Grown-up Pratap shows vigor and keeps Mewar’s pride high in Post-Leap Introduction

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Maharana Pratap - Ajabde and Pratap

Ajabde have gone to her maternal home with Mamrak ji and Maharani Jaivantabai have taken exile from worldly things and has become a hermit (Sanyasi). Jaivantabai have left the palace because of Rani Veerbai words who thought that she is snatching the king Maharana Udai singh away from her. It turns out that Veerbai have been influenced by Rani Dheer Bai to speak up against Jaivantabai.

Thus, Rani Jaivantabai has become recluse and took shelter in a temple and has decided to not even meet Pratap before he turned adult. The King Uday Singh thinks that Ajabde is responsible for Jaivantabai’s exit from the palace and hates her. Maharana Pratap thinks the same like his father about Ajabde because Dheer Bai has blamed Ajabde and he is being told by Dheer Bai to work for his state and ready to live with pain and suffering. Many years have passed by after Ajabde and Jaivantbai’s exit, and Chittor continued to remain the stronghold and capital of Mewar – the Rajputana state and Mughals were left with a futile dream to capture it. Udai Singh continues to remember his wife Jaivantabai and misses her. Dheer Bai continues to exude confidence and reign supreme over Veer Bai and commands the maids of the palace to work well for the Dusshera celebrations and also suggests to Veer Bai that her daughter should dress and do proper make-up (Shringar). Veer Bai replies that her daughter will look like an Apsara (celestial maiden). The Dusshera celebrations are about to begin and King Udai Singh meets Rawat ji (his close friend) who informs that the grown-up Pratap only works in the service of people and always strive to strengthen the army.

Apart from that, Pratap remains quite and lonely. He informs the king that Pratap have gone to fetch the special flower herbs for the Queen Dheer Bai [earlier he used to get them every day for his mother Rani Jaivantbai]. Udai singh is proud of his son Pratap and sooner then Rawat ji informs of Ajabde and Jaivantbai’s departure from the palace and is stopped by the king midway. Udai Singh goes into angry mode and blames Ajabde again for the family’s misfortunes and thanks Veer Bai for stabilizing the family. He speaks of his desire to see Pratap putting more focus on his personal life and then suggests to felicitate Pratap at Dusshera Puja’s celebration. He also speaks of wanting to see his other son Kunwar Jagmal attending the puja as well. Jagmal at his end is seen with a Daasi (maid) who gives him some ingredient called Amal. His character shows his interests in abusing under-privileged and getting pleasure from it. He goes on to torture the maid for bringing less Amal for him and drags her hand on a sharpen instrument which could produce music. He learns that Pratap to be felicitated at the Dusshera Puja and vents out his anger on the maid by pressing her hand against the sharp metal edge more leading to possible cuts and bloods oozes out from her hands.

The grown-up Pratap is seen visiting a horse stable after getting the special flowers herb for Dheer Bai. He starts to speak about Mughals and finds an eagle hovering in the sky. The eagle drops some thing, and soon it turns out that horses there becomes unstable and are unable to get controlled by the men there with snakes are also seen there possibly that can cause strange activity with horses. Pratap speaks of the correlation of speaking about Mughals and the presence of eagle there. He gives the flower herb to Chakrapani and runs to rescue a man who was being dragged by a running horse which even goes out of the stable. The horse drags the man and approaches the residents zone and desert nearby. Pratap vigorously runs and follows the horse and after a while stops it and saves the man and controls the horse making it quiet. After that incident, Pratap finds an eagle snatched Mewar’s flag and flew with it in the sky. He runs towards the eagle with the goal to take back the Mewar’s flag which is his pride and of the people. He follows and approaches the eagle and goes into the sand dunes and runs there for many miles while approaching her. He falls down couple of times but his focus remains on eagle and at a certain point he stops and takes out his knife and measures her flight. He then throws the knife at the eagle’s legs to disband the flag from her leg.

The knife detaches the flag from the eagle and it begins to fall down and is in air. Pratap runs with much vigor since the eagle can come back again to snatch the flag and finally makes a leap in air to get hold of the Mewar’s flag and feels proud. He kisses the flag as a mark of respect. In the palace, Jagmal and Udai Singh are seen attending the Dusshera Puja and Veer Bai speaks of her believe that Pratap will come on time with the special flower herbs for her and pacifies the King.

Some of the high-level Questions are, How Pratap would be able to meet Ajabde in Mewar ? Whether Ajabde be able to clarify and sort out the misunderstandings with Pratap ? When will Pratap’s hatred for Ajabde will turn into love and they realize to live as a married couple together in Mewar ?

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