Gopi slaps Paridhi and determined to kick her out of Modi Bhavan in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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saath nibhana saathiya


Paridhi (Pari) is trying to take Rashi’s place in the house, and keeps on reminding everyone how capable she is. She tells Jigar that she will be a better wife than Rashi, thus annoying him more. Pari kissed Jigar by forcing her love on him, making him feel she is just pathetic. Pari tries to strike back on Gopi by her clever plans, but Gopi understands her moves well. Pari gets fed up of the kids and her being sweet drama. She decides to make the kids sleep and uses the cough syrup to mix in their juice glasses. She plans to get some peace of mind and the confusion creates havoc. Even Pari drinks it and she tells Urmila her plan and what she did. Urmila gets angry knowing Pari’s stupid act could harm the kids. She scolds her and even raises her hand on her. Pari fumes and uses ketchup to spoil her face. A silent Gopi rages seeing this misbehavior, and slaps Pari on her mistake. Pari too gets high and raises her hand to slap Gopi, but Gopi holds her hand and scolds her asking her not to dare to do this again. She hurts Pari and Urmila look on.

Urmila and Pari have a talk about their plan, where Pari will be helping her get Rashi’s son Tolu/ Molu back and she asks Urmila to help her get Jigar’s love. Gopi hears this and is keen to get Pari out of the house in the Navrati days. Pari is trying hard to win Jigar’s heart, but keeps on failing as he loves only Rashi and is loyal to her even after her death. Jigar calls her incomparable to Rashi’s nail and asks her to leave from his life. An angry Pari decides to get married to him again legally and infront of everyone during the Navratri event. Pari and Gopi have a straight head on war, as Pari is firming her roots in Jigar’s life and Gopi is trying to kick her out. Gopi gets to know Pari’s real intentions of getting Jigar’s property by showing fake love for him. Kokila is giving many chances to Pari and going against Gopi’s warnings, will she realize Pari is not suitable for Jigar? Pari’s lies are increasing day by day to cover up her motives. Will Gopi succeed in ruining Pari’s plan? All we can say as of now is, Rashi is surely missed tremendously. Keep reading.


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