Yeh Hai Aashiqui 8th December 2013 Episode 20 starring Gurneet Singh, Parth Samthaan and Heli Daruwala on Bindass – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 20, Parth and Minni's Love Story on Bindass, 8th December 2014

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) welcomes all and speaks that after hearing today’s love story you will say it isn’t possible and then suggests on not finding the word impossible in the dictionary of love. The story is about Parth and Minni who know each other from childhood but not were friends and met again in College. Let’s see what is the difficult thing, impossible element in their story, let’s find out. The story is set in Mumbai 2011.

The story starts with Minni seen with her parents and she is checking her weight at a machine and the note with her weight has the message that a knight in shining armour coming to take off your feet. He speaks to his daughter Minni that a prince charming will come and take her away with him. Minni wants his dad to say prince charming instead of just prince and she speaks in punjabi of feeling sentimental when her father speaks of his wishes for her. Minni then goes in her father’s three wheeler scooter and is very happy to get prince charming message in the note. She reaches college and calls her father with love as Daada. He becomes emotional and she asks him for one kiss from her father and gets one and leaves. Sooner, Parth comes on his bike with Sonia and Minni is also there. Sonia taunts Minni suggesting she is not made to sit on the bike. Parth comes in the class and Minni shows a sign that she objects him. A new entrant Priyanka who joined the college in mid-term came into the college and the teacher asks Minni to take care of her so that she can cope up with studies and syllabus. Minni compliments Priyanka on her beauty and on other hand Parth and Priyanka have the first exchange.

Next day, Minni is about to go with her father and she then finds Parth at the gate and she asks what he is doing there ? He speaks of coming to see a friend in the neighbourhood and speaks of going to college and can drop her if she wants. Minni’s father Daada agrees to let Minni go on the bike though he was initially nervous. Minni remembers how Sonia had made a taunt at her earlier. Minni finds difficulty in sitting on the bike but finally does it and goes on the bike with Parth. Both comes to the college and Sonia sees them together and becomes jealous. When Minni thanks him he asks her he did because they are friends and the smart Minni then suggests that he took her on a ride because he wants an intro from Priyanka via her since she is close to her. He speaks to Minni that she is smart and it looks that she has made the plan for him and asks how did she thought in that way ? Minni replies on knowing him since 7 years and they only have fake smiles few times and last time they have spoken once in 10th Standard when she got the student of the year and topped in school at that time. She then speaks after those things now he has dropped her on his bike after such a big gap. He then admits that she is right and he did it all for the intro and suggests that from next time he will not be things minded and speaks that they are now friends. Minni responds that she will follow their friendship and because of it will make sure he befriends Priyanka. Parth and Minni shakes hands and both smiles.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Minni was chilled out girl and didn’t took anybody seriously and used to look for humor in everything. For her, family, dad and her dreams was everything.

Priyanka thanks Minni for helping her in the assignments. As they were walking in the college building, the papers which Minni carries are dropped and Parth helps her in picking them up. Minni finds the opportunity to introduce Parth to Priyanka and even goes on to praise parth by calling him as the most liked boy in the college whom girls drool over. Minni calls him hot and sweet while he himself feels humble and loss of words. Minni doesn’t stop and then suggests priyanka that if she wants to make a boyfriend in college then that boy should be Parth because there is no better guy than him. Minni smiles and Parth returns smile at her as well.  In the class, the teacher informs them of inter-college festival and their batch will perform a play and they have to decide. Minni speaks of doing a Romeo-Juliet play and suggests that Parth and Priyanka will play those roles and then goes on to suggest that there will be no other girl more beautiful than Priyanka for that role and Parth is the best Romeo of that batch. Minni says done while Priyanka speaks of not knowing acting.

The teacher agrees on Minni and speaks to them on the preparation. Parth is elated and very happy at that development. Minni, Parth, Priyanka and others are at the preparation and rehearsal’s place of ex-student Rohan and Neerav. Rohan speaks them that Mishti should not be affected which turns out to be a small fish which resides in a pot and also money plant should be watered regularly and if they do things well then his Mausi (Aunt) will be happy. Minni speaks of taking care of both Mishti the fish and money plant since she likes them. The Romeo and Juliet rehearsals are started there and Parth as Romeo reads the dialogue while proposing to Juliet (priyanka in that role) while on his knees. Parth as Romeo speaks that he wants to spread brightness and suggests that moon has already became dark after seeing her brightness and even the stars will shower their sparks and the birds will feel that evening has gone and morning has arrived. As Romeo, he further adds that if he was a glove then he would have been touching the cheeks a lot. Minni speaks to her friend that Parth is much more romantic than Romeo and smiles looking at him. Her friend suggests to Minni that she was having a crush on him since long time and then Minni asks her friend that she have a crush on Hrithik Roshan then does that mean she will get him ? Minni suggests to her friend that such non-refundable crushes should be crushed and wonders with a smile.

Later, Parth calls Minni and suggests that she has done a magic and she in turn wants him to make sure he doesn’t hurt Priyanka and suggests that it is so because she has introduced him to her and feels responsible. She suggests that if in any way he hurts Priyanka, then he will be fish food. Parth laughs on her warnings which are different as well and he speaks of not disappoint her. Minni’s father comes with some Pakodas and then asks her that she has came closer to Parth so what’s next ? Minni replies that they are only friends and suggests that Parth is so handsome and he is interested in a pretty girl Priyanka and they like each other and refers to them as Romeo and Juliet. Minni’s father suggests that she is a princess who will get her prince charming and also calls her angel and suggests that she is far better than Romeo and Juliet and a special one will come and take her away while looking at her heart and will feel lucky to get her.

Next day at the play rehearsals, Parth is seen talking with his mother and is arguing about his step-father and suggests to his mom that he misses his biological Dad and no one take his place even if that person tries a lot. Parth has now a step-father who is trying to come close to him and earlier when his mother has asked his permission to marry him, he agreed. But Parth still doesn’t come close to his step-father. Minni sees him anxious and worried and speaks to him later that when she was 8 years old her mother died and thus she knows how it is difficult to be a single parent and suggests that her father has really taken her a lot but mother remains mother, right ? She suggests that his mother has married another time for his betterment and it is good that he has someone who is caring for him. He nods his head and she then suggests that if they can love and have their right so why not their parents ? She then reminds him how he dated Gayatri in his 10th standard but later he broke up with her and both of them moved on and now he is in love with Priyanka but she is not judging him. She raises the question that if such things are cool for him then why not for his mother ? Parth contemplates on her thought and looks at her and she then suggests of speaking a lot but wants him to think on it. Parth is seen with priyanka roaming around and Minni is happy to see the couple. Parth drops Minni to college sometimes and Priyanka later informs Minni on liking Parth as well and calls him a cute guy.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 20, Parth and Minni's Love Story on Bindass -2, 8th December 2014

Minni comes to Parth  and informs him that Priyanka has spoken that she likes him and he becomes surprised but wants her to eat first. Minni speaks a lot while Parth looks at her and both have smiles. Later, Parth does the Romeo role and Priyanka aka Juliet is not there with him. He speaks of not able to speak the dialogue since Juliet is not there and then asks Minni to play the role of Juliet since she remembers the dialogues. Minni initially hesitant but then agrees and starts in the role of Juliet. Minni as Juliet speaks the dialogue while looking at Romeo that is not easy to woo or win her because she will not say yes and he has to earn to win her. She speaks of hiding a lot but thats true that she loves him as well. Both holds their hands, she continues to speak that everybody will agree that her love will be different and both share eyelocks while holding hands. Minni’s friend suggests that Minni has done the role of Juliet in true essence and calls her true Juliet and thinks that she should have done the role.

Minni speaks that Priyanka is beautiful and she is a perfect Juliet and she just filled in for her. Sooner, Priyanka comes there though late but with a cake for Parth since it is his birthday. Priyanka informs that Minni has been telling to her since morning about his birthday and the cake so she didn’t forget. Minni carries a heavy heart and in tears at that moment and Parth goes to her with a big piece of cake so as to support her. She speaks of not being able to handle emotional things and cites family problems. He goes from there and she eats the cake piece and cries while eating. In the night, as Minni was going back to her home, Parth comes in and wants to drop at her home and even it is birthday. Minni speaks how it is uncomfortable for her to sit on bikes and as she tried to sit on the bike she falls down and gets hurt. Some boys make fun of Minni and they are confronted by parth and when Priyanka smiles to see Minni again parth asks her how could she laugh on her situation?  Parth learns that Minni is hurt and then takes her to the clinic. Later, Parth takes Minni to come isolate open place on a terrace. He speaks that the place is close to his heart because here he opens up his heart and remember what he has done in the past year while also remembering his father. She begins to cry and then suggests its her family problem to behave in that way when being emotional and suggests that her father would have cried more.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that he knows many girls who wants to look good so that they can find a boy who will show interest and love them. He then suggests that’s not true in love because how you look, skin color, weight doesn’t matter. He speaks that personally for him a girl’s sense of humor, intelligence and friends circle are important and Parth is also like him and he judged Minni not on her looks but at her humor, open heart nature, and caring attitude. Rithvik speaks that Parth has shared his valuable and touching moments of life with her because of those reasons, but he did because of their friendship ?

Minni is seen lying on a bed and remembering Parth and also in mix of crying and smile mode. Parth on his end is also in thoughts about Minni and their good moments together. Parth remembers how Minni told him that she is not judging him now when he is in love with Priyanka and had earlier broke-up with Gayatri in 10th standard. He also remembers how priyanka was reminded about his birthday many times and the cake by Minni. He then remembers Minni’s words when enacting as Juliet though she hides but she loves him a lot. Parth speaks to his friend that he feels that the day is incomplete if he doesn’t meet Minni and doesn’t know why he wants to share all the things with her. He speaks of not understanding and then his friend suggests that he is talking like a Romeo. Parth then ponders whether he is in love with Minni. At Minni’s end, she remembers how she was made fun by Sonia and some boys later on Parth’s birthday and thinks to lose weight. Next Morning, Minni prays and does exercise so as to become thinner. She does stretching a lot and even has to stop eating Pakodas and starts dieting. Minni’s father learns that she is doing dieting. Later, Priyanka meets Minni and informs her that parth has sent a message inviting her to meet alone in the library and she thinks that he will propose to her today and is very excited. Minni wants a treat from her if parth proposes to her and she will gladly go to treat though she is on diet.

Priyanka meets Parth and he informs her on loving Minni – I Love Minni message. Priyanka becomes shocked and he speaks of not knowing how he fell in love with Minni. Priyanka calls him a jerk and suggests that for so much time he was trying to woo and impress her and now speaking about loving that Fatty. He replies Minni is the name and she calls him idiot and becomes annoyed and leaves. Minni also comes there in the library and asks what happened to Priyanka since she left in angry mode. Parth speaks to Minni of being in love but not with Priyanka and then comes close to her a bit and confesses his love for her – I love you Minni. Minni becomes shocked and gets nervous and falls down. Parth tries to get her back and conscious and she gets up and thinks that Parth has played a prank on her. She then speaks of liking him but thinks that he is playing a prank on her. He then speaks that seriously he loves her and has realized that whenever he has to share something he always approached her and asks if this is not love then what is it ? Minni suggests that they cannot love and reminds how both are different in their looks and thinks that people will make fun of them and refer to his girlfriend as Moty (Fatty). He tries to calm her down and speaks that someone special and beautiful to you will be your love and the same has happened to him. Minni and Parth shares eyelocks and smiles [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays] . She asks what about Priyanka ? At the same moment, Priyanka comes there.

Priyanka apologizes to Minni and then suggests on becoming annoyed when learning that Parth loves her and thus she overreacted and doesn’t mean all those things. She realized when she went out that she should be happier for them and also she learnt from the Romeo-Juliet play that only Juliet was the best girl from Romeo. Moreover, Priyanka speaks of a lesson she learnt that if you are beautiful from inside then life will become beautiful as well and what it really matters that if you accept yourself then love will automatically come to you. She then wants Minni to forgive her and wishes to continue their friendship. Minni carries smile on her face and nods her head to continue their friendship and hugs her. Parth asks Minni for her hug. She teases him a bit and then finally both share a warm hug and thus becoming lovestruck. Parth and Minni goes from there while holding their hands and with smile. The voiceover speaks a couplet from the famous Poet Ghalib – Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan.. Bas Itna Samaj Lijiya.. Aankh Ka Dariya Hain Bas Doob Ke Jaana Hain whose simple translation is love is not an easy thing and many times we have to face hardships and uphill tasks to get it.

Rithvik speaks that Parth and Minni’s love story was sweet and mature according to their age. They are still together and Minni’s father Daada continues to become sentimental when thinks about his daughter’s marriage. He asks viewers to share their opinion/feedback using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui on Bindass TV twitter page.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 20 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note: Indeed, we believe this is one of the best Episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui (in top ranks). Happy to write it now. Kudos to the Actors [Gurneet, Parth and Heli] and Yeh Hai Aashiqui team. Special Mention to Gurneet Singh for portraying natural acting and continue to remain in her character until the end.

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