Love By Chance 6th September 2014 15th Episode Bindass, Kiran and Kiran’s Love story – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 14th Episode, 30th August 2014

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show which is named – Seat Hain Meri Kiran by removing the flower’s buds while asking whether he will get the girl or not. He speaks of writing the entrance exam for engineering many times and ponders on when he will become an engineer.


The story starts with a young boy Kiran Malhotra who asks himself and to God on when he will become an engineer (Main Engineer Kab Banunga). He is seen at a temple praying and folds his hands and wants the God to help him in his admission in engineering and he has been trying since 2 years but in vain. Kiran’s mom comes there at the temple and pushes Kiran aside and also prays to God. The girl Kiran on her end wishes God that she gets admission in engineering college. Later, the boy Kiran is at the college and finds his name on the notice board regarding admission and he is sure that he got the admission and his name appeared for the last seat. After getting blessings from his mother, he was going to visit the fee department of the college and finds some seniors are teasing freshers in open which can be seen as ragging. Kiran escapes from there.

The girl Kiran comes to the college and finds her name on the notice admission board – Kiran malhotra and suggests that if she haven’t had got admission then she would have done something wrong and she is referred to as Imaginary Chef who overthinks a lot [Khayali Pulao Ki Chef]. She informs her father about the admission and he is happy to hear it since he can proudly inform his neighbor Mr. Sharma. She speaks of completing the admission process and suggests that someone can steal her seat. She goes to the administrative office and finds the boy Kiran and she asks him whether its admin office. He acts as the senior and comes to know that she is a fresher. He then begins a rapid fire question while informing her to dance a bit on the Kajra Re dance step. She moves her body and she informs about coming from Delhi and then about her name and rank – Kiran Malhotra and Rank No 105.  He becomes amused on hearing it and the admin officer who is eating Paan there informs them about the confusion. He speaks not clearly because of his Paan occupied his mouth and his peon informs both Kiran’s that the paper which identifies their admission and has the confusion who got the admission – male or female because the paper is lost.

The girl Kiran blames the boy Kiran for keeping the name of a girl. He speaks of not coming there for Mahabharat audition and she tries to convince that he accepted his defeat. The peon informs them of a file in another office which will give info who has got the admission and takes them there. The peon looks for the file and gets it and suggests that by the grace of Hanuman ji the confusion will be resolved. It then happens that the peon’s sweat drop falls on the paper at the same spot where the info on the sex (M/F) of the admitted candidate of Rank no 105 was written. Both Kiran’s come to know about that development and the admin officer then wants the Kiran’s to show their respective mark sheet. The girl Kiran has the percentage of marks to be 96 % and the boy Kiran has the percentage of 96.5 % and the officer decides that the boy Kiran should get the seat because of having 0.5 % percentage more than her. She doesn’t accept the officer’s argument and speaks that admissions are based on entrance exam and not on mere percentage. She then speaks to the officer that his job will go and the news channel will not leave him and even ambulance will be called when his blood pressure shoots up. He then tells the peon to bring Manoj there.

Manoj, a 3rd year brilliant student comes there and he asks the officer what is the problem. The officer wants Manoj to take a quiz of both Kiran’s so as to assess who is better. The boy Kiran suggests that she can pack her bags now since she is standing against a boy himself who has won inter-college quiz competition three times from 2011 to 2013. She then calls him Sir and speaks that its not housing society mere contest and she will not accept defeat. Both Kirans’ later confront at the guest house where they are staying. She speaks of adjusting in a small room there in the guest house and gives the room to boy Kiran and his mother. He thanks her and she speaks of giving only the room and not the seat and with a smile speaks of seeing him at the quiz. The boy Kiran carries a smile and speaks her name. Next day, Manoj starts to take their quiz and there is no buzzer there. He informs them that they will create sounds the boy Kiran will create the Parrr sound while she will create the Paauuu sound. He informs them the first and last rule is that buzzer needs to be pushed and it doesn’t matter you give the right or wrong answer the more important thing is that you need to press or create the buzzer many times and the maximum one will be the winner. Manoj speaks the first question and the Qn is – How many sugarcane plants in sugarcane field ? The boy Kiran with the Parrr buzz sound replies many and manoj accepts his answer and is proud of him. The second Quesn  – How many toilets you can flush with 10 litres of water and he speaks in serious tone when asking that quesn? Manoj replies very few toilets and he accepts the reply to be correct. Manoj then asks the girl Kiran why she is not answering and she replies how does he asking such type of questions ? He makes her silent and speaks of his work and doesn’t want any excuses from her.

The 3rd Question is how many people can take bath with 75 gms of Soap ? She creates the Paau sound and replies 50,000 people. He doesn’t accept her answer and suggests how it could be and makes a taunt on poverty in India. She becomes annoyed with him and asks him whether the engineering seat will be decided based on his stupid questions. She calls the quiz as nonsense and wants to go and speak with Mr. Tiwari (admission incharge).
Kavi (the host) speaks that now there will be Mahabharat regarding the matter of seat. The Mahabharat scene is imagined with the girl Kiran and boy Kiran on opposite sides and he is arguing why she went to Tiwari ji. She informs him that war is needed to decide who will be the king and he falls for her charm and doesn’t fight. The boy kiran comes out from that imagination and is seen sitting with Tiwari along with the girl Kiran. Tiwari wants them to decide themselves who needs the seat. At the guest house, the boy kiran flirts with her and calls her as item and he speaks on giving her compliment. She replies that he cannot give a proper compliment so how can he do engineering ? He hits back at her and asks whether she has done a PhD in giving compliments.

On that note, she speaks on being impressed with him and suggests that she loves his sense of humor and calls his voice to be depth. She calls him charming and many more things and then speaks that its not like this and he was just giving him only examples. He speaks of giving the entrance exam 3 times and calls him senior but she doesn’t listen to him and suggests that he might need psychiatric help if he loses the seat and goes into depression. He asks why girls are needed to engineering ? On that note, She makes a taunt at him and suggests what male chauvinism he has shown by attempting to clear the entrance exam two times in last two years. He speaks calmly and suggests that the seat is important for him and wants her to withdraw the seat. He then suggests that if she does so then he will bring a Baraat (bridegroom coming to take bride) or will come in the Baraat. After hearing it, she wants him to shut up and smiles and again suggests that seat is important to her. She informs him that if she didn’t get the seat then her father will be very upset. He then learns that she is doing engineering because of her father’s sake and she confirms it as well.

He then speaks that the seat will be for him and she calls him a loser and calls engineering a boring thing. He wants her to be in a comedy show instead and asks about her desire. She replies business and he then wants her to inform her father. He wants her to think for some time for few moments and he speaks that if he fulfills her father’s wish now then later few years she will lament about it. He wants her to speak to her father and holds her hand. He also speaks the SRK’ dialogue – Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaaynaat use tum se milaane mein lag jaati hai. He goes from there and she thinks that he speaks like SRK and smiles. At the guest house in night, the boy kiran makes some Pakodas and the girl Kiran’s father is impressed with kiran’s cooking. The girl Kiran meets the boy Kiran’s mother and she finds some beautiful ornament – earrings and his mother informs that when his son becomes an engineer then their situation will change. She then asks his mother why does she curse her destiny ? The boy Kiran’s mother speaks that now everything depends on her son and the girl Kiran wants her to take a pic of that ornament and upload on some fashion site so that her work can be recognized and known and people will buy it in minutes. She informs that if not engineering then she would be found on the cover of a women’s magazine with the headline – women entrepreneur of the year. The boy Kiran’s mother is happy now and thinks that her life has got the direction.

The boy Kiran comes and asks the girl Kiran to follow her dreams since to change destiny the direction goes via dreams. She smiles and goes to her father and hesitantly speaks that if she completes engineering and then doesn’t understand. She can fail or get bad habits after involving much with boys, maybe she become alcoholic after going through less marks. She informs what if such things happen. He wants her to tell clearly. She then informs him of not doing engineering but business. He speaks of having only one daughter and one dream and if he can’t expect to see his dream then that’s also fine. She speaks of her life and dream and tries to calm her father and wants to do business. Her father is not happy and unconvinced and goes from there. She informs the boy Kiran that her father is not convinced and cries. He provides her comfort and she shares a warm hug. The girl Kiran couldn’t sleep and the same case for the boy. The boy Kiran calls her via video chat and he wants her to come out since he doesn’t want to eat alone. She comes out and he offers her the food. She accepts with a smile and taste it and calls Yum. He then wants to say something to her and she listens patiently. He thanks her on what she did for his mother and she replies that he did lot of things for her but he replies that his plan has failed. He then informs that tomorrow is an important day in their life regarding the seat allotment.

However, even if he doesn’t get the seat he will be happy for one thing which is that he got her and then suggests as a friend and he is happy about it. She then smiles and informs that its very strange because even if she gets the seat then she will not be happy. He then speaks again the same SRK dialogue and she  responds that the environment is bit late now. He replies another dialogue from SRK that the movie has lot more to offer and has not ended.. my friend [Picture Abhi Baaki Hain Mera Dost]. She smiles on that note. Next day, she prays to lord Ganesh in the morning and wishes that nothing will wrong. She comes to meet Tiwari who was about to eat his Paan. She wants him to not eat Paan as he will create confusion and imagines many problems and then informs him that she came to withdraw the seat. Tiwari speaks that now there is a confusion again since the male Kiran also came there and has withdrawn his application. Tiwari informs that boy Kiran spoke that she deserves more than him. She then meets boy kiran there and runs to hug him. She informs of learning that he has withdrawn his application. She informs on taking her decision after a long thinking last night and doesn’t worry much about her father and asks why has he thought to withdraw the application which he already done ? He informs on thinking that if he doesn’t get the seat then what because he has found her.

She then thinks that alongwith admission if he gets her then that would be much better and suggests that if admission papers can be vanish once so it can vanish another time as well. He learns that she has moved and vanished the admission papers and she informs him of doing such mischievous and not right things after she met him and murmurs them slowly in his ears. Both share warm hugs and have become lovestruck. Kavi speaks that everything happens because of chance and you can get anything like him getting a Mechanical engineering seat because someone was disqualified. In today’s story, Kiran and Kiran have got love by Chance and wants people to share their opinion using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV facebook and Twitter pages.

Episode: Love By Chance, 6th September 2014
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