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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

The episode starts with news presenter on TV speaks about Mahima Singh’s death and informs that she died in Bangalore hotel and has jumped to death. Ananya’s younger sister is shocked to hear about Mahima Di’s death since she was the sister of her friend Megha. She then learns that Mahima was an airhostess with Inde Air the same airlines where Ananya works.


She then calls Ananya to know more about Mahima Di’s death. Ananya is seen with Rathod and Karan in the pilot’s room and she takes the call but it gets disconnected. Soon, Ananya sees the news about Mahima’s death and the news presenter informs that 48 hrs have passed since her death. The news informs that Mahima died in a Bangalore hotel and possible suicide and in the news room there are expert to speak about her death. Ananya remembers her last meeting with Mahima and at that time Mahima have invited her for some birthday party but Ananya didn’t agree since she had to fly. Mahima wanted to share something with her but then stops short of saying it and suggests that its not the right time and leaves.

Rathod speaks that Karan would have been there on the news studio since he was close to Mahima and attends parties with her and Karan replies on not having any connection with her. Akash calls Karan an A-class jerk on his note on wanting to stay aloof with Mahima after her death. Rathod then asks Akash whether he had a special bonding with Mahima and goes on to suggest that Akash have special bonding with others as well. Akash becomes annoyed with Rathod and gets hold of his collar and Natasha mediates him and takes him away. Sooner then, Ananya also leaves from there. Akash is seen walking with Natasha and she asks him why is he taking things personally ? Ananya runs to Akash and wants to speak something about Mahima and she then informs of being with Mahima on that day in Bangalore. She informs that mahima have cancelled the plan after few seconds and that was strange and thinks that the same thing happened earlier when Mahima left after seeing Akash in a room with her. Ananya doesn’t know whether those incidents are connected with her death and thinks that Mahima wanted to share something with her. Akash leaves and Ananya gets a call from her sister who informs that Mahima’s sister megha is her friend and informs that Megha and her mom have went to speak with Airport authorities and to meet Mr. Sen.

Mr. Sen at the airport authorities asks Megha and Mahima’s mother whether mahima had some mental problems. Megha speaks that her sister Mahima cannot do suicide and becomes annoyed and cries. She laments that if their father was there then he would have handled the situation but unfortunately he is also not there (not alive) and then cries and leaves. Megha finds Karan on the way and introduces herself as Mahima’s sister. He speaks sorry for Mahima and she asks whether he is really sorry and why he haven’t call them ? He speaks of not knowing and she then replies he used to send text messages to her sister round the clock. He pretends to not know it. Megha speaks that her sister was stupid since she also used to put his facebook pics.  He cites some excuse and continues to say that its some misunderstanding and leaves. Akash comes and consoles Megha and provide support and she calls him brother and wants him to take care of Mahima like that of a real brother and reminds him about his promise. Ananya calls her sister and informs that Megha is there and fine now. Mahima’s mom wants to take their daughter’s body and Mr. Sen informs of being helpless. She informs that her daughter is lying in Bangalore mortuary and she also reminds of her husband who was a Kargil war martyr. She speaks that people are calling Mahima as party girl and suggests that she was not like her and also used to help her younger sister. Akash comes and speaks of bringing back Mahima the same day to Delhi. Mr. Sen speaks how come Akash can go and giving promises since Rathod is going to Bangalore. Karan meets Rathod  and Rathod in turn suggests to Karan that that Mahima has fallen in love with him thus spoke about their stories with her sister. They begin to leave. Ananya is seen in the cockpit and Akash comes to meet Rathod and informs of swapping the flight  IDF415 to bangalore. Mr. Sen comes there and informs that Mahima’s Singh parents are in pain and Rathod speaks that its only body and he can bring it what’s the problem.

Ananya is in the cockpit and learns that her co-pilot Rathod is late which happened in five years. Mr. Sen tries to convince Rathod and Akash informs that it would not be honourable for him to bring her. Akash speaks on how Rathod lost his moral right to bring back Mahima’s body (repatriation) by gossiping about her and showing no concern and informs Mr. Sen to do the papers and informs that Rathod will not have a problem with him. Akash comes to the plane’s cockpit and informs Mahima’s mother to forgive him if he has done any wrong before. He speaks of swapping the flight after some convincing Rathod. He makes the announcement for the flight Delhi – Bangalore and they are cruising at 3,000 feet and they are fine. Akash seems to be serious and shaken when Ananya wants to show him the sheet. She compliments him for supporting megha and mahima’s family.  Suddenly, the auto pilot alarm is on and she asks why they are gaining altitude and suggests that they must lose altitude. She asks why are they descending and protests more. She asks why are they going to keep the same altitude and reminds about a flight having the same problem. The airhostesses try to calm down passengers since the captain haven’t informed anything. The auto-pilot is back to normal and Ananya asks how come and he replies experience. Ananya informs that turbulence is not there and she informs about the procedure to take the plane downwards and suggests that he could have avoided the situation. He wants her to shut up and thanks her (the first officer)  for the silence. The plane lands successfully and she learns that Akash is destroying the data and he informs that landing was smooth and he is destroying that data which is permissible for a senior pilot. Akash at the bangalore report meets a man Prasadam – the incharge who is impressed with him. The man Prasadam speaks that if he was not careful  then the plane would have faced same situation like QF72 where passengers were hurt. Ananya apologizes to Akash and he suggests that she catches quickly and informs that her rapport is good and suggests that co-pilot relationships should be friendly and also they should check on each other time to time.

Akash comes to the mortuary and checks Mahima’s body and the man there speaks of the delay and speaks rudely with him. Akash speaks of being the brother of the deceased and informs that if needed the permission of Delhi can also be done and informs of returning by 3PM the same day. Megha informs Akash of arranging the funeral for the evening and he informs of bringing Mahima’s body back by the evening. Akash speaks with a top senior man with whom he is been in regular touch and requests him to make some phone calls in Delhi. The man asks Akash to not become emotional and needs one hour to make his decision. Akash is then seen in the cockpit in the return flight and then learns that Mahima’s body is on board and informs Mr. Sen – the incharge in Delhi. Akash is requesting the ATC Bangalore for taxi and they inform him to stall the flight. Mr. Prasadam asks Akash to delay the flight and Akash informs that IDF 415 wants to take-off. Prasadam then connects Akash to a top politician and Akash informs the politician on not delaying the flight and gives his name when asked about his identity and even Ananya informs her name. Akash calls the politician an unreasonable man and wants Akash to wait for him. Ananya connects with ATC for take-off permission and informs the hostesses to prepare. Mr. Prasadam informs the politician that nothing can be done since the plane has already has taken off and  the politician Minister wants to speak with Akash again and he informs that the civil aviation minister is his brother.

Akash wants the minister to do what he wants and prepares for the take-off and even doesn’t listen to Prasadam again. The minister is seen approaching fast in his cars and Prasadam informs the flight has already taken off. The minister speaks of teaching a lesson to Akash by taking away his job. The plane is cruising and Ananya asks him whether he has done the right thing. Akash speaks of apologizing one time as per the need and suggests that do always according to your heart. Ananya makes the announcement of landing in Delhi and lands well. Akash walks with Mahima’s body with other pilots and staff and he consoles Megha and her mother and they take away the body and leaves. Ananya speaks that life is short and dying is easy and living is difficult but many times fighting in life have the fun which is the essence of life.. Ananya reaches her home and meets her grandfather and younger sister. She informs her sister to not worry Megha and suggests that even Akash is supporting her. She informs Ananya that Akash used to put Rakhi from Mahima’s hands. Ananya opens up on how Mahima wanted to share something. Her sister informs that Megha had a boyfriend in college and Mahima came to knew about it and it might be the case that Mahima wanted to say the same with her. Ananya’s grandfather suggests that its not his granddaughter’s mistake.

Akash is seen going with the the senior official in a car with whom he is  contact with some time. Akash speaks that the paid media is saying that Mahima have done suicide which is a lie and suggests on knowing well that Mahima was murdered. The senior top man informs that if he tells the truth then the murderers will get advantage and cites that they have taken much care to eliminate her and also happy to see the matter to be quiet. He suggests that still there are opportunities to tackle them and Akash replies on not leaving any stones unturned to use those opportunities and fight them.

Next Episode: Anaya and Akash are seen together and he is complimenting her on keeping long hair. They have a dinner together and sharing drinks.

Sneak Peek: Airlines, 5th October 2014
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  1. oh so,akash waz mahima’s bro……..nywys, wanna knw wat actually happened wid mahima……….nd yes d precap iz interesting……….


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