Abhi and Pragya’s romantic kiss confusion annoys Tanu in KumKum Bhagya


KUMKUM BHAGYA abhi pragya


Finally, Abhi and Pragya are out of the haunted house, after many episodes. The fans got to see their sweet Nok Jhok which shows their love. Abhi wanted to take Tanu with him in the concert, but Dadi made Pragya accompany him. Well, Tanu has followed Abhi and tracked him down. Tanu plans a romantic candle dinner with Abhi and they meet up. While Tanu goes to washroom, Pragya pops up as the hurdle. Abhi holds her hand and gets mistaken that she is Tanu. He gets closer to her and is about to kiss her. Pragya is stunned as its unexpected, that too in the restaurant. Abhi is adamant to kiss her tonight and holds her closer. Pragya wants to free herself, but could not. Just then Tanu pops up and is angry on Abhi seeing this.

The manager comes seeing Abhi getting intimate and stops him. Abhi is keen to kiss and bribes him to leave. Tanu beats Abhi to get him to senses. Abhi opens his eyes and is shocked to see Tanu far and Pragya in his arms. The funny scene makes Tanu doubt in Abhi’s feelings for Pragya and she gets jealous. Pragya and Abhi’s arguments continues and Tanu gets fed up seeing them. She gets angry and leaves them alone. Abhi is stuck between the two ladies yet again. Enjoy the ‘Gharwali – Baharwali’ twist. Keep reading.



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