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D3 Dil Dosti Dance:

Swayam and Sharon sat together in the open, Sharon says she always wished to see stars with him. She says they will spend their honey-moon in Spain. He says there is a long time in that, she tells him to take his time. Rey watches them, thinking about Kriya. He thinks that he will bring dance back to the villagers. Rey tells the villagers that they have come here to bring dance back into their lives, the villager asks them to show their dance. They dance together.

Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story:

Amisha tells Anjali that VP proposed her. Anjali asks does she love VP. Amisha tells she likes just as a friend but confused. Anjali, Amisha and Kiera are sitting. Dhruv tells everyone attention as rockstar VP is dedicating a song to a girl.

Sadda Haq :

Maya knows something happened in exam hall and she will never know what it was. I expect this kind of team work from you and never break in my cabin again. Randhir texts Sanyukta and tells her. Sanyukta says I never get you Randhir. Why you did so much for me? He says I did all this me. I like to give you competition. Get ready for your defeat.






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