Pyaar Ka The End 3rd October 2014 Episode 8, Rohini and Aryan’s story – Promo Snapshot

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Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 1st Episode

The story is about Rohini and Aryan, a young couple in love. Their life was going on smoothly but then comes a big twist. On one occasion, Aryan is hanging out with his friends and drinking beer and in the spurt of the moment they ask him what is the craziest thing he has done with his girlfriend Rohini ?

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Aryan went in that moment’s flow and might be to prove his male chauvinism and to cast an impression he showed them a MMS clip of him sharing intimate moments with Rohini. His friends become amused on seeing the clip. After then, it turns out that MMS clip has been leaked. Sooner, Rohini comes to know about the MMS clip leak and asks Aryan how that MMS leak happened in a teary voice ? Aryan becomes nervous and seems to be in loss of words while her worry increases rapidly. Aryan haven’t thought much before showing the MMS clip to his friends and somehow leak happened without his knowledge and his one wrong turn has many serious repercussions. Rohini couldn’t manage herself after the leak and decides to give up her life. The Episode’s theme message is – Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin  [Love is not a game]. Stay tuned to Pyaar Ka The End this Friday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

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