Ayesha secures Pankhudi and risks her life to get kidnappers caught in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Ayesha secures Pankhudi in  Pyaar Ka Dard Hai


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Anshul, Sangeeta and Sahil are the trio behind Pankhudi’s being held captive for two years and her coma state. They are still after her to kidnap her again and take her back with them, as Pankhudi knows their big secret. The trio gets their roots in the Diwaan Mansion. Sangeeta gets there as Pankhudi’s nurse, Anshul as the driver, and Sahil as the courier delivery boy, who gives a gun to Anshul. Those guys are stone hearted and does not pity on Pankhudi’s state. They want to shut her mouth before she comes out of coma and speaks to her family. Adi, Rubel and Ayesha notice something fishy and get hold of their culprits after they firm their doubts with their sketches provided by Inspector Sawant.

While they fail the trio’s kidnap plan once at their home, they rush Pankhudi to the hospital, where the trio try again to kidnap her. Sangeeta fools Adi and sends him to meet Dr Rustam and another neuro surgeon. She also sends Rubel to take photocopies of some fake reports. Everyone is busy doing the Akhand puja at home for Pankhudi’s safety and recovery. Harish prays that any angel saves Pankhudi. Ayesha arrives at the hospital with the tiffin and notices Pankhudi being taken away. She asks Rubel to hurry up as the guys just took Pankhudi. She lays a plan to trap them, by taking Pankhudi’s place and risking her life. She saves Pankhudi by going with them. While they rejoice of having kidnapped Pankhudi and no one would be able to catch them again, Ayesha hears their conversation and tries to know the reason of their crime. The daring Ayesha risks her life just for Adi’s love for Pankhudi. She becomes a symbol of sacrifice once again. Adi comes to know Pankhudi is safe and its Ayesha who got kidnapped. What will Adi do now? Where will Ayesha’s sacrifice take her? Adi calls Sawant and they try to reach Ayesha at the soonest? Will Adi find her before she is harmed? Keep reading.






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