Yuvraaj to save Bhavna from Rishi’s dirty plans in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


yuvraaj in suhani si ek ladki


Yuvraaj is making Soumya jealous of Suhani, and even taunts her on her deceive. Yuvraaj praises Suhani saying she is honest, and does not cheat anyone. She has the guts to face any problem, and does not run away tangling everyone’s lives. He brings gift vouchers for Suhani’s famly and gifts a beautiful rose bouquet to Suhani, knowing Soumya has an allergy with it. He says he does not care for anyone, as he is doing this for his wife, no matter what happens to Soumya. Soumya understands his indirect taunting and is shocked when Yuvraaj transfers Rs 10 lakhs to Suhani as her pocket money. Soumya faces the changes in Krishna and his love fading with his mum and sister’s attempts to kick her out of his life. Soumya is hurt as Krishna is not giving her much respect and love like before.


Yuvraaj taunts Soumya about Krishna and wants to know how is her married life. While Sharad has cursed Soumya never to be happy for the cheating she did to them. Yuvraaaj too does not have any soft corner for Soumya. Soumya forgets her purse at Suhani’s place and Yuvraaj takes it to return her. Soumya comes to Birla House to meet Suhani. Rags and Menka see her and think to trouble Suhani with the truth that Yuvraaj always loved Soumya. What will Suhani feel when she knows Yuvraaj never loved her? Will Soumya come back in Yuvraaj’s life?

Yuvraaj notices Rishi staring at Bhavna, and Bhavna feeling uncomfortable by his evil eyes falling on her. Yuvraaj sees Bhavna maintaining distance from Rishi. He thinks something is fishy and keeps an eye on Rishi. When Rishi crosses his limit and misbehaves with Bhavna, its Yuvraaj who witnesses it and saves Bhavna from the shocking wrong happening. Yuvraaj safeguards Bhavna’s respect from Rishi and she is very thankful to him. What will be Suhani and her family’s reaction knowing Rishi’s truth? This track is much ahead, so keep watching the show. Keep reading on your site TR.


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