Niranjan’s evil elements to uncover in Shlok’s eyes, Finally!! — In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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We have written before about Niranjan going to be gifted the ‘’Baba ji ka Ghanta’’ by Shlok, as the best and perfect father image will be shattered in his eyes. While the show dragged many episodes by bringing many parallel tracks, like Mansi and Varad and Jyoti’s life, now the track is back on Astha and Shlok’s office romance and their new deal for the American Client. The scene of goons chasing Astha at night and Shlok saving her is a good one, like the one which was shown in the early episodes of the show. Astha’s hugging to Shlok is really cute to see. Shlok’s anger on the goons shows his love. Astha and Shlok have still love in their hearts and Astha wants to make Shlok forget everything and accept her. But he is adamant that she should first apologize to Niranjan and make her act right. Astha is determined to expose Niranjan’s evil side and she gets some proofs against him.

Astha makes sure to explain Shlok in a systematic way, not to hurt his feelings, and make the shock bearable for him. The coming episodes will be showing a series of events of Astha’s planning and how Niranjan’s evil face is seen by Shlok, as Astha has described always. Shlok will be stunned to know what all Niranjan did with Anjali, Jyoti and Astha. Astha will be flying the victory flag and this will be shocking Niranjan. Niranjan will be finding it hard to convince Shlok in his words again. Let’s see how Niranjan manages this time, what will be Shlok’s honest action on his father? Will he accept Niranjan’s faults or abandon him? The other track is of Varad and Mansi’s love affair which went on a high in last few episodes. Mansi gets upset knowing she is not pregnant. Sojal gets to see Varad’s phone where she has seen all their private pics and has known his affair with Mansi. She decides to not let go off Varad to Mansi and teach a lesson to her. Mansi wants Varad to give a name to their relation and marry her. Varad refuses her saying he can’t give commitment to her. Sojal goes to confront Mansi about the affair and slaps her in anger. What will Sojal do to stop Mansi from ruining her marriage? Will Mansi back off from Sojal and Varad’s life? Keep reading.


3 responses to “Niranjan’s evil elements to uncover in Shlok’s eyes, Finally!! — In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir”

  1. shans Avatar

    yippeee.. finally.. Na is going to be exposed.. 🙂

  2. Naina Avatar

    Finally NA’s real face is to come infront of Shlok

  3. dhanashree Avatar

    Yehh finally…na is going to expose in front of shlok…loving ashlok scenes..

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