Pankhudi’s comeback to affect Ayesha’s happiness; Adi excited seeing Pankhudi in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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pyaar ka dard hai pankhudi returns


When everyone accepted Ayesha by heart and even Adi was making his effort to start his new life with Ayesha, promising he will always keep her happy, but still doubtful whether he can give her Pankhudi’s place, they went ahead with the engagement and marriage preparations. Everyone believed all is well. But the twist in the tale comes with Pankhudi’s comeback, who was in coma since two years and will be finally shown fine. Aditya will be informed about her by the inspector right on the engagement day and he will be facing her to get a surprise of his life. While Adi was adamant that Ayesha can’t get Pankhudi’s place, he now has a reason to smile seeing his first love and first wife Pankhudi back. Ayesha too is happy as she regarded Pankhudi as her mentor and friend in the Diwaan Mansion and spoke to her pic to solve the problems cropping up in her family. She always told Pankhudi that Adi will always be hers, and she will never claim her right on him, being his friend forever.

Diwaan Mansion is shocked too seeing Pankhudi, and worried about doing justice with Ayesha, knowing she loves Adi selflessly. The problem arises when Pankhudi and Ayeesha stand together and Adi has to choose just one of them. Adi will be choosing Pankhudi, but will be feeling sorry for Ayesha. How did Pankhudi come back when Dr. Rustam confirmed her death in the land slide? Is there anything hidden about her till now? The track has many questions linked up, as if she is not the real Pankhudi? What will Ayesha do now? Will she sacrifice her love once again and leave from Adi’s life? The beautiful actress Disha Parmar rocks in both her roles and we just love her as Pankhudi and Ayesha, very adorable and its hard to choose any one. So its double fun slated up. Keep reading and keep watching the interesting show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

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  1. SonamB Avatar

    I had stopped watching this show when they killed Pankudi! If Pankudi is back alive and well, and they sent Aisha packing, I will start watching the show again! Ridiculous twists that makes viewers leave the show! Bring Pankudi back asap! I will watch the show only when Aisha is gone forever! Dont want any drama with Pankudi and Aisha! Utter nonsense!

  2. Daniel Avatar

    Killing out a main character affects the any show and this is common in indian dramas and no one should make this mistake. By bringing in pankudi would bring back all the viewers the show has lost. Though i do sympathize with Ayesha.

  3. Shamsul khalique Avatar

    I like pankuri and adi love u

  4. Shamsul khalique Avatar

    Pankuri look at me in the tv and say hi to me please always support your familly pls

  5. sweety ladhi Avatar
    sweety ladhi

    i love to see these serials. i had stopped to watch this show. i love pankuri. now she is back i will see definitely. love you pankuri

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