Pyaar Ka The End 12th September 2014 Episode 5 on Bindass, Parul and Shlok’s story – Written Update


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 5th Episode - 12th September 2014, Parul and Shlok's story

The voiceover speaks that pyaar, Ishq, mohabbat are different names of Love and we don’t have control over it but what if it gets deviated then it become a obsessive passion. In life, this game of love when does it take wrong turn nobody can know. The wrong turn which cannot be revert back again because life is a program where there is no button for undo.

The voiceover speaks that in today’s time networking sites, mobiles and chatting applications have created a big impact. If you are very open with a stranger can raise big alarm in your life and in today’s story a stranger has done the pyaar ka the end of two people. In this story, Shlok Dhawan is a man from Indore and good family and currently working as Hospitality manager in 5 Star hotel. He even doesn’t know how to make Omellete though but is good in convincing people and acts like a Master Chef in doing so. He knows how to connect with strangers and his lady love some 5 years go fell in his words and at that time he employed the old traditional ways to win her and also the formula worked at that time. They are seen at a disco cum bar. He sends a chit to her via a waiter with the message – Hello stranger, Can I get your number ? After receiving and reading it, she looks at him and then writes down her number. She is Parul Malhotra – Shlok’s discovey and also form Indore and since she likes travelling thus works as an air hostess. She is strict on Shlok and always inform on what to do and though 5 years ago their love was started on a note and now after 5 years is changed now.

Parul asks Shlok to bring salt from the grocery shop and he is engrossed in watching a cricket match and not interested to go. She informs that they are living since 5 years and he still continue to not take any responsibility of home and she does all the work and it affects her a lot. Shlok gets a call from a bank call centre and a woman speaks about some loan application but he doesn’t listen and ends the call. Shlok comes to parul and apologizes and cites that he is busy in office thats why he behaved in that way. She wants to go on dinner with him but he excuses of coming late and wants to go next weekend. Next day, Shlok comes to his home and finds Parul not there and starts playing game. Parul also comes in the building and finds the door locked from inside and she rings the bell. Shlok stops his game and hides it and then goes to open the door. She asks how come he came early ? He informs on not having the meeting with his client so came early and earlier while he was going to open the door he again received a call from the same bank call centre woman. He speaks of coming just 10 mins ago and she then wants to go on a dinner date with him. Shlok receives the call from the same CSP bank call centre woman about car loan and cites that he has only applied for it. He wants her to call next day at 1 pm since he is busy at that moment.

She again calls him next day at his office number and informs him that his loan has been approved. He asks her how she got his number and she informs on getting via his online application. She then goes on to speak about the interest rate which is 10.2 % and it is 0.8 % less than the usual interest rates.  He asks whether she is ready to give him the loan at 9 % and she replies yes but not at 9 % but 9.2 %. He becomes amused and also happy to take the loan. She informs that he will get loan soon and ends the call. In the night at Shlok’s home, she calls him again and wants to thank him since she will be getting more points as that was her first loan approval.  He informs that at that interest rate anyone would have accepted the offer but she informs that they need to meet targets every day. She then wants to thank him for speaking nicely with her since almost 99 % of the people speak badly with her. He speaks on also speaking rudely a bit yesterday and then suggests on not speaking badly with any customer care executive. She continues to speak and suggest that he has a lovely voice and she felt nice to hear him. He says thank you.

Parul is at hotel and is seen dressed in Air Hostess and are preparing for her work at the Airlines. He speaks on having lot of work and both ends the call. The same bank woman sends him a message and he asks Who is this ? She introduces herself as Veena from the same CSP bank and asks whether he remembers her.  She writes down that he works a hospital manager right ? He replies yes and asks her how does she know about it ?  Next day in office, Parul sends him a message that her flight got extended so she cannot come and promises to have next weekend completely off and showers a love you message for Shlok. Shlok is not happy with parul’s message. He again receives a message from Veena (bank woman), and she suggests that his weekdays are relaxed. He informs her in that one month from now he will be more relaxed. She calls him sir in the message and he informs her that his name is Shlok and sir looks very formal. He informs that Group of ministers will be coming to his hotel and as the hospitality manager he will busy with them and once they leave he will be more relaxed. He looks excited to chat with her. She wishes him the best for his work and he asks her where does she work in Mumbai ? She informs on working at a call centre in Noida since 3 years.

The voiceover speaks that in this fast life friendship happens instantly and there is one truth that a stranger is a stranger and in this case of Shlok he is mingling a lot with that stranger. Shlok continues with chat with her on regular basis and throughout the day and sends a message that he reached home. She then asks him with whom he stays in Mumbai  ? He first writes Alone and then writes with girlfriend!. She then suggests in that case he might be busy and he replies not really.  Soon he finds Parul at his doorstep and becomes amused and just before he reaches the doorstep he attends a call from Veena who asks him about his day. She listens to his and Parul’s conversation. He asks Parul that his trip was suppose to get extended and she replies on saying so as to give him a surprise. She wants to tell him everything about her trip. Veena is seen to have a wireless radio phone and at Shlok’s end, parul brings a Hyderabadi Biryani for him since she came from that city. She speaks of another surprise which is that they are going to Mahabaleshwar for the weekend and wants him to pack the bags. He asks her why she didn’t inform him earlier and she calls the outing plan as surprise. He speaks of an internal meeting this weekend and speaks of planning such trips in advance. She informs that earlier he didn’t have problems with such trips on weekend. He informs her that earlier he used to be a trainee but now a hospitality manager and have lot of responsibilities.

Parul thinks that Shlok is giving excuses and she becomes annoyed with him while he thinks that she is creating ruckus for small problems. Shlok gets the message from  Veena and asking him how he was doing ? He informs her on having a bad mood and stress and she replies that then its a good time for her to connect with him since she is a stress buster and wants to call him. She calls him on the phone and he asks her whether she lives alone in Noida. She replies yes and says on sharing flat with other mates. She is seen with having recording equipments, PC and other things close to her. She asks him that last time he spoke about having a girlfriend. He informs on living with his girlfriend in a live-in relationship since 3 years. She writes down those details on a writing pad. He suggests that its not 3 years but 5 years. He then asks her whether she is in a relationship and soon Parul comes there and he acts like that of sleeping and puts off the call. Parul takes his phone away and wants him to sleep and takes him away. The voiceover speaks that the first wrong turn of the story is that Shlok is chatting with a stranger and going deep in it and on other hand also hiding it with parul. The voiceover speaks that human tries to hide thing when they feel they are doing something wrong. The voiceover raises the question on how Shlok is astraying into unknown streets without wearing seat belt. Veena again listens to Shlok’s conversation as the call was not disconnected and she records the call as well.

Shlok at his office looks for Veena on some networking site and soon she calls him., He asks how can he see her ? She asks him without knowing her he wants to see her photo and the call is recorded again. She intentionally tries to cut short the call and he informs her on not having any wrong intention but she ends the call. He then receives a message with her photo. After receiving it, he sends his photo  (selfie) as well. She continues to send him message at night and their interactions are going on. Parul finds Shlok is not focusing even on food and finds him in a bathroom speaking and when she asks him with whom he was talking ? He replies on having an official call. Later, parul calls her friend Roohi and informs that she thinks Shlok is cheating on her. Parul speaks that since many days Shlok is not talking with her much and avoiding her. Roohi wants Parul to give him some space since every man doesn’t want to be controlled and wants Parul to keep an eye on him. Roohi also suggests of an idea and informs her.

Parul is seen going to her work at the Airlines in an Airhostess dress and Shlok gives her a send off from the door step. He comes back inside and feels relieved and begins to call Veena. He speaks of taking a holiday since she is also having a day off and she speaks that his job is great since he works at a 5 star hotel in Mumbai and meets celebrities on a daily basis and can take off any day. He replies that he does lot of work and also listens to people’s taunts and displeasure and he always need to have a smile on his face. She speaks that every job has +ve and -ve but he meets celebrities as well. She suggests that her boss always meets celebrities and he then informs her of having a convention of Ministers next week at his hotel so he needs to manage the food and necessities of them and shares more details. She puts all the data and record all the info  at her end. She ends the call after getting all the info and a man is seen with her with a gun.

Next morning, Shlok receives a call from Veena and she wants to say something to him which is that she loves him. She wants to hear his answer and wants him to take his time. Shlok ponders on what answer he should give her and remembers how Parul reminded him of his responsibilities of home and also informed that they are living since 5 years, and he also remembers all the nice and flattery words spoken by Veena and also her last confession of loving him. The voiceover speaks that Shlok is interested in fulfilling his few days friendship and Parul is worried to save the love with whom she has stayed for 5 years and now it is to be seen whose hard work will give what kind of result.

Shlok ponders at his office about his decision for Veena and then writes down message that even he is falling for her but thinks that they need to meet first. Veena receives a message and Shlok at his end is seen with parul at the cafeteria and he thinks of informing her about his development. Parul also thinks that there is something wrong with Shlok but is afraid to speak about it since it could spoil their relationship but there is something which she needs to clear out soon. Shlok speaks out and informs Parul that he loves someone else and she is splashing the drink on his face and all this turns out be his imagination. She informs on seeing him very lost and asks him whether he wants to say something to her. He speaks of having work pressure and cites that reason. The voiceover speaks that this is second wrong turn of the story and suggests that in love there are some turns where you feel that things are not going in the way you like it to be but it doesn’t mean that you forget love and moves on to some unknown little street in the quest of new love. The voiceover suggests that he should stop treading that path since it will turn out very costly for him.

Shlok is not informing Parul and she continues to feel something amiss with him. Next day as Parul was leaving for her work at the airlines, she founds a note for Shlok Dhawan. She finds the note details all the outgoing calls made by Shlok and then comes inside her home and calls Shlok’s mobile. She finds Shlok to be busy on his phone. Shlok at his end in the office setting speaks to Veena and wants to come to Noida to see her. Veena makes an excuse that her flat mate has got Typhoid and he then wants to come and meet her next week. Parul is waiting for Shlok at their home and when he comes back she asks him with whom he was speaking for hours as shown in the mobile phone company call statement. He speaks of not having the mood to speak and she asks what is he doing behind her back ? He doesn’t answer and wants to inform her at an appropriate time. Soon, Veena calls him and asks for a favour and he asks what kind of favor ? She speaks that her boss is coming to Mumbai for meeting celebrity and she might also join him and then wants him to arrange a room for them in his hotel. He is happy on hearing that she is coming to Mumbai and speaks of arranging all the things for her at his hotel. Parul speaks with Roohi and informs her on doing what she has earlier suggested to her.

Shlok welcomes Veena’s boss at his hotel and asks him about Veena. He replies that Veena will come in the night in another flight since she got busy in some other work. Parul calls Shlok and informs that she will return in 2 days and is going on a flight. He then calls Veena and asks that she haven’t informed him about the change in plan. She suggests on being stuck in Noida and speaks of arriving in Mumbai by evening and also informs him that she got a booking in another hotel. He wants her to stay at his flat and not in any hotel and informs that parul is away for 2 days and is very excited. She wants him to keep his excitement for the night and tells him that she will provide the meeting point later via message.  Veena is seen with a pistol in her hand. Parul comes back home as it was her idea to see what Shlok does in her absence and is seen waiting and the clock reaches 2:30 am. Shlok is waiting for Veena at some place and there policevan comes and arrests him. Parul is left waiting at her home for Shlok.

Next morning when Parul wakes up, she finds the newspaper with the headline that a high profile hotel employee to be a terror  suspect with Shlok’s photo. Shlok is battered at the police control place and the policeman asks him about his next plan and shows the real photo of Veena. The policeman speaks that Shlok has spoken with that girl for hours and he replies that is not Veena. The policeman informs that she is not Veena but Tamanna and she is a terrorist. Shlok then remembers how she has earlier send him a fake photo of her and how he shared lots of important info about meeting celebrities and having ministers convention at his hotel and also shared security and classified details with her and also listened to her in arranging her boss stay at his hotel.  The announcement speaks that Shlok Dhawan was trapped to disclose all the security details and with his not so careful attitude he has damaged his own career as well has put the hotel at risk. Shlok is seen broken at the police station and remembers the first good moments with Parul. The voiceover speaks that relationship is a car and you are the driver and mechanic as well so if it doesn’t work try to make it work and not like you keep your partner in darkness and go on to pick another car. Shlok was unable to manage his one relationship and then started to begin a second relationship and was destined to fall on the ground very badly. The voiceover speaks that let’s go backward to see where this story would have taken the right path.

Shlok is seen to not entertain much when Veena initially told him that he has a great voice. He should have just said — Anyways, Bye and  inform Parul that a customer care executive have called him and trying to impress him. He should have respected his relationship and haven’t hide about his developments with the customer care executive Veena or doesn’t involve in those developments much. He just needed to protect his relationship with Parul instead of looking for an unknown voice for love. This is the incomplete story where lives haven’t gone but because of Shlok’s not sensible attitude has put thousands of lives at risk. The voiceover speaks that we are two kinds of world – real world and virtual world [Texts, chats, messages, networking sites but we don’t meet physically]. Shlok’s story has taught us where we should draw the line between real and virtual world because who knows in a remote city some other Veena is just waiting and lookout for you.

Pyaar Ka The End, Episode 5, 12th September
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