Baldev gets annoyed seeing Veera and Rajvir in Dandiya Nights in Veera


baldev and veera

Gunjan has brought fashion in the Pind and she arranges the Dandiya party in the Pind for the first time. She wants to unite everyone in the party and wants to relieve everyone of the tension. Gunjan keeps Mata Ki Chowki at home and Veera looks very upset, as Ranvi has given his decision no for Veera and Baldev’s marriage. Veera is worried for Baldev as he was in jail, and she is unable to talk to her. Veera stays aloof and misses Baldev. Ranvi is adamant that Baldev can’t meet Veera now. Veera prays that Ranvi agrees for her and Baldev’s marriage and realizes that Baldev is right for her. Gunjan tries convincing Ranvi saying Baldev is also responsible. She knows Ranvi is brother plus mother of Veera and is over protective for Veera.

Ranvi invites Inspector Rajvir in the party and introduces him to Veera. Rajvir is the one who has saved Veera in the Dangal and also arrested Baldev. Baldev walks in there and sees Veera and Rajvir talking and smiling. Baldev gets angry and leaves from the place. Baldev’s way to protect Veera was not liked by Ranvi, and Ranvi likes Rajvir who is a responsible man. Ranvi suggests Rajvir for Veera and this brings a new twist as Rajvir too starts liking Veera. Veera loves only Baldev and is annoyed with Ranvi’s decision. Will Baldev prove his mettle within time? Keep reading.


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