Mahamanga’s curse impinges Jalal; Hasan and Hussain die by illness in Jodha Akbar

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jalal  mahamanga and jodha in jodha akbar


The show is following history, and will be showing a heartbreaking scene where Jalal and Jodhas son will die ultimately. But before that, lots of twists and drama will be shown. Ruks is unable to bear Jodha as Marium Uz Zamani and wants to take her place. Ruks is jealous even after taking Jodha’s one son Hussain from her. While Jodha is keen to do the upbringing of Hussain, along with Hasan, Ruks does not give her this right. Jodha tells Jalal that she is ready to become Hussain’s Daima, but Ruks gives her a rude answer asking her to back off. Ruks then plans to show Jalal that Jodha is careless and should not be given the kids. She hires the maid Zeenat to harm the kids to put the blame on Jodha, being unaware of Zeenat’s motive to actually kill both the babies. Ruks will be foolishly risking Hussain’s life too.

Zeenat will fail in her attempts and get caught. She will be then taking Ruks’ name. Jalal and Jodha get angered on Ruks for falling so low. Ruks will admit her mistake and state her wish to become Marium Uz Zamani. Jodha and Jalal both do not forgive her, as she has tried to harm the kids for her selfish motive. While Jodha takes care of both her son, after some period, the kids get an illness which become the reason of their death. Jalal breaks down stating its Mahamanga’s curse that has doomed. What will happen next? Keep reading.



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