Birbal to make an entry in Jalal’s life and Darbaar in Jodha Akbar

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jalal and akbar


Mahamanga is gone after dragging the show to the maximum reach she could, and the makers have drawn another famous character from Akbar’s life. The track will be shifting to new entries, Birbal and his wife. We have heard lots of stories about Akbar and Birbal in childhood, and now its time to see them in the show entertaining us. The cleverness of Birbal, his wits and sharp senses will be witnessed in the show as he will be soon shown in Jalal’s Darbaar and winning his heart by his clever mind and best handy solutions.

The show will also focus on Ruks and Jodha’s equations when it comes to their sons, as Ruks will be taking one as promised by Jodha. Jalal will be then intimated that only one son is born and this will be a plan to break Jalal and Jodha’s relation. Ruks will always be at her smart moves, to outdo the couple. Birbal will be giving the perfect guidance to Jalal and let’s see whether he proves to bring this truth now. Birbal’s entry will be worth to watch as some interesting twists are coming in. Keep reading.



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