Rachana Parulkar returns with the role of Ajabde in Maharana Pratap on Sony TV


Rachana S Parulkar

Rachana Parulkar has confirmed on Twitter this morning that she is working in Maharana Pratap aired on Sony TV. Rachana will be portraying the role of Maharani Ajabde who is the wife of Maharana Pratap, the Rajput ruler of Mewar. The role of King Pratap is confirmed to be essayed by actor Sharad Malhotra and has been reported earlier in news.


Rachana along with actor Ashish Chowdhry were part of Ek Mutthi Aasman until July, and after a brief break from acting she has found an exciting role of Ajabde. The character of Ajabde is layered, strong, of a learned person and she will help the king to make right and strategic decisions with her wisdom. The selection for the Ajabde was tough and makers have finally zeroed on Rachana.

After Rachana’s confirmation on Twitter, her former co-star Ashish with whom she forms a magical and eternal Jodi tweeted his best wishes to her in regard to her selection for Maharana Pratap. This shows excellent camaraderie between the duo.

Without dvelving much more, We wish Rachana Parulkar all the best for the portrayal of Ajabde in Maharana Pratap and want to see her reach more success in acting endeavors and life. We will be seeing her on the show soon. The fans of Ashish and Rachana (AshNa) wishes to see the pair on-screen as well and we hope their wish to come true in future as they would be exciting projects for them to work together. A special mention goes to Rachana and AshNa fans for their continuous rooting of their favorite and loved actors who in turn got much love (mutual love) from their stars as well. Stay tuned to Maharana Pratap which airs on Sony from Monday to Thursday in the time slot @10:00 – 10:30 PM IST.

We wish the child actors Faisal Khan (Maharana Pratap), Roshni Walia (Ajabde Punwar), and Jannat Zubair (Phool Kunwar Rathore) all the best in their future work endeavors.


Rachana’s confirmation of working in Maharana Pratap

Ashish’s wishes and warmth to Rachana Parulkar


FANS wishes to Rachana after her confirmation on Twitter: (Few Tweets are embedded here)


  1. Best news to hear,as justice has been served since rachna was replaced in ek muthi aasman for no reason,now she’s going to play a queen i am very excited,i aslo hope we get a new show of ashish and rachna once again!

  2. Good news .Wish you all success. in real life also u r our queen.wish to see our ASHNA soon.ALL the best for you and your cute little family.Special especially Telly Reviews who stood with RACHANA and ASHNA fans.. Thanks for all that you have done TR.Best wishes to you too TR.

  3. Rachana parulkar Rachana parulkar Rachana parulkar Rachana parulkar Ashish chowdhry Ashish chowdhry Ashish chowdhry Ashish chowdhry i love u both alot………i want to see u as couple in new serial.plz………….come back together.i love u both frever…………………….

  4. Thanks telly reviews for showing your support towards Rachana and AshNa’s fans
    Rachana u just rock darling …. I’m 1000000000000000000000 %sure that u will do a fantastic job as u did till now

  5. Rachana Parulkar, Well done!! Wish you all the best for your role…and Telly Reviews, thank you very much for always support our angel, Rachana and also support “crazy” fans of ASHNA…emmm, hehehe honestly, i really2x want to see Rachana and Ashish as couple on screen..hope they come back soon.. đŸ˜€ But never mind, i very2x happy for my Rachu too that she’ll become “Maharani Ajabde”….

  6. Rachana U are the best….and will do proper justice with Ajab De role…and waiting for ur entery…IN Maharana Partap as Maharani Ajab DE…!!

  7. Congrats to U Rachana, from the maid’s step-daughter to the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was only a matter of time before fate shot u right up to the top.

    Oh so proud of U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay focused, research ur role, concentrate on the character u r portraying, give it ur all and u will achieve and accomplish what’s expected of u.

    You are brimming with potential, u awed us in EMA and will mesmerize us again ………………………. And as i wrote earlier, tons of pleasant surprises await u.

    Pity Aashish couldn’t be the king, but there’s time yet, and who knows, u two may yet meet at a later date!!!!!!!

    Kalpi and Raghav left indelible impressions in our hearts, a couple made in heaven!!!!!!!

    But its ur moment Rachana, be the Queen!!!!!!, enjoy to the max, love u always and God Bless.

    Michelle E


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