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D3 Dil Dosti Dance:
Sharon’s mother scolds her about neglecting her academy and hanging out with her garage friends. Sharon resists. Her mom tells her she has to go and pack as she is leaving today for Banglore to sign some contracts with NYU. These may take some days, and she will take care of academy herself. Swayam says I love you to Sharon. She says I love you to him.

Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story:
Amisha tells Anjali wanted to go home. Dhruv receives a message and tells everyone that its Principal’s message as ratings have come. Anjali is in Radio station and she suddenly sees Dhruv there. She is stunned.

O Gujariya:
Vaibhavi says that her one work is over but have to prove her father innocent by attending Professor Rao Internship Program. Veer comes and tells that the rat and cat game that Vaibhavi started he will bring into finishing line. Veer propers his red jacket while laughing on her face.

Sadda Haq :
Randhir says game over for you Sanyu. Sanyu puts tranquilizer on his mouth and so he does her. They both faint and fall on the ground. Samir is calling Sanyu again and again. Samir hugs Sanyu. Samir sees Randhir and asks what are you doing here? Randhir says will you tell him or should I? Samir says Sanyu do you know this man? Sanyu looks on.






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