Aaliya enters Rehaan’s home and reminisces Zain in Beintehaa

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Aaliya has married Rehaan as people are troubling her parents and Zain is attacked by them. So, she finally agreed to do Halala Nikaah as she wants to go back to Zain. She comes to Rehaan’s home as his wife and his children Kabeer and Zara are happy seeing her. They already call her Ammi. Rehaan’s character which will till now absolutely positive will be seen in new avatar, as he madly loves Aaliya and won’t be easily ready to give her divorce. Zain is doubting Rehaan’s intentions and want to expose him. Zain takes Aaliya to the place where Bilal was kidnapped and shows her the nameboard with R H Khan. Aaliya does not believe Zain and says Rehaan will never do this. Zain explains her that Rehaan kidnapped Bilal to marry her. Aaliya is shell shocked and can’t believe this.

Rehaan sees his children’ bonding with Aaliya and he knows his motives are not evil, and he wants Aaliya to be happy. With Zain doubting on him so much, and Rehaan asking Zain to be away from Aaliya till she is married to him, will Zain lose Aaliya forever? Aaliya takes care of Zara and Kabeer like before, but maintains a distance with Rehaan. Is Zain’s doubt about Rehaan true? Keep reading.






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