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Gumraah Season 4 Episode 4 Sarika's story

Abhay Deol (the host) speaks that phones have become addiction from necessity and we all want to be connected 24/7 as well. He speaks that likes and comments on social sites have become a way of life. He suggests just to get approval people can do anything. Actor Tanisha Mukherji is the special host for this episode and speaks about today’s story of a girl Sarika.

The story starts with two young girls sitting at a cafeteria on 16th September 2011 at 2:45 PM, Cafe Schmidt and one of the girl speaking to another on not accepting her FB message. Sarika Patil age 14 replies to her friend Annu (14 yrs) of accepting her FB message later and speaks of sporadically coming on FB and from cyber cafe. Another girl Kirti (14 yrs) is also with them and suggests that it matters who uploads the photo and she informs of receiving a friend request from Ashwin. Kirti have accepted Ashwin’s request and Sarika becomes sad since she is not active on social sites and even doesn’t have a good phone. Sarika sends a friend request to Ashwin via Kirti’s mobile and he has accepted it.

T Sarika’s wishes her happy birthday and she then starts looking for her phone and her mother speaks of giving phone only if she gets admission in Science. Sarika tries to convince her mother on the necessity and just wishes a smart phone and doesn’t need money for the whole year in return. Tanisha speaks that Sarika’s stubborn nature was troubling her parents but finally they give in and gave a new smartphone to her on 17th September 2011 (8:30 pm) at their home. Sarika feels excited and happ and takes selfie first.  Sarika’s friend wants her to give mobile number to Ashwin and she informs of putting on FB and he will see it from there. Ashwin greets and goes but doesn’t talk.  Sarika finds that her birthday pics only got 23 likes and her friend Kirti got 89 likes just for some selfie pic with coffee. She wonders how come she got so few less likes and soon her mother asks her to bring Asthma pump for her and she takes time at first to get and finally gets one and gives it to her mother. Sarika speaks on how she will get more likes/comments from Kirti.

T Abhay speaks that just to get more likes and comments she created fake social profiles and he speaks that like her there are similar social sites addicts who does similar thing to become popular and he raises the question whether our self-esteem and worth is dependent on thes likes ? Tanisha speaks that Sarika’s life was revolving around the number of likes and to overpower Kirti in the number of likes and both friends Kirti and Sarika in a sense have a cold war brewing between them. Sarika learns that Kirti got 397 likes when she wrote an update on going to Navratri in one week. Sarika goes to Jenko’s Tattoo Parlour on 24th September 2011 at 3:15 PM and she wants a tattoo near her shoulder. Annu asks how come her parents have agreed ? Sarika replies that her parents are unaware and once the tattoo is done they will agree to it. Annu speaks of pain but the parlour employee speaks of no pain and soon Sarika gets a call from her mother but she doesn’t accept it citing that whenever she does adventurous thing she gets a call from mother. Sarika gets the tattoo and comes home and her mother where she have been until then and she have tried to call her many times but in vain. Sarika’s mother informs that 5K INR is being stolen from her father’s wallet and cites worry on how to pay the pending bills and other expenses. She then some mark on Sarika’s school shirt and asks whether it is of ink. Sarika becomes nervous and then goes inside her room and takes a selfie pic with the Butterfly Tattoo..She uploaded the pic on her social site with the message – OMG, what a tattoo, I am a bad girl. Abhay speaks that Sarika was breaking the trust of her mother just to get more attention and adulation on FB. Tanisha speaks that rivarly was going on but it is not good thing to break the trust of parents.

Sarika is attending a Garba night with Annu and Ashwin comes there and speaks of feeling pain when came to know about her tattoo. Soon, Kirti comes and shows her surprise which is putting bead on her belly button. Ashwin is much impressed and takes a selfie of Kirti and speaks that it will go on FB at that same moment. Sarika feels sad and dejected and Annu sees her going. Sarika begins to cry and her mother tries to call but she doesn’t accept the call. She looks at the social site with her pic and also the one of Kirti and then goes to the dance floor in angry mode. She then finds her mother who takes her away after scolding her. Abhay speaks that heartbreaks are difficult and Ashwin was not only a love interest for Sarika but also like a trophy for facebook rivalry and Sarika doesn’t want to give up easily.

In their school J.P High School on 3rd October 2011 at 11:40 am in the class, Kirti is seen happy to see her updates and chatting with Ashwin and Sarika looks at both of them. Kirti and Ashwin are seen together at home and she wants to go on a grand premiere of a movie and he cites that they have ordered a pizza. But she insists because Sarika will be going with her boyfriend so why can’t she ? Sarika steals money from her father’s wallet and then goes to buy flowers for herself and gives the address. At the cafeteria, she gets the flowers as per the order and informs Kirti there that her boyfriend Bobby has send it to her. Kirti becomes jealous. At Sarika’s home in the night, when she was on social site, she received a request message from some guy Dilip who flatters her that she is much better than Katrina. She first writes to block him and then learns that he is 23 years old. Another time later on 5th October 2011, at 5 pm at her home, she is engrossed in social site and her mother informs on firing the maid because she was stealing money from her husband, herself, and even prayer’s room. On learning it, Sarika feels shameful.

In the school next day 6th October at 1 pm, Ashwin and Kirti are talking about Sarika’s boyfriend and he informs that the boy is also part of bikers club as well. He informs on going there but haven’t met Bobby there and then goes to play Tennis. Sarika shows a silver bracelet to kirti which is given by her boyfriend Bobby and asks her whether she is jealous ? Kirti replies that she doesn’t have a fake boyfriend like her and speaks it a lie. Kirti wants Sarika to introduce Bobby and puts a challenge to meet him. Kirti makes an offer that she will delete her FB account if Bobby comes and if he didn’t come then Sarika has to delete her FB account and also need to apologize them because of her lie. Sarika accepts her challenge and makes a plan to bring her boyfriend Bobby at the cafeteria next day. Sarika remembers about the challenge at home and then sends a message to Dilip and asks him whether he is seriously 23 years old ? She sends her username and password and wants him to put his name as Bobby Jaiswal and asks for a favor for him.

Next day, she waits for Dilip on the roadside and he comes there on his bike and compliments her that she looks more cute in real life than in photo. Dilip speaks of taking her to the cafeteria and suggests of acting as her boyfriend at the cafeteria and also reminds of her promise that she will show him her tattoo live. She then sits on his bike and  they leave. At the cafeteria on 7th October 2011, at 3:00 PM, Kirti speaks to Annu that Sarika will not come since she was lying. Ashwin speaks what is the matter if there is a boy or not in Sarika’s life but Kirti speaks showing off is not good and wants to see Sarika deleting her FB account. Soon, Sarika comes there with Dilip who is acting as Bobby and they take coffee with Kirti and others. Sarika before leaving asks Kirti to delete her FB account and she does it as promised. Sarika feels happy on meeting her objective and Dilip suggests that she has won her bet and wants to celebrate by taking her to his home. She speaks of getting late and scolding by her mother but he insists and blackmails her to go with him otherwise he will infrom others of his real identity. He takes her on his bike and her mother on the roadside sees her going on a bike with a boy. Sarika is seen at Dilip’s home on 7th October 2011 at 8:10 pm and he is asking her for a beer. He drinks the beer alone and she speaks that Kirti was jealous to see them together. He suggests that if she uploads one intimate pic of theirs then Kirti will be more jealous.

She informs that Kirti has deleted her FB profile and he then suggests that Ashwin and other friends will inform her. She then takes a close selfie with him and he then asks her to show the tattoo and forces upon her. She pushes him away and takes her bag and he informs her on exposing and calls her as cheat. He exposes her lie on facebook and she reads all facebook messages and updates about her. Her mother is calling her but she is not taking the call and also not in her full sense on the road. She manages to escape unhurt from a car and soon Annu calls her and informs that Kirti has informed all on her lie and she suggests her to first delete her FB account and asks why does she created a fake boyfriend in first place? Sarika goes to her home while crying and then informs her mother of coming late because of chemistry classes.Her mother slaps her because she saw her on a bike roaming with boy and asks about the identity of the boy. Her mother looks at her phone and finds the photos of her with Dilip. Sarika questions her mother on why to send her to a high profile school if they don’t have enough financial resources ? Her mother speaks of being difficulty in paying the fees and doing good for her. Sarika argues with her mother and just wants her phone back and in the process the mother gets the Asthma attack but she again doesn’t listen to her first and then goes to take the Air pump but when she gets the pump she doesn’t bring it back instead hides the pump.

She comes down and her mother is feeling breathless and wanting the pump. Sarika then realizes the seriousness of the problem and goes to fetch the pump which she has hidden at the window. Because of her mistake the pump falls down in some area which is not accessible and she couldn’t get it. She then runs for help to neighbors since her mother was unconscious and when she comes back she finds her mother dead. Sarika begins to cry and remembers the moments with her mother and how she played with pump prank and stubborn. Tanisha speaks that Sarika lost her mother because of her silly obsession and if she would have put more interest in her real life than virtual then her mother would have been alive today. Abhay speaks that it is sad our self-worth now lies in likes, approvals and comments and suggests that before connecting with others we need to have a self-connect. He speaks that phones don’t always connect you and sometimes they disconnect you from everything around you. Sarika just for FB likes started creating fake profiles and she started on a wrong path, stealing was the second wrong signal and blaming her mother was the third signal.

Abhay suggests that instant approval can also lead you to astray [Gumraah]. Kirti continues to be one of the most popular students in the school and puts her selfies on FB still and she has broken all ties with Sarika after the incident. Kirti broke-up with Ashwin on a petty matter after few months. Annu and Sarika continue to remain good friends and Annu until now doesn’t know how to console Sarika. Sarika’s father has still not come to terms with his wife’s tragic death and he still regrets the decision to buy a smartphone for Sarika. Sarika holds herself responsible for the death of her mother though she is innocent according to law. She spends most of her time alone and rarely speaks to anybody.She has broken her phone and deleted her FB profile. She is just studious now and talks with Annu sometime and not in touch with Kirti, Ashwin, and others.

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