Paridhi saves Gopi from fire to get raised in everyone’s eyes in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


saath nibhana saathiya

The Navratri functions have started in the show. Pari has challenged Gopi that this year she will be winning the best Dandiya player title, which Gopi has won till now. Urmila warns Pari not to do this, as even Rashi could not win over Gopi in Dandiya Garba. Pari wants to show everyone that she is suitable to take Rashi’s place in Jigar’s life. While Jigar does not want to accept Pari, she is still after him. Pari wins Hetal’s heart by making Jigar cheerful like before. Gopi and Pari compete in the Dandiya competition. While they both are equally ahead, Gopi’s clothes catches the fire and she shouts for help. The entire family looks on and Ahem is standing far, but willing to save Gopi. Kokila recalls the same incident happened with Rashi last year.

Pari saves Gopi in the nick of the time. Everyone compare Pari to Rashi, as Rashi has always saved Gopi. Kokila sees Rashi in Pari and is happy that Jigar found the right girl. Pari’s hand burns in the process and she becomes the heroine in everyone’s eyes. The family starts praising Pari for her bravery and goodness, that she has saved Gopi, despite knowing that Gopi wants to kick her out of the house. Gopi hugs Pari heartily and is still thinking to expose Pari’s truth and not go on her plans. Pari has done all this after lots of thinking, as she wants to earn a strong place in Modi house and get away with Jigar’s property. Will Pari win to take over the Modi’s by her cunning tricks? Keep reading.


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