Love Confession and Kiss Confusion in Raman’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman and Mani had a long argument. Mani did not leave any leaf unturned to taunt Raman and asking him to get his tongue and words right. Raman got angry on him for always hanging around as her best friend and knowing more than him. His anger had the top level jealousy. Mani too scolds him and asks him to become a good husband, for Ishita’s sake. He asks Raman to treat Ishita well, as she deserves the best in her life, after sacrificing herself for him and his family. Raman too understands this and is happy that Ishita got fine. He promises he will take care of her and will show everyone that he is a good husband. Raman gets home made food for Ishita, which are against rules of the hospital. He talks to a ward boy and makes him give the food to Ishita, but is caught by a nurse.

Raman gets excited to meet Ishita and can’t wait for her. The confusion takes place and Raman thinks it’s Ishita, but actually it’s the old fat nurse, don’t know how he did not figure out the difference by her figure LOL!! He speaks some sweet words of love to her and also goes ahead to kiss her on her cheek. Raman’s cross connection proves to get him good scolding from the nurse and he is shocked seeing her face when she removes the towel after wiping out. Raman gets a 100 volt shock seeing her and apologizes to her holding his ears. He tells her that the kiss was for his wife and he was mistaken. The nurse calls him shameless man and gives him a lecture better than Ishita’s. The nurse says she will case on him, while Raman tries to get her forgiveness. Poor Raman went to express his feelings and show Ishita his love, but landed in another problem. The scene will definitely make you laugh. Keep reading.


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