Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 14th September 2014, Episode 30, Semifinal Weekend on Colors – Snapshot

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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is in the fifteenth and is the semifinal weekend on Colors. There will be no scoring from judges this week and today is the last time of voting by the viewers before the Jhalak grand finale next week where judges will also vote to decide the winner. The finalists will challenge themselves in their performances tonight.

Jhalak Journey of Finalists:

* Karan Tacker speaks of fear of dancing before coming to Jhalak. He speaks of trembling in his first performance. In the fifth week he tried Paso Double and he got the lowest score 22. In the 9th Week he got perfect scores of 30. He speaks that all the fears have gone and now he has become a good dancer.

* Shakti Mohan speaks of people expectation since she was already a dancer and when she did ballet dance in the first week then she realized that Jhalak is something. She got praise from the judges for all performances. She speaks of doing lot of work and rehearsals and even not slept many nights just to fulfill expectations of people. When she fell ill and didn’t perform last week she feel very bad. She wants to keep fighting.

* Ashsish’s Jhalak journey is shown and he speaks that the main challenge for him was that he was an actor first and then a dancer. Shampa has given him strength and removed the hurdle. The most closest act is Tadap Tadap ke song since he touched deep emotional song with that performance. He can speaks of having confidence now in any dance form at any place. He speaks why not to win Jhalak since he is so close.

* Mouni speaks of feeling low and having less confidence in the start. After 2 weeks, she has done a Tandav and remembered that for many years she wanted to be part of Jhalak and get 40/40 for that act. She focused on emotions and can proudly on doing many dance forms – Bolero, Paso Double, Jazz, Contemporary and its been her dream to win Jhalak.

* Karan Johar wants Remo to sing a song since he hasn’t sang on the show. Remo sings the Om Jai Jagdish Hare hymn.


*  Karan Tacker performs with his partner Bhawna on the Dil Ka Mein Haara song and Karan is seen wearing gold-coloured special costume and matches with her. Both dances effortlessly. Earlier, Ashish has challenged Karan to dance on Indian classical dance and thus he has danced on it. He also uses a sword defending shield as prop.
– Dance form: Kalari/Chau
– Ashish gives full marks to karan for his performance.
– Remo gives credit to Bhawna for Karan reaching up to the semifinals and speaks that she has done an amazing choreography. Remo speaks that Kalari/Chau was bang on.
– Madhuri speaks of Karan’s attitude and his performance is stupendous. She wants him to remove that golden top cover.
– Karan Johar speaks that he thought that Karan’s journey will end in the middle but because of his grit and determination he came until semifinal.
– Karan Tacker speaks that he deserves to win as he is a non-dancer and Jhalak is associated with it.

* Mouni Roy performs blindfolded with her partner Puneet on the Kai Po Che! title song with a story of blind girl. Puneet does some jumps in his dance. Mouni is in sync with Puneet though she is blindfolded. They build on the story and  Puneet gives him good support. In teh end, she removes the blind fold and Puneet finishes the act while becoming the blind person himself.  Earlier, Karan has challenged Mouni and wants to see Mouni to be self-reliant and has challenged Mouni to perform a blindfold dance act.
– Madhuri compliments Mouni and found her dancing amazing and calls the performance as astounding beautiful.
– Karan speaks that the trust factor was seen in their act and Puneet’s ground flip was perfect in timing. Even the story touched and moved him as well which was a twist in teh tale.
– Remo speaks that Mouni was a normal dance when the show have started and now she is great dancer. He informs on the leap of faith which she had over Puneet.
– Karan Tacker speaks that she did brillantly.
– Ranvir wants Manish to get blindfolded since he spoke that there can be something seen when blindfold is on. Manish then becomes blindfolded and dances on the Ang Laga De and somehow manages to judges table.
– Remo speaks of a challenge for Madhuri which is to make Ranvir dance and he has never danced on the show. Madhuri accepts the challenge and wants Ranvir to dance on the Gandi baat song. She comes on stage and dances with Ranvir on the Gandi Baat song. Karan Johar is amused to see Ranvir dance and shaking his leg. Manish and Top-4 contestants (Finalists) join them on stage as well.

Remo speaks that Ranvir hasn’t dance in Madhuri (MD) style and then Ranvir dances with her on one of her song – Ek Do Teen song. He follows her dance steps. Remo then challenges Karan Johar to dance on a classical number with Madhuri. Karan speaks of not knowing classical dance and then Karan goes to do classical dance in his own style and mixes classical with Bollywood and his own styles. Remo comes on stage and gives a bow .

* Shakti Mohan performs on the Mashaallah song from the movie Ek Tha Tiger in the tribal attire with her partner Tushar and does sommersaults and uses her legs well in her dance moves. Tushar carries her with his hands in one dance step. They dance in sync and in complete control and coordination. Earlier, Mouni challenged Shakti and she wants Shakti to dance with her heart.
– Dance form: Afro/Acrobacia
– Madhuri speaks that they are many wow moments and choreography was good and afro was done with passion.
– Karan speaks that there are many wow moments and she has done many dance twists in her act. He speaks that her name Shakti she has strength in her legs which she applies well in her dance. He speaks that even her name defines in her personality as well. He compliments Tushar on choreography.
– Remo speaks that it feels that Tushar was ill before and not Shakti. He speaks on not finding mistakes in their act.
– Shakti speaks of the love for dancing and doesn’t worry much about winning or losing. Tushar does the vote appeal.

* Ashish Sharma performs with Shampa wearing a black spider dress with a spider net as his prop. He performs on the  Tu Aaja Meri Mahi. Mahi Mahi….Tujh Mein Hain Kuch Aise Subahse song and does stretching in his dance. Its a predator dance of a spider – Ashish as spider (predator) and Shampa (prey). Ashish stands on Shampa’s back in one of his dance step as well. The spider net revolves as they perform an act there. Finally, the act ends with the predator Spider killing its prey.
Earlier, Shakti has challenged Ashish and wants him to perform an aerial act since he haven’t performed an aerial act before.
– Dance form: Freestyle
– Karan speaks that Ashish is an actor, performer and dancer. He speaks that Ashish has done many interesting things in the spider net and even went become mad in the end and calls performance amazing.
– Madhuri speaks that Ashsish always instill in his performance and there is a trust between artist and choreographer.
– Remo speaks that Ashish is a good student for a choreographer and does the act with sincerity and that work is seen in his every act.
– Shakti praises Ashish’s performance and calls it breathtaking. Ashish dedicates his performance to Rangrasiya.

* Akshat and Vaishnavi performs again on public and judges demand. The dance form is Freestyle.The song is Dum Jaan Mein Dum song.. He performs with a group and Vaishnavi gives him good support.

* Remo decides Shakti as the consistent performer and she receives a gift card from Amazon India (Amazon.in).
* This night is the last time for voting before the grand finale next week and the voting ends at 9 AM IST tomorrow (15th September).

Image credit: Twitter page of Colors TV and Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa.


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