Grown-up Ajabde and Pratap’s Scintillating Introduction in Maharana Pratap on Sony TV – Promo Snapshot


Maharana Pratap - Ajabde and Pratap

Maharana Pratap on Sony TV is going for a leap and the lead characters of Pratap and Ajabde are now grown-up and are portrayed by Ssharad Malhotra and Rachana Parulkar. This leap is going to highlight a new Adhyay (chapter) about Pratap’s vigor, Ajabde’s meditation and moreover about a loyal country man and depicts his love story.

In the introduction scene, Pratap comes to meet Ajabde who is seen very happy and excited to meet him. Both smiles looking at each other. But their married life and love story will have to go through all the Adhyay’s in Maharana Pratap’s adult life ranging from territorial conflicts, other battles with Akbar, and to his own personal matters.

The promo informs the viewers that the leap will come into effect from 7th October, 2014 onwards. Stay tuned to Maharana Pratap on Sony TV from Mon-Thurs @ 10 PM. Wishing the best to Ssharad Malhotra and Rachana Parulkar.

Additional Note:
– Twitter pages of Rachana Parulkar and Ssharad Malhotra.

Image credit: Twitter page of Sony TV

Promo: Grown-up Maharana Pratap and Ajabde’s introduction Scene
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  1. our Rachna looking gorgeous ….jo koi bhi rachna ke barema bakavas kiya he un sapko ye zorka thappad ..Rachu god bless u .we all with u ur the queen of our heart love u Rachu

  2. Thnku TR!! for this wonderful article.???U r always supportive!!
    We r very proud of RACHANA ??
    All the best for Sharadh Malhotra & Rachana Parulkar???????

  3. All the best Rachana Parulkar n Ssharad Malhotra.. awsome promo of MP.. Angel waiting 4 ur grand entry in MP.. keep rocking.. u just beyond excellent.. love u a lot

  4. i hve put it in a dffrent way the love bond between Pratap and Ajabde , in the words of Pratap:
    COURT ORDER! U are accused of crawling into my HEART,Hijacking my smiles with your care.U are sentenced 2 be MY Better Half 4-LIFE-no bail!.Where ever u go u are sure to stamp ur mark as an awesme performer and Ajabde is just a cake walk for u. Wish u all the very best our Rachna Parulkar aka kalpi aka Ajabde

  5. Thanks a lot 4 wnderful article, TellyReviews….n Good Luck n All the best Rachana Sharad..Waiting eargely for the 7th…MAHARANI AJABDE N MAHARANA PRATAP… 😀


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