Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 14th September 2014 Episode 4, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update


Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Precap: Akash and Ananya attends the disciplinary committee and the chief informs them to fly together atleast once in a week. Akash speaks of diamond thief from Jaunpur who is finally turns out to be a middle aged lady disguised as an old women Mrs. Malik and Ananya has earlier supported and trusted her. She informs Akash that the committee has dropped the case which proves that she is right.

Highlight of the Episode: Ananya learns Akash has taken back his complaint with the Discipline Committee. Akash saves life of Ananya from a drug gang. Ananya is coming close to Akash and also respecting him.


A foreigner man takes a taxi and the taxi man speaks to him to not say lies to his wife. Soon, some men enters the taxi and beat that man. The taxi man is actually of a gang who asks the foreigner when he will return the money. The gang wants him to do their work and they speak of sending some of their things to Goa by next day. He speaks of having a meeting at the embassy. They put a pistol at him and wants him to do their work and doesn’t want to listen. He is thrown on the road and soon the police van comes to him but he doesn’t inform them about the problem and says that he just fell there. Ananya’s younger sister sings with her guitar in her hand, and calls herself as the best and Ananya is also there. Ananya informs on going to Goa and her sister wants to keep some dress so that she can party as well. Ananya’s sister suggests that she haven’t did any party even in school and also focussed on studies. She asks Ananya whether there is young co-pilot going with her. She informs of not wishing to go with Rathod or Akash.

The same foreigner is seen at the airport and also is Ananya going for the boarding. Ananya does the check in and the man is also there he does the check-in as well and leaves from there. Ananya comes to the pilot’s room and the officer asks that now she is relieved after the inquiry and the man speaks that Akash is heart of gold. She doesn’t want to comment on that. The man speaks that Akash has taken back his complaint by himself and he has realized the committee by personally going to them. Ananya learns that captain Akash has taken back the complaint and the man there praises Akash more. He wants her to return gratitude to Akash and suggests that Goa is a beautiful place. Another pilot learns that Ananya is going to Delhi-Goa-Delhi. A young pilot from Punjab wants to go to Goa for party and he is then warned a bit on a lighter note. The same pilot flirts with mahima and wants to go with her. The pilot’s name is Karan and he gives a gift to her. The foreigner sees Ananya and runs towards her. Ananya calls her sister and she informs that mother wants her to keep some fast to get good husband and she informs that captain Akash has taken back the complaint. Ananya speaks that if Akash wants he can send her to Antartica on a lighter note. She wonders why Akash has done for him.

Natasha gives the gift for Akash to Ananya and wants her to give it to Akash and its a special gift. Ananya comes in the cockpit and there is another co-pilot who calls her cute and have a nice smile. He introduces himself as Prashant. He speaks that the flight is long and she informs of calling him as captain and is comfortable for her. She speaks of being old fashioned and he is poetic and tries to flirt with her. The foreigner is seen sitting in the plane before take-off and asks for water. He wants Vodka and learns that 2hrs 40 minutes to reach Goa. He speaks about Indians being late and behaves rudely with the airhostess. Captain Prashant does the take-off and the plane is cruising in air and soon Ananya informs Prashant of having landing in 15 minutes. He speaks that she has nice fingers and suggests that she looks smart in her boring dress. He suggests that she is carrying black dress and wants to have a drink with her. She speaks to herself of missing Akash and also Rathod was better than this pilot. He speaks to her of not taking life seriously and soon he makes announcement that they have reached 10 minutes and with the announcement also looks at her and indirectly wants to convey her something. Their plane from Inde Air lands successfully. The foriegner while leaving compliments mahima before leaving. At the carousel, the foreigner waits for his baggage and soon he gets a call from the men who have get hold of him some days ago. They want him to deliver their goods by 6 PM otherwise they inform the authorities on how he lost money in betting.

The Customs at the airport looks at the foriegner and he finds Ananya at a small cafe and comes to speak to her. He speaks that the flight was nice and takes his bag and leaves his bag there and leaves. The customs men gets hold of him and starts to question him. They inform him that he knows Hindi and he then speaks of being a diplomat and then wants to call the embassy. The customs officer speaks that according to intelligence he is involved in illegal activities and soon the customs wants to check his bag and he should not be afraid since he speaks of being clean. The customs couldn’t find anything illegal and finds some girl clothes and he makes a story that the clothes belong to her girlfriend, The officer speaks of the intelligence input and then he tried to call the embassy. The officer suggests that if he wants the matter can close here and he can trust them and then leaves from there giving deceit to the customs. Prashant meets Akash and informs him that his co-pilot Ananya played spoilsport. He speaks that she showed attitude and Akash speaks that there is a big difference between them and Akash speaks that he has to go with her on the return flight.

The foreigner receives a call from the gang and he is being told about the deadline for 6 PM. He goes to the help desk of Inde Air and wants to know the place where the air staff is staying and somehow he manages to know that the crew is staying at Hotel Cosmopolitan. Ananya at the hotel calls the operator so as to connect with Akash’s room and she speaks of a parcel which Natasha has sent for him. He suggests to come to her room to take that parcel. Ananya opens her bag and finds the bag to have some clothes and strange boxes and ponders whose box she brought in there. Soon., Akash comes to her room and he asks her whether her intentions are good and speaks that he is a good boy. She shows him the powder boxes and he tastes the powder and speaks it is cocaine. meanwhile, the foreigner comes there. He asks her from when she is taking those drugs. She speaks that whether on being mad to bring some man’s bag with her and speaks of knowing the person whose bag she has brought.

He speaks to the hotel reception about Inde Air crew and Ananya finds Mahima wants to say something to her and when she sees Akash goes from there. The reception staff speaks of not able to disclose the crew hotel rooms. The foreigner speaks to the hotel staff of being a diplomat and works at the embassy. Someone comes in Mahima’s room when she was taking a bath and leaves from there before she came out. The reception staff wants to talk with her seniors and the gang men comes to the hotel and the foreigner sees them and tries to hide himself but he is caught by them. He informs them that his bag got exchanged with a pilot’s bag and suggests on trying to get it but he is taken away. Akash and Ananya are going to report about the bag and drugs and the foriegner and the gang men sees Akash and Ananya with the bag and runs towards them.

The men chase Ananya and Akash as they run with the bag. Ananya speaks of not able to run more and they find a scooty on the road of a man who was peeing. Akash takes it and drives the bike with Ananya as the pillow rider. The gang and the men follow Akash and Ananya  in a red maruti Van. They are carrying pistols in their hand and the chase is going on and luckily Akash finds some narrow street and he rides the bike through those lanes and the men are following them on the foot. Ananya and Akash are also running on foot and they reach a coastline area and the men starts to shoot them. Akash takes out his gun and she asks whether he has gun and he replies yes. The gang men learns that Akash a pilot has gun and at her end Ananya speaks of not understanding. Akash speaks that the gun belongs to that men and he has taken from them and she asks where was she when he picked up. He wants her to call the nearby police station and soon they reach the police station and the gang men are caught by police and are taken away.

Mahima is afraid a bit at the hotel. The intelligence officer speaks that Inde Air is having more developments at their end and are buying 25 planes from US plane maker and the chief asks his junior whether they can take any chances after 26/11 incident. Mahima calls and speaks on phone that someone is suspecting her and she knew because she found her belonging to be searched when she was taking the bath. Akash and Ananya gives the powder and drugs to the police and the police inform of getting hold of Murli the gang leader because of their efforts. Akash speaks that the Russian foreigner still has her bag and the police informs that they will get it soon. Akash gets a call from Natasha and he cites her on being coming from the workout and then Ananya gives him the gift that Natasha gave him to her. Ananya thanks Akash and he speaks ok thank you for saving her life. Ananya suggests that she is thanking him because he has taken back the complaint. Akash speaks that have they become friends now and she replies no. He then suggests that he felt the same answer and smiles on that lighter note.

Next Episode: There is Pilot strike and thus Airlines cannot function but there is an emergency situation where a patient need to be flied within 4 hours so that she can have her surgery and life can be saved. Ananya with her humanity wants to help the patient and informs Akash the same. Eventually, she flies the plane defying the calls of strike from other pilots including captain Rathod. Rathod calls her to stop flying and she is seen in the cockpit, Ananya defies the order and flies the plane so that the patient which needs urgent life saving surgery reaches her destination and gets the treatment.

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Sneak Peek: Airlines – 14th September 2014
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