Monday Fun Shockers on Life Ok


life ok

Ek Boond Ishq:

Mj has become conscious, he comes out of this ward and starts walking, He recalls his all moments with Tara, he gets his memory back, he recalls their marriage, their moments in stable etc, nurse stops him from going, Mj says nobody can stop me from meeting my Tara.

Gustakh Dil:

Shalini is in hospital. DK asks the doctor to save her, and he wants to talk to her to take her statement. The doctor says she has to get stable first. DK says she can save someone’s life. Nikhil is tensed being alone. He cries and Lajjo cries in her room. Nikhil is beaten up by the goons. Lajjo’s diya blows off.

Laut Aao Trisha:

Amrita asks if she is the same Swati whom Trisha fought with and reminisces Trisha telling that she hates Swati but is praying for her papa. She asks if she used to have alcohol. He says just once. Pratik warns Lavanya that he will get her out of company. She warns him to tell his secret to Amrita. She informs about his extramarital affair with Neha.

Nadaan Parindey:

Meher says no, he will come back. Bebe says no, he won’t come back, he is gone. Meher cries and hugs her. Meher prays to send Iqbal back. Sameer is coming back home.

Tumhari Pakhi:

Anuja keeps something in Ayaan’s bag and leaves. Ayaan’s school principal calls Pakhi and veer and shows cigarette packets from his bag. Ayaan says he does not know who kept it. Anuja says I know, Riya did this.


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