Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 20th September 2014 Grand Finale, Ashish the Winner – Written Snapshot

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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Grand Finale week has came where Jhalak 7 Winner will be announced. The Special guest on the show is Actor and Superstar – Anil Kapoor and other guests are Bharti Singh, Daadi and Gutthi. Ashish Sharma is the winner of Jhalak 7.

Karan Johar starts the show speaks that there was four times fun with Jhalak this time. He welcomes Jhalak finalists on stage – Mouni, Ashish, Karan Tacker and Shakti Mohan. Karan goes on to perform on the Let’s rock song  and Mouni comes first on the Radha song from SOTY. She then goes and performs with Karan Johar. Karan shakes some leg as well. Ashish comes next and performs on the Yaar Way.. Way.. Iski Uski song and then Karan johar joins him and grooves well. Shakti comes next and she performs on the Bade Pankhi Bade Ankhein Yeh Chori Bade Drama Queen. She then goes to perform with Karan Johar. Karan Tacker comes then and performs on the Saturday Saturday remix song. Karan Johar joins him in his dance and soon all contestants come on stage and performs and Varun Dhawan makes an entry at that moment and dances as well.

Manish speaks that judges will score for 2 rounds and the finalists will perform for both of them. The official tabulator will aggregate the scores and inform about the result. Manish speaks that Madhuri will feel jealous because of one diva who is Party Doll (PD) and it turns out that girl is Bhari Singh. Bharti comes on stage and performs on the pink lips song in funny manner and making pouts as well. Manish asks how did she came there and she gives them a taunt. Bharti pulls leg with Remo and Karan.  Bharti invites the girls on stage and gives them various things like cat doll, dry fruits and then wants to take a selfie and takes one. She makes some pout with her lips and she then informs on going on for 3 years to learn dance and also suggests on becoming Jhalak judge next time on a lighter note.

1st Round Performance:

* Shakti Mohan performs with her choreographer Tushar Kalia.
Shakti performs on the Dum Maro Dum remix  song with much energy with Tushar. She does some reverse spins and stretches her legs in her performance.
– Manish speaks that maybe this will be Shakti’s last performance and it depends on judges score and public. Karan speaks that it could be anyone’s victory and is very happy with Shakti’s journey.
– Scores:
27 [9 each from all judges]
– Mukti and Neeti who are Shakti’s sisters are on Jhalak to root for their sister. Neeti wants to sing and then sings Le Jayenge Le Jayenge Mohan Wale Trophy.. and are excited to win.
– Ranvir shows the finalists Jhalak’s journey and the last date of their rehearsal in Jhalak house. Ashish speals of not coming again to this house, Karan feels of emptyness feeling now and got attachment. Mouni also speaks that all good things come to an end at some point.

* Karan Tacker comes next and performs with his partner Bhawna on the Paso Double and Freestyle dance form. He stands on a bull’s replica head and he then performs. Karan is acting as the bull master and Bhawna being the bull and his target. Karan carries the emotions fully and in the end hurts the target bull who is his prey.
– Bharti comes with some towels and does some fun with Karan since he was wet because of his act.
– Madhuri speaks that Karan’s journey is amazing and calls him Super Hottie again.
– Scores:
29  [9, 10, 10 – Remo, Madhuri, Karan]
– Karan becomes emotional and is very thrilled to be in the finals.
– Manish informs that public votes have already been received and they are being calculated now.

* Ashish Sharma and Shampa performs on the Khalbali song from the movie Rang De Basanti. and uses some stand as their prop.
– Karan speaks that Ashish is a tremendous actor and he likes the concept from Shampa and calls it genius. Ashish’s wife is also there.
– Scores: 27 [9 each from all judges]
– Ashish speaks of not knowing and is nervous at that moment.
– Manish shows Ranvir’s video which shows him speaking Jhalak ki Amar Katha. Ranvir in that video suggests that his co-host doesn’t allow him much chance to speak. He speaks that Jhalak is a happy go lucky family and he shows the AV where judges makes fun of fellow judges. Remo speaks that how come Karan Johar is dancing as well on a lighter note ?
– Manish and Ranvir sings a song for Madhuri and she speaks of someone who can protect her and calls Nayak who will be welcomed even if there is no entry. Actor and Superstar Anil Kapoor makes an entry on Jhalak stage with Jai Ho background and speaks one dialogue from his movie.

Madhuri complaints to Anil that Manish teases her and Ranvir speaks that Manish even teases Karan sir as well. Manish informs of Sonam’s movie Khoobsurat.

* Mouni Roy performs with her partner Puneet Pathak and her dance form is Indian Folk. She performs on the Deva Shree Ganesha song from the movie Agneepath. She is wearing a red dress and is ably supported by Puneet. The last sequence of dance goes in the fast mode and they does fast dance together and ends it on a high.
– The audience people chat Mouni’s name and Manish congratulates them.
– Remo speaks amazing choreography – Indian and Acrobacia and calls that she has a great journey.
– Karan speaks that Mouni emerged as a fighter.
– Scores: 27 [9 each from all judges]
– Shakti speaks on liking Mouni’s performance and also calls Tacker as their friend.

Manish speaks of his idea that if the finalists gets the Mr. India watch for one day then what will they do ? The finalists and Anil Kapoor comes on stage. Anil asks Karan Tacker what will he do if becomes invisible ? Karan Tacker then goes and pinches/pulls the cheeks of Karan Johar. He speaks that Karan Johar is cute. Anil speaks that Tacker is smart. Anil then asks Ashish what will he do ? Ashish then enacts the invisible and pulls the leg of Manish and suggests that they work hard until 11 pm and he just says pallu madhuri mam, and then comes to Ranvir and asks why he is so intellectual ? Ashish speaks of not understanding his jokes and couldn’t laugh on his gags. Ashish gets an applause and Karan Johar pulls the leg of manish and Ranvir. Anil asks what Mouni will do ? Mouni  speaks of being invisible and tries to walk towards the trophy and Manish and Ranvir takes her away. Shakti becomes invisible Sridevi and Anil  will be himself. Shakti dances on the Kaante nahi Katte … I Love you song from Anil’s movie. Karan Johar speaks that Shakti has carried all the emotions well. Bharti is being invited on stage and she meets Anil. She calls her names as Jhakas and not Bharti and tries to flirt with him. Bharti enacts the invisible act and then goes to Remo and then kisses on his cheeks and then gets a hug from Karan Johar and Anil.

Manish also informs 1 Remo is equal to Full Toofan and there will be 4 Toofans and calls him as Bharti’s favourite as pizza.
– Remo performs on stage with some magic avatars in hand. He then performs on the Woolmool Wooolmol wonder song from the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie.He dances in the group.  Next, he peforms on the Shake like Shammi song and the moves on to do some robotic dance song on the Singham remix. He comes on stage after his performance and wants the people to dance with passion and heart and just dance. Karan calls Remo’s act as outstanding act and then Ranvir asks Bharti how does she feel about Remo’s performance ? Manish flatters her and she then speaks of how she got a break-up when they went to London. She suggests that the break-up happened because he used her comb on his beard.

* Sophie Choudhry comes on stage with Deepak to perform on the Jumma Jumma song. She dances well with Deepak and the dance moves are fast and many. Manish tries to flirt with Sophie and Karan speaks that its not easy to pamper girls and there is a charm and magic in lifelong romance. Karan Johar wants Madhuri and Anil to come on stage and enacts an iconic scene from their movie Tezaab.

Anil Kapoor climbs up at the periphery of the stage and asks her whether she loves him or not otherwise he will give up his life. Since she agrees, he comes down and both of them perform on the Ek Do Teen song. Mahduri grooves well on that song and Anil is seen very excited in enacting the dance and gets cheer from the finalists and contestants. Remo stands up and applauds. Karan Johar speaks of a request for Madhuri which is about Ram Lakhan song and she has to complain Ramji about lakhan. She then performs on the Bada Dukh Dena Tere Lakhan Ne..Oh Ramji.. song.  Karan speaks of fulfillment of his dream. Anil speaks that their movie Khoobsurat is being produced by his younger daughter Rhea Kapoor and asks for people wishes. Manish shows the trailer of Sonam and Fawad’s movie Khoobsurat. Manish then speaks of a secret which Anil sir will reveal. Anil then gives the envelope to Manish which might have the result and leaves from stage.

Ranvir speaks of terrific 3 and Manish suggests that Jhalak is famous for many reasons and then welcomes Lauren and Salman. Lauren performs on the Jhalak title song and Salman then comes on the stage and both of them then perform on the Indiawaale song from the Happy New Year. Salman and Lauren also show dance moves on the Jhalak title song. Lauren dances on one leg in one of her dance moves.
– Ranvir speaks of 1st Round Results and one of the finalist Jhalak’s journey will end and 3 will go to 2nd Round (Relay) of Super Finale. The first name is of Ashish and Shampa, and the second name is Karan Tacker and Bhawna, and Shakti and Tushar. Unfortunately, Mouni and Puneet are not going into the relay round and Ranvir speaks that public have given less votes to Mouni than Shakti. Mouni speaks on not having regret and suggests that Puneet will be a lifelong friend. Ranvir calls Mouni as Goddess and Puneet as Rockstar. Remo stands up and This is It appreciation. Karan speaks that Mouni is a star and magical. Madhuri hugs Mouni.  The winner of Jhalak will get Jhalak Trophy, 30 Lakhs INR, and Mahindra SUV car.

Daadi and Gutthi comes on stage while wearing 3D watching glasses on the Dil Garden song. Daadi informs on not able to see the ground because of that glasses. Gutthi informs on coming there to see Palak and she makes fun of Palak that she came there even after being eliminated some weeks ago. Daadi brings some food for contestants and then she informs of wishing to see Madhuri’s dance. Manish welcomes Madhuri on stage and calls her as the most beautiful woman. Madhuri performs while standing in a small moving ring at first on the song Main Tenu Ma Samjhaonge… Tu Hi Intezar Tera and then comes on the main stage. She performs in the group and also does an aerial act with a flying swing. Next, she comes out of that swing and performs on the Dola Re and Aaja Nachle.. Hain Re Mera Ghaghra remix to end her performance. Remo gives standing ovation to madhuri and Karan compliments that there is no other Madhuri in this world.

* Manish shows how an AV  which shows that Karan dances in every episode though he had promised to not dance on the show and this is been told by Remo and Madhuri suggests that Karan dances and in full mode when he hears the music.  Manish informs that Karan Johar will dance final time and on Paso Double.  Karan speaks that the industry people will not take him seriously now since he has danced much on Jhalak and then karan goes on the stage and performs on the Rock and Roll Tu Mere Soniye with Madhuri and Remo.

2nd Performance Round: (Relay round)

The top 3 will perform one after another non-stop and the top performer will get 10 points, second one will get 9 pts and the third one will get 8 pts, and the scores will be aggregated with last week scores to decide the winner.
– Ashish starts first with Dabangg title song remix version and performs with Shampa and shows much energy and intense look.
– Karan performs next with Bhawna on the Abhi to Party Shru Huyi Hain song and does well.
– Shakti performs with Tushar in black dress on the Tera Bina Mujhe Yaar Na Mile..song and performs well.
– All top 3 Jhalak finalists then perform together on the Jash-E-Ishqa song and in sync and ends on that exciting note.

Ranvir speaks that the judges will give scores and the public votes will be aggregated and the cumulative score will decide the winner. Karan gets 10 points from judges, Ashish gets 9 pts and Shakti gets 8 pts. Manish speaks of the tabulation team and wishes the top 3 best. Karan Johar, Madhuri and Remo are on stage and Karan gets the results cover in his hand. First, he wishes all the best and speaks that Shakti Mohan is not in Top 2. Karan speaks that Shakti is a winner and regards her journey as beyond international standards. Karan speaks that now the race is between Ashish and Karan and for the first time there is a Tie result. But they cannot end the result as the Tie and if they consider the public (viewer) votes then there is a winner and the winner is Ashish Sharma.

Ashish becomes excited on hearing the winner announcement and punches his hand in air and greets Remo and holds the trophy. Ashish hugs Karan and he wins 30 Lakh INR cash, Mahindra XLV 500. Ashish’s wife Archana Taide greets him on stage and Jhalak’s journey on that happy note.

* We, TellyReviews wish all the Jhalak finalists – Karan Tacker, Shakti Mohan and Mouni Roy and the Winner Ashish Sharma the very best in their future work endeavors.

Image credit: Twitter page of Colors TV, Couple of pics from Karan Tacker’s and Lauren Gottlieb’s Twitter pages.


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