Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 12th September 2014 Episode 3 starring Ahsaas Channa and Harsh Mehta – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2, Ahsaas Channa and Harsh Mehta, Manisha and Suraj's Story

Meiyang Chang (the host) speaks that love is such thing that when you hear it you will feel something different and passion and love developing in ideal condition is not necessary though everybody wishes to share and express love openly but the bitter truth that whenever the love is hidden it is fine and when it comes out it has problems. He cites a quote – Love is like a boat and true love is the one which successfully traverses the sea and reaches the shore. He adds that love does not only fail but also prevails and welcomes all to the show. Today’s story is about Manisha and Surah who are teenagers studying in boarding school in Jamshedpur.


The story starts with the teacher going to announce the class monitors and she informs the monitors to be Suraj and Manisha. She also informs that this weekend the girls will go out of weekend and the following weekend the boys will go. Both Suraj and Manisha are happy on getting the top roles. He throws a chit at her which read – Mera Gift Leke Aana and she looks at him and smiles and both are seen happy. [Main Hi Kyun Tarsu Chaand Ko.. song plays].. She comes to meet him while he is sitting inside a big pipe rack and comes with a gift for him which is a lazer light. She suggests that everytime she brings gift for him but he doesn’t give her any gift and leaves. He runs towards her and give her a rose as a gift and speaks that he cannot pluck off the moon since he is a boy and thus giving her a rose instead. She informs that he even cannot have an eye contact with her when they were in 7th standard and she suggests that his eyes speak a lot. He speaks on daring and she calls him a fellow who is afraid. They move from there since their brothers football match is going to start soon.

Manisha informs Suraj that their brothers hate each other a lot and informs that her brother Anshu has intentionally made sure that Suraj’s brother Sumeet fell on the ground and now there will be a fight between them. Anshu comes and makes a taunt at Sumeet on the field and Sumeet tries to confront Anshu, Anshu speaks of not being interested in studies and want to become a poet. The football referee/coach wants them to practice and not fight. Manisha speaks with her father and Anshu also speaks to his father and their father informs of coming to see his daughter. Suraj passes on the laser at Manisha’s appt and she tries to catch the laser. [Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hain…].  Next day later, they again meet in the same open space and she asks him about her gift and after teasing her a bit he informs about the gift and gives her one which is a hair band. Manisha finds her brother Anshu and runs from there with another friend. Anshu comes and confronts Suraj and informs that if he is seen with manisha then he has face him and he leaves after giving that warning. Suraj and Manisha are seen at the library and she speaks about her fear of Anshu brother and he informs of fear of his elder brother Sumeet as well. He wants to meet her in the evening and she agrees after some hesitation.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that there is quote – Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya [If you are in love so why be afraid ?]. He suggests that love is a complete package which has challenges and fear situations and such things make relationships stronger and this is the interesting thing in the story. Meiyang suggests that in this story there was enmity between brothers of Suraj which could empower love of Manisha and Suraj. Suraj after seeing Manisha’s  fear became more serious and dedicated in his relationship. The struggle of love has already been started with love and fear combinations going on in tandem.

Sumeet speaks to his father who is alcoholic and laments about their family and wants Suraj to focus on his studies and do wonders and also suggests him to not be in a relationship with girls in the school/college. Sumeet wants Suraj to just take care of him and focus on his studies and not worry about their family and their problems. Manisha finds Suraj haven’t contacted her that night. Next day in the class she throws a chit at him so as to divert his attention towards her but in vain. After the class, she tries to speak with him and suggests that he has called her that night but didn’t came up. He speaks on sleeping while reading and she identifies that he is hiding something and he informs on not forgetting to come at the window. He then speaks with his father last night who was rude with him and speaks about his friends parents but his father never came to see him and even his mother replied the same. He cites that this reason he didn’t came to the window yesterday night and she is sorry to hear about the developments. Anshu confronts Sumeet but soon a teacher comes there and he runs from there.

Later in night Suraj stands in the window and greets Manisha at the other opposite end. [Iss Dard Dil Ki Sifarish song plays]. She tries to bring smile on his face by wearing hat and Anshu was walking on the ground and finds his sister signalling at the opposite end. Suraj finds Anshu and escapes from the window. Next day, Suraj and Manisha meets at the school terrace and he informs that they can date there only and not outside as she has suggested him. He speaks of not becoming Chote Miya (Govinda) and then suggests that they can do risks and can go out while not wearing school inform and they decide to go out next night.

Meiyang speaks that teenage love is romantic and cute and also madness is there as well. He speaks that even revolt in teenage love stories has innocence and purity as well and cites some examples like meeting outside the class while hiding. He thinks that love cannot be bounded and Manisha and Suraj were in the same love breeze.

Suraj speaks to his elder brother Sumeet on why does he fight with Anshu. Soon, Manisha comes there and doesn’t see Anshu and calls Suraj to go for the outing as earlier decided. Suraj then informs his brother Sumeet that they were supposed to go to the class and leaves from there. In the middle of the class, Suraj and Manisha escapes while not informing the teacher. Suraj finds Anshu outside and they wait and then leaves to the terrace. He wears a denim shirt and he asks about her dress. He first speaks thats not nice and then compliments the dress. He is excited and there only begin to dance with her. They go to a Discotheque together and she is seeing the same dress there and even accepts a drink from the boy. Suraj dances with her and comes out to find Anshu waiting. Anshu comes forward and confronts Suraj and speaks on the quote that love has made you useless otherwise we were also useful. Anshu threatens Suraj and Manisha comes to help him. Suraj gets some thrashing.

Next day, Anshu confronts Manisha and she informs her brother that she has only told to Suraj come with her. Anshu is angry and scolds her. On Suraj’s end, he is slapped by his brother Sumeet. Suraj speaks to Sumeet that the enmity is between him and Anshuman so why he is being told to not meet Manisha ? Suraj also informs that he is studious and scores well but Sumeet is adamant and doesn’t listen to him and warns his brother to not meet Manisha again.

Meiyang speaks that the lovers sometimes get evil eye of others and in the case of Suraj and Manisha they got the evil spell from their brothers – Sumeet and Anshu who hated each other. On top of it, they never understood their brother and sister and got more reasons for their hate.

Manisha changes her room upon Anshu’s insistence and Suraj in the night doesn’t see her on the opposite window and remembers the good moments he shared with her. Anshu speaks to his father that his sister is in bad company and the father only listens to his son and wants Manisha to pack her bags. She tries to inform her father that she didn’t do any wrong but in vain and cries. Manisha informs Suraj next day that she will going next week as her father will be coming to pick her up and her father only listens to Anshu. She also informs on missing him. Suraj speaks that they are facing such situation because their brothers hate each other and they are going against their wishes. He thinks that if we they don’t meet from now on then it would be fine. She thinks that while staying in one place and in the same hostel such plan would not work and after giving some comfort she leaves from there. As Suraj leaves from the class he is caught by Anshu and is slapped and beaten. Anshu warns Suraj and punches at his mouth which resulted in some bleeding. Suraj and Manisha are seeing each other at their rooms and also in school they are keeping a distance. In the football field when Anshu was doing his pushup, Sumeet and his boys come and thrash him. Sumeet warns Anshu to tell his sister to stay away from his brother and leaves. Anshu gets bleeding from his mouth. Sooner, Sumeet is being told by some boy to come at the sports place in  the school campus on the context that Suraj is being beaten there.

Sumeet comes there and soon finds Anshu and his boys with hockey sticks. Anshu starts thrashing Sumeet with hockey stick and soon Manisha and Suraj learns about it. Manisha comes out to stop that thrashing and in the process she comes in between and gets a hockey stick hit from her brother. She starts to bleed from her head and then Anshu stops his thrashing. She informs her brother on listening to him and she had stopped meeting Suraj but again they were fighting and asks whether he has fulfilled his revenge and what was the need to such things ?. She also suggests on feeling shame to call him as his brother. Suraj comes there and starts shouting at Anshu and speaks that he was wrong and wants Anshu to beat him and then speaks loudly that he will not leave Manisha. Sumeet offers the hand of friendship which Anshu accepts it and they all hug each other. When Manisha and Anshu’s father comes there to pick her, they inform on a prank. He tells them to not repeat such prank and hugs his daughter. Later, Manisha and Suraj are seen on the terrace sharing a nice moment. The story ends on that note.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that in the fight of hatred and love, love always win. He cites the quote – The power of love cannot be decided by destiny, and destiny changes for the one who are in love and Manisha and Suraj’s story has conveyed that point. Sumeet and Anshu became friends and they have accepted Manisha and Suraj’s love. They proved in front of their brothers that their love is not weak and also made sure that the brothers ended their hate. Meiyang asks people to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK, #PTKKx2 – in the context of story if they were Manisha and Suraj what would they do – End the enmity between brothers or just got separated.

Info On Cast:
* Manisha is played by young actress – Ahsaas Channa
– Ahsaas was born in Jalandhar, Punjab and is a TV and film actor
– Worked in TV shows – Kasamh Se (2008), Channel V’ Gumrah (2012, Colors’s Madhubala and Life Ok’s Devon Ke Dev.. Mahadev (2012).
– Some of her film appearance include Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK), My friend Ganesha and horror flicks – Phoonk and Phoonk 2.

* Suraj is played by young actor – Harsh Mehta
– Recently Harsh played the character of young Vivaan (Chota Vivaan) in MTV’s show Fanaah Season 1 which will be ending soon and coming up again with Season 2 in near future.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2, Harsh Mehta in Fanaah as Chota Vivaan

Image credit: Twitter page of Zing TV and MTV Fanaah

PTKK 2, Episode 3, 12th September
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