Lajjo and Nikhil confused over Adhiraj’s suitability for Ayesha in Gustakh Dil

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Harry will be catching Lajjo after having got the latest newspaper and seeing Lajjo and Trishna’s pics in it. He comes to know she is Nikhil’s wife and they both are playing a game with Ranawat. Harry will be exposing Lajjo, while Shalini had doubts on her before. Harry will tell Ranawat and Shalini about Lajjo and Nikhil being together and spying on him. Ranawat will be shocked and angry on them. What he does with them has to be seen. Harry fails in exposing Lajjo and inturn gets caught by Ranawat as Lajjo blames to steal his secret data from his laptop. Lajjo frames Harry and Ranawat gets angry on Harry. Well, another twist which was very predictable was Adhiraj’s identity. He is Ranawat’s son, as Ranawat stated about his son not being interested in family business and going against him, claiming him to be a wrong doer. Ranawat and Adhiraj have parted ways and Adhiraj chose the small home over her rich comforts, just to go the honest way. Well, this track has started last month and the story is still unfolding taking lots of time.

Ayesha has seen money with Adhiraj before, and it was sent by Ranawat, which made Adhiraj angry. Barkha will be glad knowing Adhiraj is a rich guy, but equally upset knowing he is Ranawat’s son, the same man who has trapped her son in smuggling racket. Will the Bharadwaj family and Ayesha accept Adhiraj with his surname? Will Adhiraj be able to prove his love to them? With his identity known, things are surely going to change. Even Nikhil and Lajjo will get confused over Adhiraj, being good or not for Ayesha. Adhiraj’s secret will be shown in upcoming episodes. He is totally different from his sister Jasmine, who is half mad and after Nikhil knowing he is already married and not interested in her. Well, the two families will be having a tough time to deal with each other, as leaving aside business, their personal issues will be cropping up high. With Barkha doubting Inder and shedding tears thinking he is having an affair with someone, her focus has moved from Lajjo. She hired a detective to know about Inder. What is Inder hiding and why did he suffer from huge business loss? Find out as Gustakh Dil will be airing one hour episodes till a new show comes on 7pm slot. Enjoy the hourly dose and keep reading here.






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