Yeh Hai Aashiqui 28th September 2014 Episode 69 with Sara Khan on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 69 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks that love is like bullet and even before you realize the attack has already happened and suggests that its easy to fall in love but its very difficult to realize it. He informs about today’s story which is of Tamilian girl Mahalaxmi and Punjabi boy Preet. He welcomes all to the show.

The story starts with Preet looking for his marketing book and he is seen with Mahalaxmi and she wants him to take her with him. He speaks that both are different and asks about his name from her. She replies Preet SIngh and he asks about her name and she replies Mahalaxmi Narayan Murthy Govinda Raja. He speaks that there is a big difference in their names and suggests that their living conditions will be different as well. He then goes on to say that statistically speaking the probability of them coming close is very small. She stops him and asks him to keep his meagre statistics and asks him to come out of this mindset. She speaks of staying for 2 years and even they have become serious and used to pamper her by calling Malo.. instead of Mahalaxmi and now all of a sudden he forgot everything and cannot say goodbye to her. She speaks of becoming sentimental and suggests that she will convince his mother. Preet speaks of ignoring her for herself and not for his own. She doesn’t want to listen to him and wants him to see in her eyes and he has to say that he doesn’t love her. Preet looks at her eyes and shouts that he doesn’t love her and says goodbye and starts to leave. Mahalaxmi cries at that development and Preet also goes from there with a heavy heart. She finds the marketing Whitebook and cries [mujh Mein Tu Tu hi Tu Basa song plays].

The story moves forward by 6 months and she is seen at the temple holding the same marketing book and remembers the moments she shared with Preet right from their college days [Batein Batein.. Yuhi Chalte.. Karu Dua. Yahi Dua.. song plays]. She looks at him and both shares eyelocks. He comes to speak to her and asks whether she has any problem ? She becomes nervous and informs him about the pen which he might have lost. He replies that its not his pen and she learns that its prof Singhal’s pen and tells him to give the pen to prof. Preet finds her cute and his friend suggests that she is giving him the line to flirt. Some days later, she keeps a note for him which is I love you message and he takes it and feels happy and both share eyelocks and smiles. He returns the note to her with I love you message from his side. Preet and Mahalaxmi are now couples and they spend time together and selfies. He gives her the name Malo my love instead of Mahalaxmi. The story comes back in present and Mahalaxmi’s father calls her for Puja (prayers) at home and they all does the prayers together. Mahalaxmi’s mother informs about her engagement in 4 days and she speaks of agreeing to the engagement. Her mother informs that she should not think of other boy outside their community and suggests that her husband is very strict about it. Her father speaks to the Mayor that he doesn;t want a Dhaba infront of his hotel and the Dhaba has non-veg food.

He wants to stop that Dhaba’s functioning when the Mayor informs him of not able to do anything in that regard. They have stopped the water supply to the Dhaba and Mahalaxmi’s father confronts the Dhaba owner who turns out to be Preet’s mother. Preet comes there and cools down his mother. She is not happy with that matter and he tries to calm her down further. [Aasan Nahi Aashiq Ho Jaana song plays]. Mahalaxmi is taken by her parents while preet takes his mother with him. Later, Preet and Mahalaxmi meets and she gets hold of him closely and both share eyelocks and after brief time he moves away from her. Mahalaxmi asks why did he came there to Gurgaon and should have gone to Jalandhar. He speaks that Gurgaon is more prosperous and more opportunities and speaks about stats again. She wants him to forget his stats and asks him whether his nights are difficult to pass by like that of her and he doesn’t have much satisfaction. She asks him whether he loves her ? He asks her to forget about their relationship and suggests that he didn’t came there to break her engagement and suggests that their families will not agree about them. She suggests that their love story is not one-sided and also hero loves the heroine otherwise why the hero will know about his heroine’s engagement. he calls her Mahalaxmi instead of Malo. She speaks that one day he will confess his love for her by saying Malo – I love you. After saying it, she leaves.

Preet speaks to himself that he loves Malo and also he came there because of her but now they can’t be together even if they wanted and feels helpless. Mahalaxmi’s to be fiance comes there and she pampers him and also helps him in eating food. Preet looks at her and couldn’t concentrate on his work at Dhaba and drops some things Her fiance also gives her food. Preet’s mother speaks about an incident where a couple from different caste married and the boy’s mother got a heart attack and she then asks that he will not do such thing, right ? Rithvik speaks that Preet felt helpless a lot to the amount he never felt. He couldn’t come close to her even if wants to. He was afraid in his life to take decisions and was not sure that he and mahalaxmi will be together in life and then they meet again. On other hand Mahalaxmi was determined to win back Preet in her life. Preet’s mother starts to think that her son starts to like that girl Mahalaxmi and she then asks him whether he likes her and acts emotionally and carries a tearful voice. She informs that if he married outside their community then they will not be able to stand in their society and also his sister’s marriage will be at stake. She again asks him whether he is liking that girl Mahalaxmi. Mahalaxmi speaks to her father about the residents who are staying in that city for 20 years and he asks her why is she supporting some people ? Preet replies to his mother on not liking the girl and leaves. Preet and Mahalaxmi comes out and shares eyelocks while looking at each other and her father looks at them. He carries helplessness and few emotions on his face. Preet’s Dhaba is being evaluated for license inspector and mahalaxmi earlier heard her father speaking on phone that he has mixed some thing in Dhaba’s food items which will annoy the license inspector. Preet is seen with the license inspector at the Dhaba and the inspector is about to eat the chicken fried legs.

Mahalaxmi comes and stops the inspector from eating it and informs them that something is mixed in it. The chicken falls on the ground because she was trying to keep it away and the inspector becomes upset and leaves while cancelling the license. Preet eats a part of that chicken leg and learns it is good. She informs on seeing her father a while back and stops short to speak more as her father called her name. Preet’s mother becomes annoyed with her and suggests that she came there to spoil the inspection. Mahalaxmi’s father compliments his daughter there and she then tries to convince Prince that she didn’t do anything regarding the license cancellation and chicken matter. Preet asks whether her father has framed her and she doesn’t reveal her father’s action and suggests on not knowing. She speaks of knowing that even she cannot do any damage to him by mistake as well and begins to cry and informs him that she loves him a lot and calls him the love of her life. She goes to hug him and confesses her love for him – I love you message. Preet is shocked and didn’t speak anything and just stands there without much emotions. She then goes to his mother and speaks that she and even her father didn’t have any plans to hurt them. Preet’s mother becomes annoyed and makes a taunt at her father and even her mother is also there. Preet opens up and speaks of being fed up to hear I love you message from her many times and admits that he came there with a little hope to win her back. He speaks that their families will not be happy if they stay together and he suggests on leaving tomorrow which is the day of her engagement. He comes and holds her and informs that he doesn’t love her and cites that it is the last time he spoke the same. Mahalaxmi’s father takes her away while she looks at him [Saiyaa Na Jaa Re song plays].

Preet remembers about the good moments he shared with her and also the pen she gave him. Mahalaxmi’s father speaks to Preet’s mother that things have worked out according to their plans and smiles. He speaks that his daughter doesn’t suspect him and on the other hand Preet suspects his daughter. He gives the Dhaba’s license to Preet’s mother and informs her that from now on Preet should not be seen there even for a day. He speaks of not leaving Preet next time. Preet sees Mahalaxmi’s father going after meeting his mother. He comes to his mother and learns that they got the license and he then realizes of becoming a fool and asks how come his own mother can do such thing ? Preet goes directly to meet Mahalaxmi and calls Malo. He speaks of returning the pen which might have been fallen because of mistake. She remembers how during their college she gave him the pen and then goes to hug him [Saiyaa Saiyaa song plays]. Mahalaxmi’s father comes there and he speaks to her father of taking care of her and also he loves her a lot and will work hard to give her much happiness. He admits on belonging to the same community but vows to give her more happiness than the ones of her community. She also speaks of loving him and tries to convince her father dearly. Her father thinks and suggests that it such a small matter and speaks that he can do anything for his only child – Mahalaxmi. She thanks her father and hugs him while he carries some serious look on his face.

Rithvik speaks that Malo and preet were super excited because her father has agreed on their relationship but then suggests that love is not easy to get.

Mahalaxmi is dressed in Punjabi style and asks Preet how does she look then ? She speaks of feeling bored in her home and even her father didn’t came back from breaking the former engagement proposal. He speaks of going to impress her mother and she stops him and wants to learn how to wear turban which Sikhs wears. He teacher her on how to wear a turban and puts one on her head. Mahalaxmi’s father at his end have send some goons to thrash Preet and giving instructions on phone. He wants the goons to thrash Preet badly so that he couldn’t stand and also wants this thrashing quickly. He then speaks of plans of his daughter’s scheduled engagement. Preet comes there and Mahalaxmi’s father asks where is his daughter ? He replies that at his home and then her father becomes shocked and shows some nervousness. Preet thinks something is fishy there and runs to his home. The goons are already there and starts to thrash mahalaxmi thinking that she is Preet because she was wearing a turban and also from behind. Preet and her father runs fast and he comes fast to see her. He calls her Malo and she asks him whether he has called her Malo and falls down in his lap and becomes unconscious. While holding her, he speaks of his argument before that for their own good they need to be separate and cries. The story moves forward by 1 month and it turns out that Malo has got paralysis from neck down which could last her entire life and she is seen on a wheel chair. Mahalaxmi’s father apologizes to his daughter and bends down on his knees.

Preet asks her father why is he crying and asks them what was their mistake and suggests that they just wanted to be together ? He informs that they have not seen their feelings and love and they only saw the difference in their communities. He asks what’s wrong they did and calls love as the most innocent emotion in the world. He informs his mother that she loves her Dhaba a lot and wants her to take care of it and speaks of not coming again but informs her that he will take care of his sisters marriage responsibilities. Mahalaxmi’s mother speaks in a teary voice that its her mistake and she knows that things are going wrong and she always kept her mouth shut and now she is facing this tough situation and wonders what will happen to her daughter ? Preet steps in there and speaks very clearly that from now on it is his responsibility to take care of Malo. Malo hears him and cries with tears rolling over her face. He wipes her tears away while kneeling down on his knees. He speaks that one day she will speak a lot and it is his believe. He then goes on to put Sindoor on Mahalaxmi’s forehead and in essence does the marriage ritual. She feels relieved and shows grace [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. Mahalaxmi’s father and mother are happy to see their daughter in good hands. Preet takes his to be wife Malo with him and the story ends on that note.

Rithvik speaks that Preet and Malo won and their love won as well but in return for a big sacrifice. He speaks that be in love is not a crime in any religion or culture because they teach us to love and its in our hands to either learn or not learn from it. He signs off by saying – Keep falling in love!!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 69 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note:
We (TellyReviews) believe that the concept of episode’s story that love doesn’t have any boundaries is good. Actors have done their part by fine acting..
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