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Balika Vadhu:

Teacher asks, what is the difference between ‘to revolve’ and ‘to rotate’? Dadisaa gets up and says she knows the answer. She starts rotating to explain earth rotation. She then explains sun revolving around the earth and says it is revolving. Everyone look at her with surprise. Teacher is speechless too. Dadisaa’s classmates says what shall we address you. One girl says Dadisaa dost, other says Dado. Dadisaa says, it is good.


Surayya in her room says Zarina that Zain wants to remarry Aaliya, why. Zarina says this marriage will not happen as per islamic rules and tells her the rules. Surayya gets happy hearing that. Zain and Aaliya promote their new time slot of 11 p.m. Surayya says Aaliya has to perform halala nikah and marry someone else and divorce him to remarry Zain.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
<p style="text-align:justify He says that he values his principles over Ishani’s self respect, and hence asks her to sign an I OWE YOU, form. she agrees to do so. Ranvir gets tensed. Ishaani signs the I owe you form, and then leaves, while ranvir watches her amused.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sid disguises as a post man and says to Sunaina there is a letter for Vikrant. Vikrant comes and says this is Karthik’s home. I never gave this address to any correspondent. Sunaina says who could send the letter then?

Shastri Sisters:

The goons scare Minty and asks her not to let her daughter speak against them. Minty is shocked. Anushka asks Devyaani to help Minty, and says few guys have threatened her.

<p style="text-align:justify Prabhakar apologizes to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini aand says Aditya took her with him. Girja takes Chakor. Aditya asks Bhaiya ji to let him take Chakor with him to Lucknow. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Chakor smiles.


Malvika is the most shocked of them all. Ambika agreed? She seems to be a very bad person from what all I have heard from your people. She wonders how Ambika agreed so soon. Meethi too gets thinking. Everyone is stunned to hear Ambika’s voice in Bundela House as she asks for a pen..



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