
– Dance form: Jazz/Freestyle
– Karan Johar calls that Karan has nailed it in his performance.
– Madhuri calls Karan as super hottie and calls him good.
– Remo at first speaks that he doesn’t like Karan’s performance and speaks that it is risky performance and Karan did solo in the performance. Remo then stands up and says that how you roll it – special remark for recognition. Remo then comes on stage and performs with Bhavna the same song and he remembers all the dance moves and does effortlessly.
Score: 30/30

* Akshat Singh performs with Vaishnavi on a remix version of songs – Marathi Manas.. Aaila Rang Chadega..song..
– Dance form: Hip-Hop/Freestyle
– Akshat was also ill before his performance.
– Madhuri speaks that though Akshay is sick and even then he danced well and haven’t left any beat, expression and gives the Maar Dala remark.
– Karan calls Vaishnavi a wonder and also calls Akshat a wonder and outstanding.
– Remo speaks that both are outstanding and supertalented. Choreography and he complimented them by standing up and Thats how you roll it special mark.
– Vaishnavi wants Madhuri to come on stage and dance with her. She comes on stage and performs with Aaila Aaila song.
Score: 30/30
Akshat got perfect 30 for the 12th time.

Jhalak Marathon: All contestants competing against each other and the one who will last long will be the winner. Jhalak contestants (Top 5 + partners) except Shakti Mohan and Tushar performs together oBan stage within their circles on a remix song – A for Aunty, B for Badtameez Dil, C for Chamak Challo, D for Daru Peeta Jao,.. Party all night, Lungi Dance…1 2 3 4 song (Chennai express. Remo first informs Ashish and Shampa to leave from there and 3 contestants remain there and then Karan and Bhavna are told to leave from there. Finally the winners are Akshat and Vaishnavi and gets 10 points, and Ashish got 4 points, Karan -> 6 pts and Mouni -> 8 pts

– Jhalak is going into the semifinals next week where 4 top contestants will be competing against each other.
– Shakti didn’t perform because of having bad health and scores are not given to her and also not participated in the Jhalak Marathon.
– Mouni gets a gift voucher (Female) and Karan Tacker gets a gift voucher (Male)
– Performance of the day – Akshat and Vaishnavi.
Next Week: Jhalak contestants will perform on the songs of Ganesh Hedge – acclaimed and International choreographer and Ganesh will be visiting Jhalak.

Image credit: Twitter page of Colors TV and Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa.

Full Episode Video:

Sneak Peek: Jhalak – 7th September 2014
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Next Week: Ganesh Hedge Coming promo
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/iLdH6digyLY]


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