Gumrah Season 4 14th September 2014 Episode 3 with Abhay Deol on Channel [V] – Written Update

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Gumraah Season 4 Episode 3 Suraj and Chitra's Story

The episode first shows a young woman bleeding profusely and was seen with lots of blood and begging for help at a doorstep but the people living inside didn’t open since they thought as a police case and the girl then falls down and dies.

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Abhay Deol (the Host) starts the show and speaks about how a helpless girl was begging for some help and the people didn’t help her and suggests what we have become as a society instead of helping someone we are turning away. The special host of this episode is Tusshar Kapoor. Tusshar speaks that of if you don’t help someone then on another occasion you might need help if you become a victim. Tusshar speaks of a girl Chitra who also went through similar incident and she was his cousin’s best friend. As she didn’t got help in time she died.

The story starts with 5th July 2010 at 7:30 am, Farsa Society where forensic experts are taking the samples from blood spots and also police is there. The policeman asks the people whose door Chitra knocked the door and they lie of not hearing her sound for help and also suggests on not knowing her well since she just came recently there. The man speaks that her husband works at merchant Navy and the policeman can speak with her relatives who lives in the same society. The policeman asks the watchman about finding someone from outside and he replies that nobody came outside. He then goes to B-16 flat of Chitra’s relatives, and the man is Ramdeen. Ramdeen speaks of his son who is very young and he used to go to study tuitions at Chitra’s place and also have went yesterday at  8 PM. The policeman requests Ramdeen that he wants to meet his son Suraj. Suraj is lying on his bed and the policeman asks Suraj in a very soft manner since he is very young and talks about Chitra Didi. He wants to ask few questions and then Suraj gets up. The policeman speaks that Suraj came back from there at 9 PM and since he was the last person who visited her so wanted to know what happened that night.

Tusshar speaks that Suraj was devastated after the loss of Chitra and she was very dear of him and used to teach him Mathematics. Suraj got a big impact but it was just impact or does he know more than that.

The story goes back in flash back – 3rd June 2010 at 11:40 AM, Farsa Society and Suraj Barotia (15 years) is seen playing cricket with his society’s boys and he even couldn’t catch a ball. A boy there Yug Gurjar (19 yrs) makes a taunt on Suraj and another boy Mayank and Navin (18 yrs) makes further taunts at Suraj. Suraj while he was fielding finds Chitra Barotia (25 yrs) asking about B-16 appt and he informs her that he lives there and she identifies him as Chitra. She introduces herself as Aparna Tai’s daughte  (Tai – Aunt) and hugs him. His society boys look at Suraj. Chitra takes some food and tea at Suraj’s home which is the home of her Chacha and Sushma Chachi. She speaks that her husband is stationed in the merchant navy and she was visiting Ajmer so has to stay at their chachi’s place. Sushma Aunty informs her that there is another flat of them in the first wing where she can stay in the same society. Chitra informs of meeting him while he was playing and his father informs that his son has failed in exams and thus instead of 9th standard remains in 8th standard and also suggests that Suraj got 12/100 in Maths. Chitra informs that everybody have different talents and the ones who are weak in studies fare better in other fields like sports.

Chitra comes to Suraj’s room and wants to play the video game with him. She then asks him why he got less marks in Maths ? He informs on not understanding Maths. She informs on topping in Maths and thus now an Architect. She cites her interest in Maths because of her teacher since earlier she used to hate Maths. Upon hearing it, Suraj speaks that his Maths teacher is an old man and she then speaks of teaching him Maths. She informs him of staying there for 3 months and after work at the architect site in the evening she can teach him a bit. Suraj agrees and goes to her flat for the first day of tuition on 3rd June, 2010 at 8:15 pm. She welcomes him and speaks about shifting something and asks him from which chapter they should start. She asks him about cornflakes and also asks him about CBSE/ICSE and he informs CBSE and she teaches him geometry on Circles. Yug, Navin, and Mayank interrupts Suraj when he was going to his flat and speaks that he is doing tuition with a hot tuition teacher. He informs them she is her cousin and also informs that she is married and her husband works in the merchant navy and stays there for six months. Yug speaks that such married women are desperate and easily listen when you ask for favors. Suraj speaks of not understanding what they are saying and they then show him some obscene videos on their mobile. He speaks of not seeing those videos and calls them bad and as he was leaving they made more fun of him.

Abhay speaks that Suraj after watching that adult clip has left some impression on Suraj’s mind and he speaks that its sad in our country there is no sex education teaching for children. Suraj visited some Adult website on that night and started to loose his principles and values.

Suraj is not interested to take dinner and then looks at Adult site and started to fantasize about his own cousin sister Chitra. It became obsession for him and Chitra didn’t knew what was going in his mind. He has mixed up reality with his dirty fantasies in his mind. He was visiting those sites for hours and next morning he remembers about Chitra and then thinks for a while that she is his cousin and why is he thinking about her in that way ? He looks at a maid’s body when she was cleaning the floor. Later in the night Chitra comes home and a male friend drops her in the car and the same boys – Yug, Mayank and others see her coming.

Abhay speaks that we have made stereotypes like young and single girl is available, divorcee means also available, long-distance relationship then also available, break-up then available on rebound. Basically any girl who doesn’t have a boy around her is available and with this mindset Suraj also thought that Chitra would come close to him.

Suraj goes to Chitra’s flat on 21st June 2010 at 9:00 PM and rings he door bell. Suraj is well dressed and in good clothes and she asks him why he looks so good and well-dressed. He informs that since she is well-dressed so he thought to keep him well-dressed as well. She asks about giving home work and whether he has completed. Suraj goes to cover the window with its covers citing that people can see them. She then speaks that there is something wrong in his homework and she speaks that he applied a wrong formula. He begins to stand up and looks at her body without her knowledge. She suggests that if he put half of his mind in Maths then he will reach great heights and asks him if he doesn’t know he can ask her about formulas and their application. On another day, 23rd June, 2010 at 6:10 PM at Farsa society, Suraj is being called to watch another adult clip, and they call him a child. He informs them that they watch those clip and refers themselves as Bond and then goes on to say that he does all those things in real every day and is not a child. They are puzzled to know what he was speaking and then indirectly speaks about Chitra. Some of them doesn’t accept his point and then Yug takes him and wants to know more. Suraj speaks that its true what they have said about alone housewives. He speaks that in tuition she came close to him and also speaks that she wears more short clothes in her home. He speaks that she touched him and suggests that if they doesn’t want to believe it is fine.

Tusshar speaks that Chitra was just helping him in tuition and Suraj on his end was spreading false stories about his own cousin. From Mr. Unpopular he was becoming Mr. Popular and everyone’s friends.

In the night of 30th June 2010 at 10:45 pm in the Farsa Society, Suraj is again interrupted by the same boys and he informs them of going with his father so can’t meet then and they invite him for a bike ride tomorrow and he agrees. Suraj goes with them and looks at foreigners. They again ask him about Chitra. He informs them on going late night and staying at her home until morning. Mayank speaks that Suraj is just developing stories and just faking about his activity and he doesn’t have any proof. They want a proof from him and wants him to take photos of her. Suraj replies how could she will agree for such photos and then Yug blackmails him that if he doesn’t bring those photos quickly then he will go personally and ask her about what Suraj does with her. Suraj agrees to take pics with his old mobile phone. He goes to her flat for tuition on 2nd July, 2010 at 8:30 PM  and she speaks of teaching  him about rational numbers. He was checking his mobiles and she wants him to put his attention and soon he puts some water on her top which looked like an accident. She goes to change the top and wants him to study until then. He goes towards her changing place with the intention to take a photo and as he was about to click she comes out of the room and asks him what is he doing there ? He replies on  making a phone call to his mother and network was not coming so he was roaming there. She finds the phone to be new and informs that they will be studying late so she will inform her Chachi (Aunt) the same.

Suraj excuses himself to go to the restroom and there he finds some Chitra’s inner and tops and begins to feel them. He finds a small window in her bathroom and opens it partially and after his tuition goes towards his home. Yug and other boys interrupt him and he replies on not bringing the photo and he gets last warning from those boys. Suraj informs of going late in the night to her home for tuitions and will bring a photo. He stands outside Chitra’s bathroom and with the small opening in the window tries to capture some of her private pics. He takes a video of her taking shower and next day shows to the boys. He also suggests that he was there with her in the bathroom while taking the video and didn’t took from the window. Yug and others want to see her in real and they force him to accommodate their demands. They want him to keep the window open. He goes to Chitra’s home and keeps the main room window open and the same boys are looking at them. When he speaks of having fever and body temperature she checks his temperature on the forehead and wants to inform his mother. At the boys end the watchman makes a shout at them and she hears it as well. He stops her by saying that boys are playing Hide and Seek and she doesn’t need to worry about that sound.

The story comes in present and the policeman asks Suraj what he knows and suggests that he doesn’t know what happened to her though he was visiting her for tuitions for so many days. The policeman wants in detail of that night when she died and he replies that as usual he went for tuition and after his study he came back. He asks him whether Chitra got some phone call or any unusual thing happened.  Suraj’s mother steps in there and asks the policeman to not scare her son more since he is already afraid. The policeman leaves from there and asks him to continue remember on what happened that night. The story goes again in flashback on 4th July, 2010 at 8:10 PM the night of Chitra’s death, Suraj goes to her flat for tuition and he remembers all the things he know about her and then goes on to forcibly hug her and speaking that he loves her, He gets a straight slap from her and asks him whether he has become mad. She begins to call his mother and he calls her Didi please don’t do this. She informs that she is his cousin and married and wants him to go away from there and informs that there will be no tuitions. Chitra is shocked at the development.

Tusshar speaks whether Suraj can really murder Chitra after his frustration has exceeded a lot. This case was very complicated for the police as the watchman said there was no person came from outside and thus the question is raised again whether Suraj has done that brutal act. Another observation was that Chitra’s phone record showed lot of calls to the electricity dept but on that night the electricity didn’t go.

The story comes in present and the policeman learns that the Chitra’s flat electricity box is cleaned so as to remove the fingerprints and asks the society person about who has the keys and he replies three – society office, himself and watchman. The police comes to watchman’s home on 6th July 2010 at 4:40 PM and the place is Karadia Chawl, H.K. Sector and soon finds him escaping from them. The police chases the watchman and gets hold of him. He is beaten at the police station and informs the police that after seeing the MMS video his mind was corrupted. He informs the police by speaking about the incident on 3rd July, 2010 at 8:40 PM, Farsa society a day before Chitra’s death. On that day, he found the boys sneaking/peeping into Chitra’s room. They inform him that she is not decent and then goes on to show the watchman the MMS video and makes a deal that he will not inform others about them. They show him the video and speaks that the boy Suraj is taking out all the fun there.

The watchman speaks that he first switched off her light meter and she called him on Intercom to check the electricity board. He closes the door and forces on her so as to abuse and rape her. After abusing her, he stabbed her so as to kill her and left. Later, the policeman confronts the boys and asks them whether they have made the MMS and they inform on not making it. He informs them that a woman has been murdered because of them and they will get punishment and they opens up and informs that Suraj has made the video and  he has only showed them the video and they all put the blame on him. Suraj is arrested by police and taken away and while going with the police he remembers about some good time he spent with Chitra.

Tusshar speaks that Chitra has lost her life because of Suraj’s perverted ways and Abhay speaks that to be curious about sex is normal and we all face it and it doesn’t take much time to change curiousty into obsession. The best way to learn about sex is through sex education and not adult websites. There is a difference between fantasies and reality and it takes only a second bringing drastic change in our life and we can be astray (Gumraah).

Suraj has been found guilty in making an adult MMS clip and outraging the modesty of a woman and he has been send to remand home for 1 year as punishment. Suraj’s parents have still not recovered from the shock of Chitra’s death. They will forever live with the guilt that their son was the reason she was killed. They were having high respect in the society but now they couldn’t face the society. The watchman was found guilty of Chitra’s rape and murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. The society installed CCTV cameras as a precautionary measure since the incident. The prosecution has appealed that the watchman gets death by hanging. Yug and his companions are rarely seen outside their homes and are generally considered to be bad company for younger boys and are leading an embarassing and humiliating life.

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