Ranvi dislikes Baldev’s disorderly ways and rejects his proposal for Veera


ranvi and baldev in veera



A sad time for Veera and Baldev, as Ranvi has finally got to know about her and Baldev’s relation and said a big NO for it. Tough time for the lovers. As the VeeBa’s fans were keen to see them more, its good that Veera and Baldev will be getting more priority and screen time now. Their fans will get a chance to buzz red tweets in their support. The story in the track ahead goes like this: Veera will wait for the right time to talk to Ranvi and tell him about her and Baldev. Veera is sure about Baldev as he has proved his capabilities once again by getting the land papers, which looked impossible to Veera. She gave her not to Baldev agreeing to marry him whenever he says. A glad Baldev breaks this news to Balwant and Bansuri. Bansuri is against Veera, as she is scared of her smartness and sharp nature, thinking she will control her.

Baldev finally convinces Bansuri to say yes, but she has a plan in her heart, unknown to Baldev. While Veera breaks to Ranvi about Baldev and her wish to marry him, Ranvi takes some time to decide. He is stunned as he did not expect this at all, as Veera and Baldev are poles apart. Baldev tries to set a good impression on Ranvi, but situation crops him, which shows Baldev in a bad light, which will show his usual ruling ways and his power on people. Ranvi gets miffed by his disorderly ways and tells everyone that Baldev is not the right guy for Veera. He asks Veera to forget Baldev as he will not allow her to marry Baldev. Veera who is deeply in love with Baldev, takes this challenge to show Baldev’s goodness and love to Ranvi, and make Ranvi say YES for their marriage. Will Veera succeed in convincing Ranvi? Nihaal and Ratan will popup to support Veera and Baldev. Keep reading.


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